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Elder Of Ziyon Israel News Why are 42 of Arabs living in the

Elder Of Ziyon Israel News Why are 42 of Arabs living in the


Why are 42% of Arabs living in the territories considered "refugees"?

An Abbas poster

The other day a friend posted a Hananya Naftali video on her Facebook page. Knowing she'd never knowingly post anything from a Messianic Christian ...

Qatar to accommodate Jewish visitors for 2022 World Cup; Arabs upset

When it came time to vote, a majority of countries voted to condemn Hamas. But 57 countries were willing to stand in support of terrorism and that was ...

The Arab gunman raised his gun to the car window as the vehicle neared the bus stop and taking aim, shot that pregnant Jewess in the stomach first.

Nablus TV and Firas Press report on how Palestinian Arabs are desperately trying to become citizens of Arab countries.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer, new media editor at the Times of Israel, has 19,000 followers on Facebook who hang on her every word. One imagines they see her as a ...

The article is about a 70th anniversary celebration that the Israel embassy is throwing, using a classic antisemitic caricature of a Jew to get Egyptians ...

Fatah spokesperson Osama al-Qawasmi said Monday that Israel was performing crimes against Islamic holy places, insulting the dignity of Arabs and Muslims ...

The language of occupation is an oft-wielded weapon against Israel. Those who use it have interests at odds with the existence of the Jewish State.

StandWithUs (@StandWithUs)

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: EoZ posters for "Apartheid Week"

Giles Fraser is quite anti-Israel. , But his latest column in The Guardian unwittingly reveals something interesting about his Arab (Christian) friends in ...

And US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley championed Israel repeatedly in that den of wolves.

When I first heard about Mudar Zahran, I thought it was too good to be true, that people are way too gullible. I shook my head. How could it be that an Arab ...

Hamas lies and propaganda: From Gaza to the world in less than a minute

UNRWA also partners with NGO that says "the idea of coexistence with the Jews is absolutely heretical"

Bassam Eid, the Palestinian human rights activist who was forced out of B'Tselem for asking why no one was looking at human rights abuses by the Palestinian ...

The first board featured Rana Raslan, who in 1999 became the first Arab to win a Miss Israel contest. Three years later, Raslan was quoted as saying, ...

Palestinian candidate for Congress, grandson of Munich terrorist mastermind, would be considered an @UNRWA "refugee"

(The following is a rebuttal to Diana Buttu's piece in the Washington Post, The world should respond to Trump's Jerusalem declaration with sanctions on ...

Fatah leader: Arab leaders meeting Israelis a "stab in the back" of Palestinians

The new media editor of the Times of Israel says that Ahed Tamimi's family lives under occupation. But the Tamimi Family lives in Nabi Saleh, ...

Barack Obama "has become 'enraged' at the Israeli government, both for its actions and for its treatment of his chief diplomat, U.S. Secretary of State John ...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced late Sunday he would cut short an official state visit to Paris and return to Israel immediately.

The 'Free Amed Tamini'Twitter account(so she can become the next Leila Khaled) investigated to show what the Tamini family 'activists'really stand for.

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The West Bank-Gaza divide on internal political issues is deepening. The present poll confirms a trend that has emerged over the past five years.

Jewish Voice for Peace is right: Miko Peled is a worthy BDS advocate (Petra Marquardt-Bigman) ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News

Seyyed Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of Iraqi Sadr Movements, has issued a statement on Saturday for upcoming international Quds Day announcing his readiness to ...

Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah celebrates 54th anniversary of first terror attack ~ Elder Of Ziyon -

Muslims aren't happy.

ELDER OF ZIYON: More comedy from Bashir Assad

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: President of Achva College/Negev is a Bedouin

... they have proven that at least theoretically, it is possible for elected representatives of Israel's Arab political parties to work to better the lives ...

PLO member Saeb Erekat has threatened that if Israel approves additional building in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, as has been rumored for next week, ...

Members of the trade union and Jordanian media were upset at their leaders that allowed Al-Razaz to enter through the side door, wanting them to force him ...

Palestinian UN ambassador condemns Israeli 'aggression' in Gaza - Israel Hayom

Next flare-up in Gaza is only a matter of time - Israel Hayom

A variety of vehemently anti-Israel groups have been sponsoring and promoting Zoabi's Bay area tour. "Jewish" Voice for Peace is a sponsor and has freely ...

Peter Lerner: Election season brings out the anti-Israel trolls

Lots of photos of the UNRWA school yesterday in Rafah feature this seemingly tragic little girl.

