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A new type of quantum computer has smashed every record TechSpot

A new type of quantum computer has smashed every record TechSpot


Why it matters: As the quantum future looms closer, hundreds if not thousands of companies and research groups race towards constructing the first quantum ...

The specific 'trapped ion technology' the IonQ's quantum computer relies on replaces the supercooled silicon that Google, IBM and Rigetti use with ytterbium ...

Quantum computers may revolutionize chemistry

Intel is now capable of producing full silicon wafers of quantum computing chips

TSMC partners with Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology to create a quantum computer

IBM is turning quantum computing into an actual business

Vizio launches its brightest TV to date, the P-Series Quantum 4K HDR smart TV

D-Wave's new 2000Q quantum computer pack 2,000 qubits, hefty price tag

It is a philosophical question dating back to ancient times that has been revisited in popular culture over and over. The movies Videodrome (1983) and ...

... definitely a shortage of people coming,” https://www.wired.com/story/national-quantum-initiative-quantum-computing-jobs/amp?__twitter_impression=true … ...

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Weekend tech reading: Crushed wood is stronger than steel, the argument against Quantum computers

International Space Station supercomputer gets an extended stay


IBM Just Unveiled The First Commercial Quantum Computer

Complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip unveiled

Digital Futurist

New quantum materials could take computing devices beyond the semiconductor era

The US now officially has the world's fastest supercomputer, knocking China off the top spot

This Could Be the Best Quantum Computer Yet

Illustration of a space-time twist in a crystal. (Image via Oxford University)

New York technology studio Betaworks has agreed to acquire social news aggregator Digg and all of its remaining assets as part of a deal rumored to be ...

The Revolutionary Quantum Computer That May Not Be Quantum at All

World's largest neuromorphic supercomputer is switched on

Why it matters: PortSmash is a dangerous side-channel vulnerability that exploits simultaneous multi-threading to steal cryptography keys and determine what ...

Scientists achieve compact, sensitive qubit readout that brings us one step closer to scalable quantum computing in silicon - Innovation Toronto

New research suggests that D-Wave's quantum computer really is performing quantum computing -- and that future generations will show the .

New Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Computer Passes Major Test

Newest. Classical and quantum computers are vying for superiority

Major brand executives and people familiar with Amazon's game plan tell The Wall Street Journal that the company is increasingly taking aim at products with ...

We've Entered a New Era of Quantum Computing

Yale scientists have found a new way to manipulate microwave signals that could aid the long

Multiple sources have been cited in this report, claiming Apple is engaged in acquisition talks with Waze, a popular crowdsourced GPS app capable of ...

HPE is building the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer

Last year, AMD marketed their first generation of Ryzen mobile processors as a generation ahead, and apparently, they'll do it again. All these 3000 series ...

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At 200 petaflops, the US once again owns the world's fastest supercomputer

World-first quantum computer simulation of chemical bonds

An entirely new type of quantum computing has just been invented

New blood test can detect cancer in 10 minutes

IBM finally proves that quantum systems are faster than classicals

Watch: The science of quantum computers explained in under 2 minutes

Another step forward on universal quantum computer

Facebook could be building 'space lasers' to boost satellite communications. The project has ...

Media by connectedconsciousness: Taken from TechSpot.com❤ "Why it matters:

... definitely a shortage of people coming,” https://www.wired.com/story/national-quantum-initiative-quantum-computing-jobs/amp?__twitter_impression=true … ...

D-Wave's quantum computer successfully models a quantum system

Today, The Government Is Carrying Out The Biggest Upgrade In Workers' Rights In A

Microsoft provides free lessons for quantum computing basics

First proof of quantum computer advantage

Samsung carves faster processors with new, sharper light scalpel

IBM just proved quantum computers can do things impossible for classical ones

VW Solves Quantum Chemistry Problems on a D-Wave Machine

A zap from a laser could make bigger quantum computers possible

These DNA Startups Want to Put All of You on the Blockchain

Researchers demonstrate teleportation using on-demand photons from quantum dots

Quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Macs will run its own custom CPU by 2020

Quantum Computing Needs You to Help Solve Its Core Mystery

Quantum computers pose a security threat that we're still totally unprepared for

Gillette's new razor eschews additional blades in favor of heat

Researchers create processor that can cut power usage while drastically boosting performance

Orbit Turntable

... on quantum-inspired clustering, there is still a large gap in runtime between quantum and classical methods if one takes into account all factors (10^3 ...

Milestone Experiment Proves Quantum Communication Really Is Faster · Computer Science

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Panasonic: Cheap OLED TVs not coming any time soon

Research unveils corporate losses associated with IoT security

Meet the latest vulnerability in your multi-threaded CPU: PortSmash - TechSpot

Some potential new legal precedence is being set by a federal judge in Vermont, after ruling that data shared via peer-to-peer file-sharing services should ...

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Toward brain-like computing: New memristor better mimics synapses

Researchers have commonly understood quantum computers could outperform standard ones, but no one knew just how powerful they were until now.

When choosing the right laptop it all comes down to what you are willing to spend and what you plan to use it for. After looking at several of the best ...

A New Breakthrough in Quantum Computing is Set to Transform Our World

The First Quantum Computer You Own Could Be Powered by a Time Crystal

For his Ph.D dissertation, Ryan Thompson created custom Super Mario Maker levels that were synchronized with the game's music. Image: Ryan Thompson

In that territory, the Aegis is also competing with the Corsair Obsidian 350D, Corsair Carbide Air 240 and Silverstone Temjin TJ08B-E to name a few.

... seeing our home planet from the edge of space but can't spare the $250,000 that a trip with Virgin Galactic commands? Fret not, as a mere $75,000 is all ...

If you're curious to play around with PortSmash (not recommended) the researchers have released a proof of concept on Github. It's capable of stealing an ...

D-Wave Systems First Commercial Quantum Computer Sold To Lockheed Martin - The Tech Journal

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New repeating fast radio bursts discovered outside our galaxy, could it be aliens?

Microsoft's new coding language is made for quantum computers

Newest. Artificial intelligence, machine learning momentum continues to build | ZDNet

Twitter's CEO has admitted that the service has a problem with abuse and harassment, vowing to combat trolls "left and right" through a variety of methods.

Google Just Revealed the Secret of Its Quantum Computers

Dramatic simplification paves the way for building a quantum computer

Marshall's Kilburn II is a star performer among wireless speakers

Samsung starts producing GDDR6 RAM for next-gen graphics cards

Review: HiSense H9E Plus makes Android TV look and sound amazing

Microsoft debuts free quantum computer programming katas

Tesla is looking to expand its Supercharger network to gas stations

State governments are always looking for ways to fund their various local projects, and California's latest idea is a metaphorical goldmine in that regard.