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3 Mistakes Youre Making When Washing Your Hair in 2019 Hair Care

3 Mistakes Youre Making When Washing Your Hair in 2019 Hair Care


Discover the 3 mistakes you could be making when washing your hair

Wash When You Want

Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Hair - How You're Washing Your Hair Wrong

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How to Wash Your Hair (Yes, It Really Matters)

Hair-Brushing Mistakes

bella hair 1

Lying About Your Hair History. Maybe you were ...

Curd For Hair: How To Use Dahi To Have Healthy Hair

It was supposed to only be a little experiment, because I simply couldn't imagine how this could even work. Since then I have tried shampoo bars, hair ...

You wash your hair too often

5 Mistakes You're Making When You AirDry Your Hair

How to make your hair grow faster

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How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way in 6 Simple Steps

14 Mistakes You're Making While Curling Your Hair. January 15, 2019

Dyeing your hair is going to make taking care of it even more important. Shutterstock/Voyagerix

Skipping the heat-shield step before applying a hot tool


You're addicted to deep conditioning

Somewhere along our hair journey, we've been given advice left and right about proper hair care and the “right” way to manage our manes.

... Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Hair. Antiseptic Skin Cream

You're making a few mistakes that are making you look older. Shutterstock

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A woman with natural hair smiling

Great Hair

Woman Curling hair


1. Haircuts too often.

hair mistakes. 3. Cutting your own bangs: We're all for do-it-yourself bangs. But unless you follow our step-by-step guide or watch YouTube videos like ...

You don't brush your hair before you wash it

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The 7 Biggest Curling Iron MistakesAnd How to Curl Your Hair Correctly

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African American Black woman looking at her natural curly hair

The Most Common Curling Iron Mistakes


Mistake #1: Inserting them incorrectly.

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What is hair rebonding?

my natural hair strengthening

... 6 Common Face-Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making ...

If you arrived at this post completely clueless on how to take care of your curly hair, start your curly hair journey today ! Check this post – Start Here

3 simple mistakes you're making when curling your hair (and how to fix them

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These 2019 Haircut Trends Are About To Make This Year Even Bolder

The clients I dread the most are those who say things like “Do whatever you want”

hair mistakes

Beer For Hair: Here's How To Use Beer To Get Healthy, Soft, Shiny

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Julianne Hough is not alone in postbreakup hair cropping but the heartbreak haircut isn't

Applying heat styling tools to wet hair: When women rush to get ready, they often make this mistake. Hot tools like curling or flat irons dry out wet hair ...


It's OK to sleep with hair in a braid or a ponytail.

morning routine iStock/mapodile. With long hair, the washing ...

You're using the wrong type of product to fill in your brows.

If you have thinning hair, avoid using hair products that are too oily or heavy.

gigi hadid kendall jenner victoria's secret fashion show Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner prep their hair ...

Get rid of crunchy curls after air-drying.

Common Hair-Washing Mistakes Preventing You From Healthy, Shiny Hair - Glamour

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Highlighting like you're still in the 90s

You pile your hair on top of your head when you wash it

7 Beauty Mistakes You're Making In The Shower — Turns Out A Hot Shower Might Not Be As Great As You Thought


Amla Hair oil. 3.


Putting conditioner in hair

Woman without dandruff in hair