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8 Surprising Things About Study Abroad in Rome GoAbroadcom

8 Surprising Things About Study Abroad in Rome GoAbroadcom


7. Policemen With Machine Guns

8. Studying Abroad in Rome Will Change the Rest of Your Life

5. Lack of English

Rome is NOT Sunny & Warm All Year

CIEE Global Institute Open Campus in Rome, Italy · Find Study Abroad ...

Things will inevitably be quite different than what you are used to, so come with an open mind and be ready to adapt. Be ready to embrace a new culture and ...

Rome Wasn't Seen In a Day

Bike your way around when you study in Rome!

3. Italian Breakfast

LdM Three Cities Program: Tuscania, Rome, Florence/Venice

St. Peters Basilica

Most cities in Italy are very walkable, with many of the historic center's sites all located within walking distance. Italians walk much more than Americans ...

Don't bring more than you can carry, so take time to think about whether you really need and will wear each item you bring! Remember that Italy has a ...

8. Spaghetti and meatballs is not happening.

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Woman taking a photo in front of Colosseum

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Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

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Port Venere

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Ponte Sant'Angelo

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Playing with children in Africa


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You don't need a brand new Go Pro to capture the magic of your study abroad destination. Buy used!

Woman standing near a waterfall

It's hard to believe that one more week has passed by and there's only one week left of the program. It feels like we just landed yesterday, and everything ...

Girl in library reaching for book

Even if your program is in English, try to learn some Italian. If you study key phrases before you depart for your semester in Italy, it will be a big help ...

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indian palace

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Study Abroad Packing, Traveling By Yourself, Giveaways, Goodies, Sweet Like Candy, Gummi Candy, Sweets. GoAbroad.com

9. USAC ITALY: Viterbo-History, Art, Photography, & Journalism—9.72. The study abroad ...

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Cars on busy street in Italy

group of friends sitting together

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Don't delay — it's time to study in Rome!

Backpack with passport, book, and money laid out for packing


Coastal view in Vezio, Italy

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8. Computer Science & Information Technology. study coding and information technology abroad

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Coffee is an art that the Italians have perfected. They generally drink an espresso while standing at the bar. Beware that when you order a coffee it will ...

Rome, Italy has so many amazing things to do! However, I am here to tell you my personal top ten things to do and to see: FIRST! My all-time favorite place ...

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8. If you're short on time, you can still see it all with a multi city summer program. multi city study abroad

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