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8 MustHaves That Make Hanging Out By The Campfire More Comfy All

8 MustHaves That Make Hanging Out By The Campfire More Comfy All



... campsite feel a little more homey. This is one item that didn't go with our travel trailer when we sold it- we stored it to use when we bought our RV.

They weigh more and don't fold as small as the collapsible camp chairs, but they're so much more comfy and sturdy. Totally worth it!

These can even be used inside for extra lighting. I suspect Sunshine will claim ours and drape it around her bunk when we get our Airstream 🙂

4. Mpowerd solar lights

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4. Mpowerd solar lights

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Recreational hammocks are fast becoming “must-haves” for Scouting campouts, and many are small and light enough that folks bring them on day hikes, as well.

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Make emergency light sources out of an Altoids tin, cardboard, and wax.

Build the Campfire

23 Ridiculously Easy Campfire Desserts for Your Next Outdoor Trip

4) Do all campgrounds allow campfires?

Hosting a Backyard Fire Pit Party. Tips for how to throw a thrifty backyard firepit

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DIY Fire Starter - Fall is approaching and it's time to spark up the fire pit and an easy way to get the entertaining going. Use leftover dryer lint, ...

How to Make Futon Beds Comfortable

Get comfy! #Lazydays #Chair

Get the directions here.

Use foam floor tiles for a softer, more comfortable tent floor. | 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

13 Must-Haves for a Perfect Camping Weekend

A steel dryer basket makes a safe, cheap fire containment unit. (Pantenburg photo

Is your macho man cave lacking something masculine and unique? With these ideas, all the guys will want to make your house the weekend hangout destination!

Camping Hacks

Fire Pit Makes It Easy to Host a Cozy Fall Gathering

The beach is a pretty classic place for a picnic. There is something magical about a fire pit and the ocean breeze.

This well-pitched tarp over the campfire area allowed us to cook safely and comfortably

The happy campers above on the last day of the 1996 trip are smiling in part because they brought the right gear. They wore layers of warm clothes and kept ...

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17 Camping Hacks To Make Life Easier


We asked the experts to pick out everything you need – from tongs to griddles – to become a BBQ master

Most car camping sites have fire pits, which makes for some tasty outdoor eating. Plan your meals ahead, make a grocery list and pack your cooler ...

Coastal Entertaining Porch

On really rainy days, water can seep down your suspension and get your hammock wet. To prevent this, tie a drip line on your suspension, positioned under ...


Camping Gear

... and quiet of nature is making sure you're prepared, so Roxy and I have put together a list of our 10 favorite things you need to do adventure right!


Are you always tripping over your tent lines because you don't see them until you're right there? Mark them off with pool noodles.

Extinguish the Campfire

It's also great as a fire pit and very efficient on wood. If you follow our adventures on Instagram (@theblondenomads) you would have seen this feature on ...

Find or Build a Fire Ring

... so that it is always lit up, even when all the other lights are off. I loved these lights so much that I bought two more strings to use in my apartment!

Tents are for sleeping, not for hanging out. To ensure social success, bring a couple of camping chairs. They don't have to be fancy, though there are ...

Thinking about going camping but not sure how to do over fire cooking? I am going to share some Camp Cooking Hacks On Over The Fire Cooking that might help!

3 Build a Campfire. image

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I am still so thankful for the donors from my most recent

Water – Without water, you're in serious trouble! You may not always be camping in locations where there is running water available, so you may have to ...

Camping Hacks

Gather Fire Wood

What's camping without a fire? Unfortunately, without fire starters, you're doomed to answer that question. Though you can often scavenge for twigs and ...

tealight candle

Camping is one of the most fun ways to connect with your surroundings and to explore a natural place. It can allow you to explore some of the most ...

#4 Dog Jackets

Always check the website of the park that you'll be camping at. Most, but not all, campgrounds have a water source like a spigot that can be used to fill up ...

A pan of around 2l capacity with a bail arm to hang it over your fire will easily purify your minimum daily water needs and do all your cooking releasing ...

#9 Camp Blanket

Campsite OppiKoppi

Camping in the Rain

They look so fetching hanging neatly on the wall along with the other fire gear and will add a touch of cozy charm to any firehouse.

Enpornk Battery Operated Flameless LED Candles (Set of Three)

Camping in the Rain

Sometimes it's good to leave electricity behind. Photo: Caleigh Waldman

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Cook, freeze, and bring your food. Don't rely only on canned and dried foods while camping. For the first meal of your camping trip, prepare a delicious ...

Yurt Tent in Back Yard

dog at camp fire

Propane Fire Pit

3. And somewhere to rest your head.

3 Creative Pumpkin Projects to Copy This Fall

Make Hanukkah more meaningful by letting your kids light the menorah #hanukkah #menorah

Copy of Ironbound

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Dominoes is our game of choice in the evening when everyone is ready to unwind and just hang out.

18 Must-Have Items Every Gentleman Should Own

A classy coat rack with a hook for everyone so they can hang up their outwear and get comfy.

Camping in the Rain

A Glass-Encased Fire Pit