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Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase is about a girl and her robotic

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase is about a girl and her robotic


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Absolute Boyfriend Review - Yu Watase Month

Absolute Boyfriend is about a withdrawn Japanese high school girl (she happens to live alone while her parts work overseas) named, Riiko Izawa, ...

Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 2

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase is about a girl and her robotic boyfriend. This author has a lot of other good mangas too, I would check it out!

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Mika Ito (Absolute Boyfriend)

[ serialized ...

Zettai-Kareshi-manga-300x468 6 Manga Like Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend )

Absolute Boyfriend

Curiosities The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Watase Yuu.


Absolute Boyfriend


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Song Ji Hyo Cast In Korean Remake Of “Absolute Boyfriend”

Read manga Absolute Boyfriend 006 Let's Go to School! online in high quality

Well, the story is about a girl name Guan Xiao Fei, that has never had a boyfriend and has been rejected by every guy who she ever confessed to.

Zettai-Kareshi-manga-300x468 6 Manga Like Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend )

Yeo Jin-goo, Minah, Hong Jong-hyun cast in Absolute Boyfriend

Absolute Boyfriend is more than ten years old, so the art is certainly aged. I'm not such a fan of the heroine and others having such large round faces and ...

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Riiko is whining about not having a boyfriend at age 16(?), getting constantly rejected by everybody. The manga starts with one rejection, a funny one too.

Hong Jong Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, And Girl's Day's Minah Are All Smiles On

Zettai-Kareshi-manga-300x468 6 Manga Like Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend )

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Riiko is an understandable heroine and a believable teenage girl. She's sixteen, she makes mistakes, she's awkward, and she struggles with her budding ...

Absolute Boyfriend (TW)

Written by Chinomi

I ...

Riiko is a young, flat-chested (according to Soushi, 28-A cup) 16 year old girl who has bad luck with boys. She is one of the main characters too.

Zettai Kareshi | Review

Absolute Boyfriend <3 Great Manga Series :)

Zettai-Kareshi-manga-300x468 6 Manga Like Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend )

A great storyline with great actors, this is a must-see drama definitely. It's also a great fun to watch because of its subtle humor and thoughts on love.

Goo Hye Sun, Absolute Boyfriend, Jiro Wang

Absolute Boyfriend

Kwon Hyun Sang To Appear In A Romantic Comdey Robot Drama "Absolute Boyfriend"


It ...

Imma count Absolute Boyfriend as a science fiction series for the #AugustMangaAdvice challenge from @

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Will T.O.P. be an Absolute Boyfriend?

Korean heartthrob Yeo Jin Goo returns on TV as humanoid in K-drama remake of 'Absolute Boyfriend.' Photo by Yeo Jin Goo/Instagram

Yeo Jin Goo x Minah x Hong Jong Hyun, triangular love in 'Absolute boyfriend'… The production start in July – CastKo

Kim Haneul and TOP are top contenders for Absolute Boyfriend

This is a story about a girl who goes looking for love in all the wrong places when the right one is next door all along. And the thing is, she actually ...

Alice 19th

Fushigi-Yuugi-wallpaper-2-700x494 Top Manga by Watase Yuu [Best


Ceres, Celestial Legend


Zettai-Kareshi-manga-300x468 6 Manga Like Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend )

Qrow:*loud screaming*

Song Ji Hyo In Talks To Appear In Korean Remake Of Hit Japanese Drama “ Absolute


Based on a popular Japanese manga series of the same name by Watase Yuu, “Absolute Boyfriend” is a romantic comedy about a woman who is hardened after being ...

Manga Monday #8: Sugar Princess by Hisaya Nakajo

Hello my little Jabberwockies, today I am discussing an After Story Theory for the manga "Absolute Boyfriend" by Yuu Watase.

Your and My Secret


Absolute Boyfriend || P.C.Y. || EXO FIC || XReader

Fushigi Yûgi

The boyfriend look™ is perfect for him

“Out of all of the recent mangas that Yuu Watase has created, I want to see an anime adaptation of Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden with the same Japanese cast ...

Song Ji-hyo courted to star in Korean adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend – AHJUMMAMSHIES

JAPAN Yuu Watase manga: Fushigi Yuugi Byakko Senki vol.1


9:39 PM - 29 May 2018

Chun Jung Myung Joins Song Ji Hyo In Korean Remake Of “Absolute Boyfriend”

Jiro Wang

Chun Jung-myung, Song Ji-hyo turn down Korean remake of Absolute Boyfriend; Yeo Jin-goo courted as main lead

Finished the manga Absolute Boyfriend. It's so sad…

Pig Bride