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Cranky Bobcat Kitten Threatens the Humans Opening His Carrier Before

Cranky Bobcat Kitten Threatens the Humans Opening His Carrier Before


Animal Expert David Mizejewski Introduces Several Wild Animals to Conan

Florida Panther Kitten Rescued From the Brink of Death Is Now Thriving

A Spirited Bobcat Kitten Is Moved to Her Outdoor Enclosure for the First Time After Being

Cranky Bobcat Kitten Threatens The Humans Opening His Carrier Before Releasing Himself Into The Wild

Quirky the Blind Kitten

Two Rescued Tortie Kittens Join the Growing Feline Family of the Lovable Cat Duo Cole and

An Adorable Baby Rhinoceros Comes Running Whenever He Hears His Name

Tiny Caracal Kittens Go For a Playful Romp Through the Outdoor Grounds at the Oregon Zoo

A Chubby Hedgehog Repeatedly Tries to Roll Over and Make a Break For It During a

Injured Mother Cat Leads Rescuer Directly to Her Newborn Kittens

Laughing Squid Welcomes Two New Furry Feline Co-Workers: A Tabby Named FOMO and

How Old Is My Cat in Human Years?

Why Do Pet Cats Attack Their Owners?

Cats Indoors is leading a movement to overcome local and national challenges caused by free-roaming cats, for the benefit of cats, birds, and people.

Night Vision Camera Captures How Four Cats Entertain Themselves While Their Humans Are Sleeping at Night

A Pregnant Feral Cat Accepts Help From a Human to Come In From the Cold to

5 Health Risks for Overweight Cats

Savannah Cat Kills Fox in Belle Meade Island, Miami, FL

9 Cute Pictures of Red Foxes

Desperate Cat Switches to Speaking French When Meowing Won't Get Him Inside the House

Concerned Kitten, An Adorable Eight-Week-Old White Kitten Born With a Distinct

A Black-footed Cat at Utah's Hogle Zoo gave birth to a single kitten on August 23. Mom and kitten can now be seen on-exhibit in the Zoo's Small Animal ...

A Sweet Rescued Wolfdog Gleefully Rolls Over for a Good Belly Rub From Her Favorite Human


Mere months after Health Ranger jokes about 'trans species' claims, a Norwegian woman says she's a cat trapped in a human body

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Cooking With Max Corgi Brian X Chen Steamed Pork Buns

The Feline Duo of Cole & Marmalade Demonstrate How Different Cats Enjoy Human Hugs Differently

Cole the Black Cat Noisily Demands to Go Outside For a Walk on the Leash

A kitten meowing with his mouth open.


Catio Spaces, Unique Custom Cat Enclosures That Employ Harmonizing Principles of Feng Shui

Daring Human Lets Her Curious Orange Kitten Play a Game of 'Whac-a-Mole' With Her Fingers

Cat with mouth open — trilling, meowing or making another kitty sound.

Ice Meets Fire in the Teaser Trailer for the Eighth and Final Season of 'Game of Thrones'

Why do cats hiss?

Undecided Roommates Let Their New Kitten Choose a Name For Himself With Games Involving Food

The Very Good Reasons Why a Cat's Multi-Purpose Tongue Feels Like Sandpaper

“Dear Kitten” is a cute Friskies ad, presented by BuzzFeed and narrated by the great Ze Frank, about an adult cat welcoming a new kitten to his home.

Brilliantly Illustrated Cornetto Movie Trilogy Posters: 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Hot Fuzz' and 'The World's End'

When His Parents Told Him It Was Time to Go, This Toddler Gave Every Stranger

A very sleepy cat makes adorable quacking noises each time his human Paul Sutyrin coughs. According to Paul, the cat quacks whenever he coughs or sneezes ...

Cat With Kittens Paris Zarcilla

Cat Treats Cause Cat to Reach 100% of Her Brain Capacity in Parody of the Film 'Lucy'

Dog left heartbroken after his rodent best mate dies

A Playful Orange Tabby Will Go to All Lengths and Heights Just to Retrieve His Beloved Spoon

Curious Kitten Tries to Figure Out How to Capture the Fan That Is Spinning Above Her Little Head

14 Pets That Are Taking Laziness To A Whole New Level

What Lay People, Vets, and One Verbose Cat Named Rocko Have to Say About This Site

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Animator Hilariously Makes the White Spot on His Cat's Head Flicker Like a Flame

Taki Zaru on Catster

Kittens On The Beat, A Music Video by Corridor Digital Featuring the Song

Tiny Orange Kitten Quickly Befriends a Famous Wildlife Photographer

What's Mew at Catster: February 2019 Cat Events

Cat high-fives people working out at the gym

Adopt Felix on

Clever Cat Develops Uncanny Ability to Open Doors

Please Don't Let The Cat Out #funnypics #funny #lol Not Funny

The cats' change in weight and behaviours were recorded by their owners at four and

A Blind Orange Tabby Cat Eagerly Plays Fetch With Her Encouraging Human

A Determined Tuxedo Kitten Tries to Catch an Elusive Finger in a Homemade Whac-a

Pet Cerval - "My, what big ears you have!"

10 Gifts For Cat Lovers Who Wear Their Feline Obsession Right On Their Sleeve

Kittens Get a Lesson in Physics

Couple Finds Out the Importance of Feeding Their Cat the Right Kind of Food During a Zombie Apocalypse


Jedi Kittens

"I swear to God, Karen, the moment you fall asleep..."

A Photographer Takes Pictures of Cats "High" on Catnip, and It'll

Protect your cat from dangerous diseases! Top 3 Dangerous Diseases for Cats: 1.

Cat Chasers Hot Wheels Car

Cardboard Kitten Tank

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Why Cats Reserve Their Unique Meows As a Means to Communicate With Their Humans

This Little Piggy Went to the Home Depot After a Big Bad Wind Blew His Fence Down

Kitten in the piloerection posture

Philo the Cat Has Zero Interest In Using the New Cat Door His Human Installed for Him


Ika Zaru (2000-2016), The Amazing Maine Coon Cat Who Was Laughing

A Bushbaby Spy Camera Captures the Gentle Relationship Between a Chimp and a Genet Kitten

Unsuspecting Kitten Gets Caught in an Avalanche of Staticky Birthday Balloons That Stick to His Fur

Brother bears caged for 17 years play together for first time

Guy Decides To Surprise His Family With A New Pet For Christmas

12 Cute Dog Who Aren't Impressed With The Silly Hats Their Humans Picked Out

Venkman the cat guards grain at Empirical Brewing.

cat using scratching post

A Tiny Kitten and a White Bunny Chase Each Other Around the Yard In an Adorable

I got you! Adorable moment Golden Retriever puppy sneaks up and pounces on another dog

Buff Cat