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Change your point of view vegan plantbased animalwelfare

Change your point of view vegan plantbased animalwelfare


variety of vegan foods

Is a vegan diet healthy? Only if you do it right

Why you should eat a plant-based diet, but that doesn't mean being a vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian

Plant-Based Primer: The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Plant-Based Diet

Friends raising a toast

A variety of protein foods, including egg, salmon, beef, chicken, beans

Plant-based diets can help reduce your risk of heart disease, but they're not all created equal.

A bowl of tomatoes, capsicums and beans. Photo: Plant-based ...

Plant-based diet

If you want to save the world, veganism isn't the answer

Why Be Vegan, Go Vegan, Vegan Food, Plant Based

A plant-based diet is a heart-healthy diet recommended for cancer prevention

The retreat from meatWhy people in rich countries are eating more vegan food


Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, especially if you'

The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream | Life and style | The Guardian

'Avocados And Butternut Squash Are Not Vegan' Claims BBC Show QI

Roots manoeuvre: in 2016 it was reported there were only 540,000 vegans over the age

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Why vegans always have to tell you they're vegan

eating meat

Health: natural plant based diet. C'est Bon, Natural Health, Healthy

Is a vegetarian diet really more environmentally friendly than eating meat?

Plant-based Diets

Why veganism isn't as environmentally friendly as you might think

Campaign Overview 1/5

How to follow a healthy vegetarian keto diet

The Must See Speech by Dr. Melanie Joy! Luxembourg Animal Rights Conference 2018!

My Battle With Crohn's - How Going Plant-Based Gave Me My Life Back

Animal Rights Activism · Animal Rights Shirts For Vegan Activists Against Animal Cruelty · Defend Animals

The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body, Reset Your Habits, and Change Your Life: Marco Borges, Dean Ornish, ...

Reasons Why Eating Meat is More Than an Animal Rights Issue

Mercy For Animals, Why Vegan, Vegan Vegetarian, Delicious Vegan Recipes, Plant Based

Soy is a plant based protein

Vegetarian Cats and Dogs

more reasons to go #vegan. if you dont care about the world, fuck

Amazon.com: Planet Fusion Diet Supplement, Vanilla Bean, 2 Pound: Health & Personal Care

I am beyond blessed to be able to see ppl say they are changing their diets. Thanks for caring about your health and our kids future.

If you want to save the world, veganism isn't the answer | Isabella Tree | Opinion | The Guardian


Non-dairy pizza is a big hit with vegans. Photo by Roee Shpernik


There's a sensational documentary out on Netflix that seems to have a lot of people talking about going vegan.

The new A&W Vegan burger.

Why Choose Vegan? The Top Reasons Explained


Is that salad really good for the environment? (Photo by Renee Comet for the Washington Post)

A bowl of vegetables picked from the garden.

Chickens in cages at a poultry farm in China. VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Plant-based or plant-forward eating patterns focus on foods primarily from plants. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, ...

Plant-based v. Animal-based Protein

“Tobias Leenaert's writings are consistently some of the sharpest and most perceptive material in the animal protection movement's literature. His advice ...

Closeup of a bell pepper harvest

Change your point of view. #vegan #plantbased #animalwelfare #livekindly #animalrights

Can eco-conscious cats and dogs survive on a vegan diet?


Plant-Based Diet Guide

Plant-based diets could save millions of lives and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions

The 10 films sure to turn meat-eaters vegan

Why people become vegans: The history, sex and science of a meatless existence

Photo by Stocksy

Vegan superstar Natalie Portman produced and narrated this adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's book of the same name. “Eating Animals” explores the ...

21 Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries That Will Inspire You to Change the World

#WorldVeganDay: Each of us has the lives and wellbeing of animals in our hands

Living with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis as a Vegan

Mercy For Animals – World's Leading Farmed Animal Rights and Vegan Advocacy Organization - Mercy For Animals

The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream | Life and style | The Guardian

Animal welfare

Why Go Vegetarian or Vegan

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." – Paul

Benefits and risks of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Plant based ...

they have a right to live in peace #vegan Vegan Vegetarian, Vegetarian Tattoo

The Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Lip Balms

31-Day Food Revolution

The above footage is not graphic; it shows the experience of a cow who is waiting in line to die. Contrast with this footage of possibly the world's ...


Download figure ...

10 Common Plant-Based Protein Sources and Their Nutrition