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3 Ways Technology Affects Your Eyes SpiritualMetaphysical

3 Ways Technology Affects Your Eyes SpiritualMetaphysical


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Third Eye Chakra

Signs and Symptoms of the Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness

The pineal gland is said to be a “stargate” or pathway between the physical and metaphysical dimensions. Learn how to activate this essential key to ...

Close up of blue eyes on a young man.

18 Unmistakable Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Our Third Eye and What it Does

What They Don't want You to Know - How to Decalcify Your Pituitary Gland & Pineal Gland, our 3rd Eye

butterfly_Julia Watkins

Third Eye Chakra and Its Hidden Powers: What Happens When You Open It


This article traces its use and meaning back to ancient times, when it was a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing spiritual truth and ...


How to Decalcify Your Pituitary Gland & Pineal Gland, our 3rd Eye (Updated & Extended)

Faces of people who lived

Could the Eye of Horus represent parts of the brain used to manifest consciousness?

Their sense of separation may dissolve away to the extent that there's no distinction at all between them and what they perceive.

Third Eye Chakra

Signs of Spiritual Awakening 🌼 Do you have Them ?

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This woman's recollection touches on another indirect effect of this all-pervading spiritual force — a sense that “all is well.

7 beautiful mutations: Which one do you have?

In “4 3 2 1,” one man's life unfolds along four diverging narrative arcs.

The Art of Spiritual Protection: 17 Ancient Shamanic Techniques for Clearing Negative Energy and Psychic Self Defense

energy cleansing. Spiritual ...

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us

Becoming Superhuman: A Complete Guide to Developing Real Superpowers and Extraordinary Abilities

Of The Spirit

Islamic Metaphysics of the Future

Procedure can turn brown eyes blue

Image titled Become a Psychic Medium Step 1

Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them: Amazon.co.uk: Louise Hay: 8601200435702: Books

FTP031 - Basic income, Scott Santens interview on Future Thinkers Podcast with Mike Gilliland and

Increasingly people within spiritual circles are becoming aware of, and speaking out about, "energetic implants" in our energy fields.

The Art of Quantum Jumping: How to Shift Your Reality in Big, Positive Ways

Opening the Third Eye: Powerful Ancient Practices for Activating the Pineal Gland and Expanding Consciousness

6 Things To Know About The Spiritual Idea Of Auras

A father and son walk on the beach at sunset with a freighter in the distance

How The Spiritual Meaning Of Nov. 11 Will Give Us All A Chance To Cleanse & Reset

Credit: Petr Kratochvil/Public Domain

Smartphone Addiction and Our Spiritual ADD

Third eye chakra imbalance

spiritual surrender card deck gabby bernstein

Welcome to the 'Ask Kala' column, where she invites you to email your probing metaphysical, magical, spiritual and supernatural questions.

obstacles are detours in the right direction gabby bernstein card deck

When You are Feeling Vibrations in Your Body, The 4 Signs

TIC Framework in Behavioral Health Services—The Impact of Trauma

When I first used sage I was amazed by how it enhanced my intuition. As a metaphysical consultant, intuition is an essential part of the reading process, ...

The worldview of quantum physics and Eastern spiritual traditions turned out to be remarkably similar

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Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them: Amazon.co.uk: Louise Hay: 8601200435702: Books

Neural network/digital consciousness

Pleiades Star Cluster

Overactive Third Eye Chakra

My Third Eye Opened and This Happened... :]

6 Things To Know About The Spiritual Idea Of Auras

spiritual meaning of snow


Chakra Healing with Crystals Infographic

How I found spiritual surrender. hope is the conduit for miracles gabby bernstein card deck

Book Excerpt: The Spiritual Child

Try to imagine reddish green - not the dull brown you get when you mix the two pigments together, but rather a color that is somewhat like red and somewhat ...

Liber Divinorum Operum, or the Universal Man of St. Hildegard of Bingen, 1185 (13th century copy)

I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion: Carolyn Gervais: 9781475973143: Amazon.com: Books

Bill Viola 'Five Angels for the Millennium' 2001

The pineal, or third eye, provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

3 EASY WAYS to 'Transmute'... Anger, Jealousy & Resentment

Sufism is the esoteric path within Islam, where the goal is to purify oneself and achieve mystical union with the Supreme (named Allah in this tradition).

Psilocybin may be useful in treating anxiety, addiction, and depression, and in studying the neurobiology of mystical experience.

Free Enlightened Living Course: Take Your Happiness, Health, Prosperity & Consciousness to the Next Level

How To Crack Open Your Pineal Gland

I think its important first to understand what they are, where they've come from and how they work. As we're increasingly alluding to, there is a highly ...

Shaykh Lutfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

gabby bernstein prayer|spiritual surrender

Spirituality and Virtue as Corollaries to Peace

The Answers Are Within You

"Spiritual Doorway in the Brain": The science of near-death experiences | Salon.com

The mysterious eye condition of 'visual snow'


Natural Suleiman Stone Bowl 3" Agate Large Gemstone Huge Big A+ Hand Carved Crystal Altar

R. Kikuo Johnson

ghost in a house