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3 Reich 247 DESTROYED t Wwi France Wwii

3 Reich 247 DESTROYED t Wwi France Wwii


Western betrayal

French prisoners of war in World War II

Battle of France collage.jpg

The Third Reich

Paris in World War II

Northern France 1943. Crew is preparing the cleaning rod and brush for

German officers in front of the National Theatre in Oslo, 1940

Oradour-sur-Glane massacre

World War I. WWImontage.jpg

Tanks in the German Army

Occupation zones[edit]

Greek-Italian war collage.jpg

British Vickers machine gun, 1917

Rotterdam, Laurenskerk, na bombardement van mei 1940.jpg


Erwin Rommel

Nazi plunder


Bundesarchiv Bild 101III-Zschaeckel-206-35, Schlacht um Kursk, Panzer VI

General Sir Bernard Montgomery in England, 1943 TR1037 (cropped).jpg

Operation Barbarossa

Joachim von Ribbentrop

Werner Mölders

5 SS Wiking: Photo

Adolf Galland

François Darlan

Amazing old pictures in color

Sd.Kfz. Marder III Ausf. M (116. Panzer Division “Der Windhund”)

5 SS Wiking: Photo. Germany Ww2 · The Third Reich ...

Tanks in France

Erich von Manstein

Ruptura de relaciones con el eje.jpg

England, 1944 D Day Invasion, Battle Of Normandy, Historia Universal, American Soldiers

Michael Wittmann

NormandySupply edit.jpg

Battaglione alpini Val Dora sul colle della Pelouse giugno 1940.jpg

French poilus sustained the highest number of casualties among the Allies in World War I.

Hitler and Goerling Fatos Historicos, O Terceiro Reich, Berlim, Festas De Aniversário,

Partisans attack village.jpg

Maginot Line


A volunteer of the French Resistance interior force (FFI) at Châteaudun in 1944

British troops on their way to the port at Brest during the evacuation from France, June 1940

Operation Goodwood

Ariadna Scriabina, (daughter of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin), co-founded the Armée Juive and was killed by the pro-Nazi milice in 1944.

Low morale of French Leaders[edit]

Battle of Aachen

Allies close in (1944)


Seven Years' War Collage.jpg

General Erwin Rommel and his staff observe troops of the 7th Panzer Division practicing a river crossing at the Moselle River in France in 1940.

Rationing and the Black Market[edit]

WWI French War Office Official Photograph, 19e Régiment d'Infanterie

German control post on the Demarcation Line

Resistance fighters in Paris, August 1944 (La Libération de Paris 1944)

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1981-147-30A, Hochdruckpumpe V-3.jpg

French prisoners are marched into internment


Medics attached to the Engineer Combat Battalion (Third United States Army) stop by to treat a wounded comrade. Picture taken in the area near Coutances, ...

Italian troops in Menton in June 1940

11 April 1943: Meeting at the Vel d'Hiv in Paris of the Front révolutionnaire national, a French fascist paramilitary organization created on 28 February ...

Potatoes and leeks on sale in a Paris market. There was little else to buy. Spring 1945 (Imperial War Museums, U.K.)

French soldier in the German village of Lauterbach in Saarland

Attack areas in WW1.jpg

French colonial prisoners working under guard in southern France, 1942

Adolf Hitler at a German National Socialist political rally in Nuremberg, August 1933

London Can Take It [1940, WWII documentary of one night of 247 nights of the bombing of London]

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1978-062-24, Floing, Pontonbrücke über die Maas

Walter Model

World War I[edit]

Repair of the transmission of a Panther

Musicians perform in the streets of Paris in the spring of 1945. The crowd includes several American soldiers (Imperial War Museums, U.K.)

German armored fighting vehicle production during World War II - Wikipedia

Air warfare of World War II

French bayonet charge, Battle of the Frontiers; by the end of August, French casualties exceeded 260,000, including 75,000 dead.

German soldiers of the 30. Infanterie-Division march on Avenue Foch on June 14, 1940 (Bundesarchiv)

Halt orders[edit]

Treaty of Versailles

German soldiers talking with French women by the Moulin Rouge in June 1940, shortly after the German occupation of Paris


Ruins of Warsaw in January 1945, after the deliberate destruction of the city by the occupying German forces

Anti-aircraft defence[edit]

US Marines during the Guadalcanal Campaign, in the Pacific theatre, 1942


A French propaganda poster from 1917 is captioned with an 18th-century quote: "Even in 1788, Mirabeau was saying that War is the National Industry of ...

A meeting between the military resistance's inner circle and Rommel, Mareil-Marly, 15. May 1944. From left, Speidel - behind, Rommel - center, ...