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Disgusting advertisments t Retro ads

Disgusting advertisments t Retro ads


Ah, the good ol' days of sexism in advertising. Check out these vintage sexist ads from the & Real men & housewives, they'd be funny if they weren't real

I don't think people understand how truly disgusting it is when they don't cover their mouths.

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

Collectors Weekly: On your home page, you talk about how these ads induce shame, guilt, and paranoia.

Collectors Weekly: Maybe these companies were also acting out of desperation, thanks to the Depression.

So apparently the kid in the previous ad decided to make a career out of his little act and actually got a job with ...

Perhaps the most disgusting ad of the era

On the sad little girl's chest, it says, “Papa says it won't hurt us!” So papa's reasoning is, “I got a gun that has a child lock on it—now my 2-year- old ...

TheVine - 101 Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads - Life & pop culture, untangled Photo Vintage

Wait, what are they advertising?

Photographer Reverses Gender Roles In Sexist Vintage Ads

Lucky Strike via clotho98. Ha ha! Joke's on them, because we all ended up obese anyway!

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

These shocking 21st-century adverts are a grim reminder that sexism is alive and well

However, according to this ad, one's chest-line can bulge too much.

An early example of sexual imagery in advertising

Does she have horrible morning sickness? Then get her Mornidine, because your wife should be cooking you breakfast, not lying in bed sick while carrying ...

From the 1920s into the 1950s, cigarette ads featured endorsers as varied as babies, Mickey Mantle, doctors and even Santa Claus.

These are real cigarette advertisements from the past. This first one is especially disgusting because a child is included.

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Amusing Planet: 45 Vintage Sexist Ads That Wouldn't Go Down Well Today Vintage

60's Ads


Dove's Facebook ad, since removed. 'If I had even the slightest inclination that

I get it, it's a big plate of meat and you're hungry, but again, just rein it in a notch. You're not a dog.

“Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly.”


More Ads That Find Fault With Women

Photo: Askari Khan.

10. Obviously it's more important to have nicer hands than it is to be good at your job.

Mobile gaming has an advertising problem that needs to be addressed


No matter how hard you try to find a clean take on this ad… the image combined with the copy should have put some ad exec on a watch list.

Lauren Nettles

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G. Washington's Instant Coffee – Now even a man can make coffee

The 10 Most Sexist Ads of 2013

reaction to repetitive ads on streaming channels

These old soap ads are quite possibly the most racist/ridiculous advertisements ever.

Mid to late 90s was probably the worst time for advertising video games because everyone was focused on grossing you out more than selling the game.

Hornes Wool – Memo to masterful men. Magazine Advert

Old Navy ad with interracial family prompts social media outrage — and support

Where it appeared: Commercials and print. What the ad ...

Hillary ad exploits children for political gain. Disgusting


'Disgusting': An ad for Durex's XXL range was said to be encouraging violence

... "Can we bring back old public health posters? Partly because humans are disgusting, but mainly because the posters are fun.… https://t .co/IXP73176WB"

I don't quite understand the meaning of this advertisement but it's moving :)

60's Ads

A Brief and Disgusting History of Diet Aids and Feminine Hygiene

Babies With Intelligent Observations About Their Mother's Cigarette Addiction

The mud-slingers: the most shocking presidential attack ads ever aired

In the 1930s, dancing was an important social activity, and shampoo companies wanted women to worry about yet another way they could smell bad.

1. Ambi Pur

A baby is featured in a 1951 cigarette ad for Marlboro cigarettes.

25 incredibly sexist vintage ads

How many times have you seen this ad on Hulu? How many more times will you see it before you decide you don't like Snickers after all?

Top 15 Scariest Commercials That Actually Aired On TV

You disgust them too.

If the ad biz had a logo, it would be "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The same ploys that worked yesterday work just as well today and we're P.T. ...

I saw this advertisement in the newspaper today, and wondered how on earth the clinic doesn't understand that it is ultimately self-defeating, ...

Benetton ad 1996

Fox News Channel anchor Sean Hannity

Designing with humor: 50 hilarious advertising designs to teach you how

7. When Jack and Jones Encouraged Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

"Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect." In the 1930s, advertisers. “

Eli Rezkallah is a 31-year-old visual artist/photographer who recently created a photo series entitled, "In a Parallel Universe" that reimagines sexist ads ...

Whitman, who would go on, during the Civil War, to volunteer at an Army hospital, vacillates between empathy and disgust for such infirmities. He doesn't so ...

Somehow, this logic escaped the creative team of Times Group that ran an ad which not only undermines the achievements of an actor and former Miss World ...


see offsite link on cenblog.org

The Ugly Truth

A heavily criticised advertising campaign raising awareness about female genital mutilation has won Cannes Lion industry awards

These old soap ads are quite possibly the most racist/ridiculous advertisements ever.

James Delingpole

Don't compare me to business owners who refuse to serve LGBT customers

The global perception that South Korean women have perfect skin underlies a nation where women are objectified and judged on their appearance.

Chinese racist washing power ad and Africans

If you search "Lords Mobile ads" on YouTube, you'll get results for videos titled "Terrible Lords Mobile Advertisements are TERRIBLE", "Lords Mobile Ad ...

You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!: Disgusting Things You'd Rather Not Know: David Stewart, David Salariya, David Antram: 9780531275016: Amazon.com: ...

How would he know? On the other hand if it plays music | Disgusting food, discriminating ads and just plain gross... | Vintage ads, Weird vintage ads, Ads

funny ad

Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter – Is it always illegal TO KILL A WOMAN?

Screenshot · Screenshot

The union has demanded an unconditional apology from Kalyan Jewellers and has said that if the ad is not withdrawn suitable "organisational action, ...

Old Fashioned Marketing and Branding says Nike made a big mistake with the Kaepernick Ad Campaign

K-beauty: the ugly face of South Korea's obsession with women looking forever flawless | South China Morning Post

Exclusive: Nine-year-old drag queen horrifically abused after modelling for LGBT fashion company - PinkNews · PinkNews

An anti-smoking ad depicts packets of sugar turning to fat and overflowing from soda

The Ugly Truth (Widescreen Edition)

Best PPC ad copywriting advice ever terrible pug t shirt

Photo: Hollywood Star.