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7 Reasons to Try Skin To Skin Contact Giving Birth Pregnancy

7 Reasons to Try Skin To Skin Contact Giving Birth Pregnancy


7 Reasons to Try Skin To Skin Contact | Giving Birth | Pregnancy, Baby, Preparing For Baby

Skin-to-skin contact


kangaroo care skin to skin

From acne after pregnancy to spider veins, how to handle even the most harrowing postpartum skin conditions.

Comforting your baby

Soothing a Crying Baby

Skin-to-skin contact has several adaptive benefits for the newborn. Pain medications that sedate the mother can affect the newborn's ability to latch on and ...

saggy belly skin after giving birth

Mom holding crying baby

Traditional Chinese beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth

woman soothing crying baby on her shoulder

Postpartum Weight Loss

Newborn baby with vernix

Pregnancy and childbirth transform your body—sometimes in weird and not-so-wonderful ways. Here's what you need to know to deal with it.

Young Mother Public Breastfeeding In Cafe

baby skin facts


A baby breastfeeding


Baby Born Pregnant with Her Own Twins

She gives us some good insights on when to give baby their first bath and tips on how to do that.

One in five children will have eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. Characterised by a dry and itchy skin, it can appear in any part of their body or ...

Can pull themself upright

Takes an interest in words

The Chemistry of Attachment – Baby Reference

Vaccinations due

Reasons why twins are born early

Delaying Baby's First Bath: 8 Reasons why doctors recommend waiting up to 48 hours before bathing a newborn

Happy mother with newborn baby

baby with acne

Pregnancy Ruined My Hair—And a Year Later I'm Still Pissed

Pregnancy skin

Health review and vaccinations due

The Sacred Hour is a special bonding time that begins when your baby is placed skin

mother holding baby

Skin To Skin Contact

Birth Defects Topic Gallery Image image

Safe Skin-to-Skin

Around 25% of mums have a c-section birth – not because we're too posh to push, but because sometimes it's the safest option

breastfeeding a fussy baby

Your post-baby belly: why it's changed and how to tone it - BabyCentre UK

Week 12 baby development

You've finally got your baby's sleep routine sorted – but now she's started waking up and crying for no reason at all. And hates being left alone, too.

1) Settling down

Asian Baby Breastfeeding Mom

Guide to the Baby Friendly Initiative Standards

Photo of a new mom breastfeeding her new baby

Starts trying to crawl

Skin-to-Skin contact is a multi-sensory experience. Did you know



baby skin facts issues rash

baby on shoulder lena knowles

Baby's Hunger Cues

Starts to smile

Babies need lots of skin-to-skin time with mom and dad in the ...

How painful will the incision be? And when will I be able to get up and walk? Here's what to expect in the days and weeks following a C-section delivery.


early pregnancy signs before positive test

10 Things to Know About Newborns

So before you begin to panic, let the experts at Mustela calm your nerves and show you the best way to treat your baby's skin rash.


What do things look like inside?

skin to skin lena knowles

... Skin-to-skin creates connections between mom, dad, and baby that last

pregnancy hormones, HPL, Relaxin, and Oxytocin, pregnant belly with gold stars

See how to soothe your crying baby.

7 simple ways to stimulate your tot's brain

baby with measles

7 ways to keep your baby healthy and protected during winter