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Damn Just damn AroAce Mad

Damn Just damn AroAce Mad


Just damn

This should be aro/ace but as an aro/ace yes.

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Asexual shit · Don't shame asexuals or aromantics. And It would really be nice if those

Asexuality is easily one of the most consistently misunderstood identities.

Crap people say about being asexual. I have to deal with this all day. | Asexuality | lGBT, Genderqueer, Gay

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Shitty people are canceled until we solve homelessness and poverty. Or they could just be canceled forever. Fallacy Zazz · Damn Right


Damn I do both of these does that mean im a switch? -m #

Thinking Of You, Make It Yourself, Weird, Thinking About You

This is all I ever do, my friends think I'm insane and strangers think I'm a sociopath


Lyric & Paige Get Ice Cream(AroAce)

Activismo Asexual (@red_actasex)

5) Shit this one is gonna be difficult

Cold corndog is one of the worst insults there is right up there with warm Ice

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Yeah, pretty much. Minus the cussing. Matthew · Ace Shit

OH DAMN! • • • • #pride #aroacepride #aromanticasexual #asexualaromantic #

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I'm flexible asexual soo Ace Pride, Weird Facts, Crazy Facts, Equality

Asexuals reality. And don't tell me this doesn't happens. Ace

To an extent this kind of sounds more sex-repulsed ace than simply ace.

I'm not wrong, I'm ME! - by Tasha Dancy

Ok but Odyssy memes are the funniest shit and on an unrelated note girls with noserings

And now it's time for "shit asexuals hear" [click on this image to

But even then I damn well am gonna enjoy it without anyone's nose in my business"

damn batman, you just got bamboozled.

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im HERE for that good shit

Ace Shit · Aromantic Asexual / Arrow Ace / Aro Ace - symbol / logo humor' YAS.

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'"Awesome Angry Asexual" Asexual Pride Knife' Sticker by Hari-H

he's not as crazy as we thought...damn you Sugar, you won...again

And now edd came out as aroace!!!

Girls · ‹‹

If I had to pick a favorite tumblr, it would definitely be this one.

2009 (age 8) vs 2019 (age 18)

Transgender | Tumblr


Honestly, I just like the comparison. I don't blame the iwo jima


Its time to take out our trash I couldnt include all the examples of shitty behiavor

Image result for asexual facts dragon at the age of 13

An informative comic about demisexuality and the other 'grey areas' of sexual identity. Sexual identity is not just a simple spectrum of you being either ...

Big dragon energy (big d**k energy) .

Im so glad this isnt how i came out😉 -Sage♢ #loveislove #

Daily tough mindfulness meditation sessions. “

Asexual Pride Gemini Horoscope Symbol in Asexual Pride Flag Colors. Round Chrome Frame around Asexy

Happy new year! 🍄 #lgbt #lgbtpride #adminsneeded #needadmins #lgbtadminsneeded #

I am just a simple cat that likes to draw things Ace Pride, Lesbian,

People making commentary on other people's appearances drives me so crazy . seriously, none of anyone else's damn business! >>>They're so cute together

Dad is funny.

Those low ends are, weepings..., yea depressive deep shit.

penicillium-pusher: “ Simple definition posters for some of the aromantic spectrum ”. Wazzle · Asexual shit

I'm not exactly head over heels for the Transgender movement but I think this

ten (she/her)(aro/ace)

Source: bugz-n-beez aroace jughead jughead jones

#aroace #aro #ace #asexual

fuck yeah disney fanart

As a genderfluid asexual it makes me happy to even know that a charcter like Alex exists. And i shit this 2 so hard.

I was kinda the same and still am Funny Tumblr Posts, Tumblr Stuff, Funny

Guys… Ace being Murdoc's half-brother would be such an adorable head-canon. I don't think we ever got a glimpse of Ace's parents in the original Powerpuff ...

a damn mood — ten (she/her)(aro/ace) –

I will get mad at people who don't use the right pronouns

just sipping on that sweet, sweet tea ☕ ☕ ☕ ~ 🐝

a goddamn shitsucking vampire

Aspec flags are so damn pretty ~👓 - - - #lgbt #lgbtq #

Asexual shit · "Asexual" by the-drug-in-me-is-you74 ❤

Thanks! Now I don't feel alone!! It feels good to know there is someone else that feels the same way. | Good Stuff!! | Pinterest | Meant to be, Need someone ...

So not only are we losing our representation in the show there's a high chance we could lose it in the comics too. This is what the writer Mark Waid said ...

Until theastronomer derailed this post, I was right on board. Sexism is a huge

Pin by G Loop on Important Shit | Pinterest | Writing, Writing Prompts and Writing promts

I always wondered why they were so caught up about it too ○ ○ ○ ○

Sheith fanart by Johanna the mad. // I don't ship sheith but damn is that good fan art and damn is that a good song

Do you think it sounds crazy similar because it's... transphobia? 🤔🤔

You're a WHAT?

Gonna fuckin scream, my mate invited me to Slamdunk... Hhhhh? Cancer

I don't understand how you can get mad at that

Funny things

Dam if only my boyfriend was a vampire Vampire Tumblr, Vampire Boy, Angry Girlfriend

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Impermanence ≠ insignificance! This is really important, and I think it can be applied to changing labels. If you ever realise your orientation was a ' ...

sexfacts | Tumblr discovered by Taylor Brigham

AOTD: metal, rock, alternative and all that shit ~ Sarah 💜 #asexual #aromantic #aro #ace #aroace #acering #aroring #lgbtq #acerings #arorings #lovewins ...

Not just aro/ace people but everyone. If someone is going through something and

Damn. Where's the lie tho . . . .#lesbian #asexual #pride

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Omg yes. As an asexual the S-I-T-T-I-N-G joke bothers me bc we do feel romantic attraction! Just not sexual attraction!>> as an aro-ace I kind of liked that ...

I always get mad when this one history teacher call native americans INDIANS. If you


(the screenshots above are from a conversation with my sister, who successfully escaped my mother's abuse.) i've never made a post like this but i'm ...

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