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Discover littleknown Laodicea Turkey Top Travel Guides

Discover littleknown Laodicea Turkey Top Travel Guides


Discover little-known Laodicea, Turkey | Top Travel Guides | Pinterest | Turkey travel, Travel and Travel guides

Visit the little-known Laodicea. This incredible ancient city is yet to be discovered

Discover little-known Laodicea, Turkey | Quick Saves | Turkey travel, Travel, Turkey

Discover little-known Laodicea, Turkey | Quick Saves | Pinterest | Turkey travel, Travel and Turkey

Discover little-known Laodicea, Turkey

Fallen columns - Laodicea Turkey

Columns and arches of Laodicea, Turkey

Archway Laodicea

Temple A Laodicea

8 Turkey Highlights That'll Blow Your Mind | Europe Travel | Pinterest | Travel, Turkey travel and Holiday travel

8 Epic Turkey Highlights That'll Blow Your Mind

Syria Street

Travel - Turkey · Best things to do in Istanbul. Complete itinerary for a trip to Istanbul. Istanbul

Find out everything you need to know for your Tikal Trip. Where to stay |

Laodicea with the travertines in the background

Theatre of Laodicea

Ruins at Laodicea

Unrestored archway in Laodicea, Turkey

Columns with half a cornice at top at the Temple of Trajan in Pergamon, Turkey

Laodicea stadium

Sites of Faith in Turkey. Travel Guide Turkey ...

Glass floor and views of Laodicea

6 Fun Things To Do In Pamukkale – Turkey's Cotton Castle

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Terrace Houses bedrooms Turkey highlights

In the book of Revelation, John starts out with messages to seven specific churches located in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey. One of these was Laodicea .

A long stretch of sandy beach on Bozcaada island.

A political, far more than a physical cause, has operated to impoverish the spreading plains, which once were rich in corn and wine, oil, olive, and honey.


Aphrodisias (Geyre, Turkey): Address, Phone Number, Top-Rated Ancient Ruin Reviews - TripAdvisor

The oldest known human settlement in the world is located in Catalhöyük, Turkey, dating back to 6500 B.C. The earliest landscape painting in history was ...

Ruins of temples used in Imperial cult worship in Laodicea, Turkey Credit: Richard Munden

Excavation at Laodicea.

A single hot air balloon floats over the Cappadocia landscape.

A statue set in an alcove with intricate carvings in the ruins of Ephesus.

Turkey, The first coins ever minted were done so at Sardis, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lycia, at the end of the seventh century B.C.

The Fascinating Sites of Turkey

More of Laodicea.

Open air balcony seating at Pierre Loti.

Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7) – the church that had forsaken its first love.

It's a little further east in Lycia, however, that the sheer abundance of funerary architecture becomes truly giddying. Everywhere there are beautiful ...

The Fascinating Sites of Turkey

The opulent interior of the Ayasofya/Hagia Sofia.

St Nicholas known as Santa Claus today, was born and lived in Demre (Myra) on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. The village contains the famous Church of St ...

The October Testament: Full Size Edition: Ruth Magnusson Davis Ed., William Tyndale, John Rogers: 9781775011781: Amazon.com: Books

Today the Group visited Ephesus ...

This ...

A one-time lighthouse known as Kız Kulesi (Maiden's Tower) in the southern

The Fascinating Sites of Turkey

Day 5: The snow promise kept

Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, Europe and Asia. In its thousands of years of history, it has been the capital of three ...

The seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation are all found in Turkey: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.


The Fascinating Sites of Turkey

The rock-cut landscape of the Goreme Open Air Museum.

The ...

Exploring the small traditional seafood restaurants near the Galeta Bridge in Istanbul.

Mineral springs create terraced pools at Hierapolis in Turkey.

Why Turkey?


Lycia @ F Stark, 1952

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Exterior of the original Karaköy Güllüoğlu cafe.

As for the queues (which after the carnage of the last two years look set to return to Turkey in 2018); you can be sure they won't have formed this early in ...

Phillippe Bohstrom has written a fascinating and informative article about the discovery of a Roman inscription mentioning the province of Judea and a ...

Turkey has 82,693 mosques, more than any other country per capita in the world.

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Sandstone pillars rising above rolling hills in Cappadocia Turkey.

58 Here ...

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Destruction Of The Greek Empire, by Edwin Pears

At the top of candidates for “best discoveries of 2018,” a seal impression reading “belonging to the governor of the city” was announced today by the Israel ...

Day 3: Admiring exquisite Byzantine mosaics in Istanbul's empty Chora Church (Kariye Cami)

“New Stone Courses Discovered in the Western Wall Tunnels Reaching the Depths of the Western Wall; Ancient Theater Discovered as Well.

As I reflect on this year's tours to Turkey – we managed two, an achievement given the fraught political situation, both entirely without mishap and to rave ...


Laodicea is known to Bible students from the book of Revelation (1:11; 3:14-22), and from Paul's ...

Capernaum: City of Skeptics

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Anybody who has seen Nuri Bilge Ceylan's 2014 Palme D'Or winner Winter Sleep, a wrenchingly acute portrayal of an ageing hotelier in the depths of a ...

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Selected Activities from 2013-2014 2013 March 2013 May 2013 June 2013 August 2013 September

Less than 3 months ago we reported here on the discovery of a second century Roman road uncovered in the vicinity of Beit Shemesh and the Elah Valley.

Laodicea #Ancient City on the edge of the Lycus River Hierapolis Museum. #history #archaeology #archeology #travel #photography #art #arts #heritage # ...

—Greek influence: Byzantine Empire about 1000— AD. Blue: Greek Orthodox Green: Slavonic Orthodox Grey: Georgian Orthodox Red: Latin Christendom.

Lycia, @ J Seal 2017

Sufi whirling dervishes perform in Cappadocia.

[Material: Limestone; Height = 82 cm; Width = 65 cm; Writing: Latin Created: AD 26–37 Discovered: 1961, Caesarea, Israel; Present location: Israel Museum; ...

But the the real distance we have to take

Laodicea in Syria

A richly appointed lobby in the Mardan Palace luxury hotel in Turkey.

The Israel Antiquities Authority began the year with a great announcement yesterday. Many tourists to the Western Wall may have seen a covered area on the ...

It is worth noting the biblical significance of this site, which is mentioned six times in the New Testament. Paul refers to the city four times in his ...

For example compare the ones at ancient Corinth: the “Upper Peirene Spring” on the Acrocorinth; the Peirene Fountain and the Glauke Fountain in lower ...

Baklava and Turkish Delight

The Turkey has fastest growing economy in Europe.

Let's start with this example which I spotted last summer in Kars, eastern Turkey; what's this café called?