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Bear party Situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and the shore

Bear party Situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and the shore


#Bear party! Situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and the shore of

The leaping salmon at Brooks Falls, straight into the mouth of this waiting bear.

Adventures in Photography: Alaskan Grizzly Bears with Chris McLennan

Brown Bears Catching Salmon, Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska

"Training Day" in Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska. Mom teaching cubs how to fish.


A mother bear showing her cubs how to dig for clams along the sea shore.

Two young bears enjoy play fighting as a way of developing the skills they will need in adulthood.

2016-11-08-1478637413-7932380-KatmaiNationalPark071.jpg. Visions from Brooks Falls ...

Katmai National Park - 045.jpg

Bear 409 Beadnose fell into J Brooks Falls 2018 07 06 by Erum Chad (aka

Brooks Live Chat

This bear's name is Crimp Ear.....a beloved and well known

Bears fishing for salmon in Brooks Falls, Alaska

Crimp Ear smells another big boar (male bear) and so she decides to run

409 Beadnose

Otis waits for salmon / pic by Ranger Jeanne Roy

Bear family on the beach. Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

Brown beach sitting slumped in a river

Morning Bath - Brown Bear photo by Tom Mangelsen, Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska

... the Riffles Platform is located about 100 yards downstream of Brooks Falls, and the Lower River Platform is at the mouth of the Brooks River near Brooks ...

Beadnose and her Three Cub's get scared off July 23, 2013 by MsDebbiB

There are three viewing platforms located in Brooks Camp along the south side of Brooks River. The Falls Platform is located immediately adjacent to Brooks ...

Bears in Alaska - Hmmm foaming mouth!

You are watching a live camera broadcast of wild Brown Bears catching Salmon and feeding in the Brooks river located in Katmai National Park.

Small bear at 23:00 looking for salmon at the mouth of the Brooks River

A bear wanders the beach looking for clams.


A brown bear stands next to a river

Alaska Sunset Cam. Brooks Camp - Lower River West

Fattest Bear 2018 graphic

The boats that carried us on the Shelikof Straight in search of coastal brown bears.

This is Rascal...a young bear who likes to torment the camp.

I loved seeing Crimp Ear's claws!

Bear catches salmon at Brooks Falls


Searching for bears near Ketchikan, Alaska


Salmon Run - Brown Bears Brooks Falls, Alaska Totem Oso, Salmon Run, Beautiful

Bear in Alaska

The Google consensus seemed to be that one generally paddles about three miles per hour. So, about 12 hours to paddle to Brooks Camp.



Katmai bear stealing fish from Beadnose bear 409 July 7, 2014 by JB Grace

Salmon drying at the mouth of Brooks River Photo 30. The weir at the head of Brooks River

“Charging Brown Bear” – Brooks Falls, Alaska – Charles Glatzer. Story:

409 Beadnose goes over the falls July 16, 2014 by JB Grace

Grizzly bear fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls, Alaska

Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park provides visitors with unsurpassed bear viewing. Definitely, a

Brooks River area map

A coastal brown bear boar with a freshly caught salmon at Brooks Falls.

Two brown bears facing off, one darker in color and one lighter in color

Camp Crew Second Birthday Party

Brown bear at Brooks Falls

Brooks Falls Grizzlies June July 2008 by Waejae

Group of brown bears at Brooks Falls

Brooks Falls

brown bear and her cubs, in honor of the brooks falls live cam, showing brown bears feeding on salmon in alaska

A grizzly bear opens wide for a mouth full of salmon the Brooks Falls fishing grounds. National Geographic photograph by Joel Sartore, ...

Friends of McNeil River is proud to have provided a financial grant to assist in the educational production of the “River of Bears”. McNeilRiverBearsUpClose

Brown bear

#Coastal brown bear looks underwater while fishing for red salmon in the Brooks river,

Rafting the Smith River (14225179534).jpg

... Canada Great Bear Lake Lodge - Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

proposed Katmai NP final EIS map

SHOW ...

The Hudson River flowing out of Henderson Lake in Tahawus

A brown bear ferries her cub across the mouth of Brooks River.

A black bear sow and her cubs wait in a tree for brown bears to finish

San Joaquin River at Vernalis.jpg

Photo of a mama bear and cubs at Katmai National Park in Alaska. Situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and the shore ...

Photo 33.

Brooks Falls fish ladder

The second to last thing in the world I want to do is shoot a bear. The last thing is the world I want is to get eaten by a bear, so yeah, I was packing.

Close-up of a brown bear face

This waving bear is in Lake Clark National Park. Solitude is found around every bend in the river and shoulder of a mountain.


Shown in this photo is Katmai's first ranger station, located at the site of today's Brooks River Campground. The two-room, tent-frame residence remaind ...

The Yukon is Alaska's largest river, over 1400 miles long, and flowing at almost 8 mph. The section of river between the villages of Eagle and Circle lie in ...

Salmon drying at the mouth of Brooks River Photo 30. The weir at the head of Brooks River Photo 31. Sport fishing at Brooks Falls

Kids with a bear totem in Ketchikan, Alaska

Doesn't this cute photo of two little bear Cubs and their mother at Lake Clark National Park in Alaska make you smile?



Bears of Brooks Falls: Solitude Season

Peace River is located in Alberta

Clearly these bears don't care about the rules at Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The 1.9 million-acre wildlife refuge includes misty fjords, ...

The beach in front of the 5th hole receives a 11/10 beach rating from

Bears: Kodiak vs Katmai, July vs August - Kodiak Island Forum - TripAdvisor

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore observation platform overlooks Lake Michigan

Anderson Hollow Lighthouse, Mary's Point, NB | Caroline Mongrain

brooks and wife. RAPID RIVER

Field worker worried about grizzlies

The Upper Missouri in north central Montana is designated as part of the National Wild and Scenic River System of America. The river has a constantly ...

During September bears are more frequently found in at the mouth and at the source of the Brooks River. By this time, the salmon have exhausted almost all ...