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Easter Island Statue Technology No Aliens Needed faith Faith

Easter Island Statue Technology No Aliens Needed faith Faith


Restored statue platform with standing moai on the south coast of Rapa Nui. Note that one of the moai is adorned with a red scoria pukao.

We've got theories...... https://www.sbs.com.au/guide/article/2018/02/06/what-really-happened-people- easter-island

Today's research clears up some of the backstory of the first residents of Rapa Nui.

What Easter Island's colossal stone statues teach about the dangers of modern school reform - The Washington Post

The massive carved Moai of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, are as mysterious as

No Alien built Moai but Easter Island scared of giant seafarers? | Ancient Patriarchs

stone statues of Easter Island

The Demise of Easter Island's Eco-Collapse Parable

Since the people who built Stonehenge never left any written records behind, its origins and


Beam me up, moai! Were the statues a man-made wonder or the work of extraterrestrials?

Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean contains over 800 large statues or moai, about half of which are unfinished. The documentary Chariots of the Gods? says ...

Easter Island Moai have Bodies 3

Climate Change Killed the Aliens, and It Will Probably Kill Us Too, New Simulation

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Easter Island Heads mylifesamovie.com

The Moai

Lost Ancient Technology Evidence the Big Secret of Easter Island Has Been Discovered

Easter Island star map

A female Egyptian head with an elongated skull is likely a depiction of the child of Amenophis IV/Akhenaten, (1351-1334 BCE) and is a forgery executed in ...

The statues have Bodies!!! Easter Island

The Moai

Pharaohs alien hybrids theory

Did Easter Island statues walk? Or rock and roll?

The Case Against Ancient Aliens Part Eight Easter Island, The Piri Reis Map and Ancient Art – Malcolm Nicholson


Petroglyphs. On Easter Island ...

Easter Island star map

Great Mystery of the Stone Heads : Documentary on the Easter Island Head Statues - YouTube

Egypt SHOCK: 'Alien' technology WHISPERS through Great Pyramids. "

Vestal Virgin Archaeological Museum of Eleusis - another Easter Island Moai style hat

Easter Island star map pleiades

How Beliefs in Extraterrestrials and Intelligent Design Are Similar

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Easter Island star map

Aliens on Easter Island

Figure 3 Vaiheri Tuki Haoa in body paint and traditional barkcloth. © Easter Island Statue

Shklovski and Sagan[edit]

ufo christ

An Easter Island statue being walked into place

08. Photo credit: Fallschirmjäger/Wikimedia. Scientists excavating around the moai ...

In circling the world for material to fill the empty hours of Ancient Aliens, it is no wonder that every so often they alight on the Polynesian areas of ...


sculptures of heads | head statue easter island 4 What Hides Head Statue On Easter Island

Analysis of artifacts found on the shores of Rapa Nui, Chile (Easter Island) originally thought to be used as spear points reveal that these objects were ...


Evidence Ancient Aliens Planned Humanity


Back of statue RR-001-157 displaying petroglyphs exposed by excavation. © Easter

Aliens CREATED GOD… and now they want him back - shock claim of how religion began | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

Moai of Easter Island

Easter Island star map

Giant alien or ancient man?Credit:Wikimedia.

Easter Island star map

ancient alien proof Earth UFO drawings

Fig.1 ...


All in all, there are about 1000 statues.

Easter Island star map

Photo credit: Hohum/Wikimedia. Tukuturi is a moai ...

Easter Island star map

Easter Island Mythology

The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by aliens, as there is no

Petroglyphs still remain at the Orongo Ceremonial Village. (Terry L. Hunt). Polynesians chiseled the moai ...

MessageToEagle.com - One of the most iconic series of monuments in the Pacific islands - the Moai - are again in scientific focus.


Ahu Tongariki near Rano Raraku; ancient astronaut proponents state that the stone structures were built by (or with the help of) extraterrestrials

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The Alien Mysteries of Easter Island

Easter Island star map

The mysterious Rongorongo writing of Easter Island

A new book posits that alien encounters would be far more benign than they appear in

Front view of moai statue made of basalt, called Hoa Hakananai'a ("Stolen or Hidden Friend"), from Orongo, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Polynesia, ...

The Eddie Izzard voiced trio of moai from the planet Thribb, holidaying on Easter Island

This ...

Ahu. Moai ...