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Appeal also varies depending of the genre. For example, if you put a super scary girl on a moe anime, it won't work. Sure, it will catch people's eyes, ...

Bio: Like Haruhi she broke something exspencive and now is in the host club and she is there on a scholarship and everyone thinks she is guy except Haruhi, ...

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This build isn't focused on taking out all of the enemies and gaining ultimate power through force, but instead minimizing risk and focusing primarily on ...

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The design is so great. I can't wait for this:

Do you agree or disagree?

This episode was EPIC at the end! This is what I was waiting for! This is what impressed from the first episode expectation of what anime I referred to.

The blonde hair and eyes with the lab coat matches her nicely. I liked seeing her in the episode and Dalian eating bread was cute.

You can't claim a character someone already claimed. 3. Please be patient in receiving your banner. 4. Admin claims don't effect the claim once rule.

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Found this on 4chan/a/, what's the show in the middle of the shit tier between Blue Drop and Code Geass?

Name: Naito Kyougi Age: 16. Gender: Male Short bio: Unknown Personality: Unknown Year(7,8 or 9):9

Overall, I am really enjoying the game. It feel completely different than just going around beating monsters. All those servants interaction that I have ...

I'm gonna' have to go with Charlot Hazelink from Princess Lover. Not only is she gorgeous, but also has a great personality and is a princess.

https://myanimelist.net/anime/37254. Official Website: http://lastperiod.jp/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/last_period. Twitter Hashtag: #lp_anime

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You'll notice that my forum avie features the main character of this series. Not too many shows really make laugh, but imo this is one of the best.

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Nea Walker should be changed to Nea D. Campbell; his real name is confirmed in the manga.

... from home at age 12. until she found this academy, she was homeless. but, she doesnt let her past get her down. she is always happy and looking out for ...

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A perfect balance of LOCO aka insane in the brain factor + MOE. What I like most of her is her breasts. I don't mean to be perverted but there is far too ...

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Don't know why the anime decided to make Incursio evolve into a lame ass golden dragon.

Don't pay any attention to the text. Its not relevant to the anime as that isn't the title of it.

As usual, Junichi's friends are complete jokes especially during their moments outside of school. Shinpei is an embarassment to humanity this season

Such a tragic smile ;_;

That guy goes totally nuts! In fact he gets slapped by Kaede here. Too bad, I was sure he was getting along with Kaede at that spot.

Congratulations to Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn)! I can't help it so I will share it!

Magical Girl with gun and big ass sword?

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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Saiyuuki manga series by Kazuya Minekura, an official website was launched along with a 20th Anniversary ...

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It's a really good thing that the concept of crossdressing has evolved in such a good way.

In the end I still love why I married the anime character Sawako Kuronuma because of things like this and this one I call this the sleeping beauty=> ...


If I could ever cosplay as any character, it would be Fai in this suit... his complete Celes Country get-up. Absolutely beautifully done. ^_^

But he fails as a wannabe Accelerator TBH. KIRITO ANGER FAILURE! I am I could not get into it seriously from the facial stand point.

Sherlock is too cool here, it just doesn't seem right compare to how airheaded she usually is in the original series.

Character's name - Hiei Profile Pictures - here. Anime they're from - Yu Yu Hakusho Banner - Yes, please

The gramps is shielding a mass murderer? Are you out of your goddamn mind old gramps!? OUTRAGE! You know the World Army can come to the school and shut it ...

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What an amazing episode 11/10

Although I have a feeling it could flow more, how to say this....more sequential. Kind of like no talk that interrupts the action. Kind of.

Anime Motivational Posters

Powers: Make plants grow and talk to animals. Shot Bio: She is a very kind vampire but sometimes she can be very horrendous.


No doubt that some others still suspect him although it's kinda nice to see him build more of a connection with ...

from where is this? it looks familiar but i can't remember... thanks in advance!

The show has a somewhat "professional" feel to it with the work environment but for most part is still very lighthearted. Aoba's also quite an adorable ...

I would never think she would do it but somehow I could not believe the LN spoilers about it or rather I was not sure. Regardless the last episode will ...

(I have more pics if this one won't work/you can't find one that will work ^.^)

The official website for the upcoming Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka TV anime has announced additional staff members. Produced by LIDENFILMS, the anime will ...

Looks like we're getting a welfare loli J.Alter

This one This one!

About the new OP, my favorite part is the following,

An official website for the previously announced Kenja no Mago TV anime has launched and announced staff and cast members. The main character Shin Walford ...

Nurarihyon no Mago Official Character Data Book: Ayakashi Hiroku - Forums - MyAnimeList.net

Didn't find Nero on your list but by looking at your profile, you must like Nero so here :)

L from Death Note isn't a bad applicant. I'd go with Jiggler from Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo though, just to start this thread with a newbie level character in ...

How this:

Accelerator I guess would be the most appropriate pick when looking at my fav section

All of the characters are very interesting. The show doesn't have any fanservice just pure classic Slice of Life anime.

Name of this character pls, in red circle.

(sigh) I can't tell which is more broken. To anyone who has read the manga then you would know. Yao had suffered recently but Tyuule suffered from Zorzal's ...

An official site was opened by MAGES. and announced an original TV anime titled Lost Song. The anime features two heroines, as shown in the two separate key ...


I'm also interested in knowing more about the other characters since they're still so young. The action picked up its momentum in this episode already and ...

#1 Gosick: http://myanimelist.net/anime/8425/Gosick Gosick follows the two main characters; the "Black Reaper" Kazuya Kujou, and the extremely intelligent " ...

I however found it TOTALLY STUPID to make probes have feelings not to mention dragging out the end and finally Watashi did WHAT? Sabotage? WHAT? For who?

The weirdest haircut in any anime?

The Toaru Majutsu no Index stage at the Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary Aki no Dengekisai event on Sunday announced a TV anime adaptation of Kazuma Kamachi ...

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How's that. Pretty classy furry if you ask me.

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Soul eater-Crona -> I still don't know, is he/she girl or boy? :D I guess boy :D <------ Crona's gender is unknown, because in English the character is he ...

The official website of the Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou anime series revealed main staff, additional cast, as well as a new key visual (pictured) on Monday.

Character Designs

... Asuna getting angry at Kirito because she did not know of Lizbet's whole situation and not even of Keiko herself. So big problems happen there. It was a ...