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After all this time Always said Snape Whats your absolute

After all this time Always said Snape Whats your absolute


"after all this time?" "Always" Page 687. "

"After all this time?" "Always...." Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep T^T. "

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harry potter and the deathly hallows book 7 page 687 after all this time always said snape - Harry Potter books

Harry Potter ... one word...makes me cry every time <3 WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

"After All This Time?" by TheRouge. "

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You still miss Alan Rickman? After all this time? Always.

"After all this time?' "Always," said Snape.

Snape - Always. Absolutely heartbreakingly sad. "After all this time?" " Always."

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-ached her he turned tears. 'After all 'Always,' saicX. And the scexxe. Salking to the

“After all this time?” “Always,” said Snape. . What's


Snape - Quote Silhouette -- by: GTRichardson "After all this time?" "Always ."

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I apologize if this post makes no sense, but processing how I feel about this topic is so emotional that I really…I just can't handle it.

I skipped Stage 2 of the Snape cycle. I always thought, and still think, he's a huge douche as well as a bully.


"After all this time? "Always." Severus Snape AKA Alan Rickman Tribute Tattoo.

Entirely and absolutely true. *random fact: Snape has been voted the most loved character in the entire series <3″

"and after all this time?" "always." i love you like Snape loves Lily. <3. "

Favorite quote in the entire series: Dumbledore: "After all this time?" Snape::"Always"

Harry Potter Tattoo, Snape, Deathly Hallows After all this time? Always

Raise Your Wands To Heaven - (Severus Snape, 1946-Always) "After all this time? Always, said Snape."

After all this time? Always. ϟ · half-blood prince😂😂😂 Harry Potter Jk Rowling, Harry Potter Pin,

Top 10 Magical Quotes from Harry Potter

Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) Alan Rickman Snape, Alan Rickman Always, Alan Rickman

Fans accurately show Severus Snape's tragic story of his love for Lily with the significant quote of 'Always' and his patronus of the doe which was said to ...

Harry Potter. Harry Potter Books · Harry Potter World · After All This Time Always ...

You have your mothers eyes.. Severus Snape Always, After All This Time Always

"After all this time?" "Always," said Snape. Ron Y

“After all this time?” “Always,” said Snape. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

"After all this time?" "Always," Said Snape After All This

After All This Time Always. Harry Potter Quotes Always by Mosaiq Always Harry Potter,

The true meaning behind the word: She told her Twitter followers she had let Alan

harry potter quotes. Snape Always ...

(HP) + (Severus Snape) + (absolutely love this)

Harry Potter Quote - Always - Deer Patronus, Severus Snape, Doe, Black and White decor - 8x10 Print

The strange thing about the Harry Potter books is that Harry is, by far,

"Harry Potter" Who Said It: Severus Snape Or Harry From "Love Actually" | Everything Harry Potter! | Severus snape, Harry Potter, Harry potter quotes

Snape and Lily. I wish snape was able to find another person so he didn't have to be so unhappy for the rest of his life.

Severus Snape. Albus Dumbledore. Doe patronus. After all this time? Always. Really, Severus?!

I love this Alan Rickman quote so much ?? Alan Rickman Severus Snape, Harry

THIS is why thereis a stereotype that Slytherins are evil: because most of them actually act like they are, even when they have other qualities

Severus Snape Always (Harry Potter) Necklace Pendant

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This One Snape Quote Will Make Harry Potter Fans Even More Devastated Over Alan Rickman's Passing

21 'Harry Potter' Quote Tattoos Every Hogwarts Fan Needs On Their Bodies Now

Prettylittlecharmsuk - i already have a snape and lily one...but I need

Snape's patronus More Severus Snape Quotes, Severus Snape Always ...

So anti hero, definitely.

A tweet by Cat Ó Broin in memory of Alan Rickman, which has got 4,200

Oh my heart. :: Harry Potter Severus Snape After all this time? -

Snape and Lily

too-sarcastic: “Severus Snape aesthetic ”

For my sister: First thing I would do at Hogwarts.

The Heartbreaking Truth Behind Snape's First Words To Harry In 'Harry Potter'

after all this time? always - keychain and necklace combo, harry potter, snape

Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears." "Always," said Snape.

After all this Time? Always #tattoo #harrypotter #harrypottertattoo #always #afterallthistime

«Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears." "Always," said Snape

Harry Potter Quote Tattoos That Prove Your Love of the Wizarding World

"After all this time?" Dumbledore said to Snape. Snape replied, "Always."

Freebie Harry Potter Quote: "After all this time - always. Free Printable -

After all this time.... Always! Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy,

a-very-harry-christmas. Harry Potter Facts · Harry Potter Love · Snape And Lily · After All This Time Always ...

“After all this time” “Always” said Snape

Lily Evans Potter Deserves So Much Better Than J.K. Rowling's Apology For Severus Snape's Death


Harry Potter: ''Always' said Snape' Silver Doe Patronus Necklace. i want it sooo bad

i get so sad every time i hear snape say this.oh snape, i wish i could give him a hug

Dumbledore says this to Snape during "The Prince's Tale" in Deathly Hallows. Young

What borders on single-minded obsession with punishing those who "hurt" him consumes Snape for the length of the series. In the third installment of the ...

"My whole life was for you...Always." Harry Potter Actors

Snape is voted favourite Harry Potter character

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman (Feb 21, 1946), we will always miss you.

After all finne? CHOvatJö.

Harry Potter Always Quote (Severus Snape) Typed on Typewriter

Always ♡ Harry Potter Wallpaper Hogwarts, Hermione, After All This Time Always, Always

Lily Evans: “They're not arguing any more?“ Severus Snape: “Oh yes, they're arguing. But it won't be that long and I'll be gone.“ Lily Evans: “Doesn't your ...

But that doesn't mean that I think he should've ended up with Lily. James and Lily forever, but Snape will always be remembered.

I'm 110% sure I've pinned this before, but it is · After All This Time AlwaysAlan ...

VIDEO: Snape's Harry Potter scenes in chronological order will break your heart

Potterhead Problems

... Snape After All This Time. Wall View 001

Such a tremendous loss of an amazing actor. Alan Rickman, you will be sorely missed ART PRINT Severus Snape Harry Potter illustration by SubjectArt ALWAYS

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Always. Snape And Lily,

After all this time? Professor Severus Snape, Harry Potter Severus Snape, Harry Potter

said Snape. Draco Harry Potter, Always Harry Potter

After all this time. Always. one of my favorite moments... when

Severus Snape; branded a coward but the bravest man. Severus Snape Always, Severus

Severus Snape (n.) Potions Master, Head of Slytherin, Half-Blood Prince, Headmaster, Dark Arts Professor, Deatheater and Double Agent

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Harry Potter/Snape Always Bookmark. These bookmarks are high-quality

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I still can't stand Snape, but he isn't a completely awful person.