Wafa: The Palestinian propaganda factory ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News

Expert observers of the current situation in Gaza are challenging the assertion by the IDF Chief

... the Meir Amit Center found for this batch, including some "martyr posters" that were released as late as last week, including two that they got from me!

PLO negotiator: "Arafat assassinated because he said Solomon's Temple was in Yemen" ~

Al-Razaz's decision to avoid stepping on the Israeli flag has angered Jordanians. Here he is going in through the side door.

"Trump the idiot" and other propaganda insults from Palestinian children,of course publicised

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Best Elder Posters of 2015

I will be hosting and moderating this symposium/debate in Jerusalem tonight at 7:30 PM.


An Abbas poster


Palestinians use animal rights as another method to attack Israel ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel

More than one minister, as well as the mayor of Amman, deliberately stepped on the Israeli flag painted on the floor.

This op-ed in Haaretz by Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, former head of the Union for Reform Judaism, should be required reading for every liberal who's knee jerk ...

Christian girl tells Arab newspaper she wants to join the IDF

Demonstrators in Ramallah protest Trump policies on Israel-Palestinian conflict .Surprise,surprise.Middle East - Jerusalem Post

http://www.mideasttruth.com/forumpics/arabpalestinianhistory101.jpg Blood

Islamic Jihad calls ceasefire as Israel hits back at 30-plus rockets from Gaza |

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Hamas, PA continue to blame each other for closure of Rafah crossing ~ Elder Of

Barkan and the Myth of Arab-Jewish Coexistence (Judean Rose) ~ Elder Of

Look how one anti-Israel group responded to the Pet Shop Boys' decision to play in Israel, pictured to the right. 99% of the Europeans who read that Israel ...

PASSOVER MASSACRE Bomber kills 20 at Israel Seder Park Hotel March 28 2002 E19 Park Hotel

A superficial and short-lived report on internal Palestinian affairs.

NYT and Reuters fall for "Gaza runner" propaganda

Arab political cartoons on the eve of war, 1967 ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel

Balad Facebook post urging protesters to wave "Palestinian" flags.

"Normalization is a crime." (War is peace, white is black,

Palestinians live, work, vote, and practice their faith in Israel. No Jew can do that in Muslim countries. ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual ...

Dr M: Unfair to call me anti-Semitic and it's Malaysia's right to deny Israel entry

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Fake Palestinian "Civilian" - and "Child" - of the Day.

How's that for “a proud Jewish/Israeli voice”…

One of the ironies of the anti-Israel movement is how many women's and gender studies professors are anti-Israel, when Israel is one of the most ...

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Palestinians live, work, vote, and practice their faith in Israel. No Jew

It is hard to imagine a more anti-female crime than honor killings. Yet Western feminists, who are overwhelmingly anti-Israel, will never talk about these ...

The hackers put up statuses such as "Today will strike deep in Israel, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Ashdod more than 2000 rockets.

Ari, HY”D (Judean Rose) ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News

Her Facebook profile reveals she identifies as an Arab living in Israel.

Some news from our friends the Saudis

"Stories of Qalandiya's Shahids 1967-2017" aims to "inspire" Palestinian youth

The Palestinian Authority (PA) rushed to transfer an advance of roughly $3,300 to the family of te… | 'Palestine':Gaza and The 'West Bank'.The reality.

Weizmann sees US aid Arabs study truce plea Fight in Jerusalem May 25 1948 B25 Jerusalem

Palestinian Arabs not happy with Biblical archaeological discoveries. The news ...

Here are some Muslim girls showering off the sand right next to Israelis in Bat Yam. Nobody batted an eye.

These Are The Names Of Everyone Killed In Gaza And Israel Since The War Began Israel

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Fake Civilians 2014 - Sammlung diverser von PCHR (Palestinian Center for Human Rights) als getöteter Zivilisten gemeldeter ...

Soldiers shoot, wound assailant at bus stop near military base; three Israelis suffer panic

Crossing the Rubicon in Squirrel Hill (Judean Rose) ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel

So the original name for the areas is meant to erase the history of the one that came thousands of years afterwards.

That the administration in Washington did not issue a statement about Tuesday night's IAF raid indicates tacit American approval, if not outright ...

On Sunday, at a memorial for the tenth anniversary of Yasir Arafat's timely death at his shrine in Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas said that the tomb is only in a ...

Standing Vigil with Pittsburgh (Judean Rose) ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News Israel

C.A. Pape · '

Overcoming opposition to West Bank location, Ariel U inaugurates medical school | The Times of

Algeria bans Jews from pilgrimage. Not "Zionists" - Jews.

Israel's southern residents: 'We are sick and tired of Gaza ...