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Free Dhamma tour outside of Yangon Saya Thet Gyis Pyaw Bwe Gyi

Free Dhamma tour outside of Yangon Saya Thet Gyis Pyaw Bwe Gyi


45-Day Course in the Tradition of Saya Thet Gyi

Free Dhamma tour outside of Yangon: Saya Thet Gyi's Pyaw Bwe Gyi village

Vihara Sanggar Agung - Ken Park of Pantai Ria Kenjeran Surabaya

Pilgrims walk at a monastery in the Sagaing Hills before a cave door opening where an arahant was known to practice, eating only a few spoonfuls of beans in ...

"Coming back to Shwe Oo Min Yangon

... the West, this bunch of kids was gentle and child-like and infused with Dhamma—so much so that they wanted to take refuge in the Triple Gem and recite ...

Pilgrims cram into the back of a lorry on the way to Pyaw Bwe Gyi Village

The group gathers for a photo in front of the magnificent Dhamma Hall on the Pariyatti side of Webu Monastery

A presumed Arahant whose meditation technique spread across the country in the postwar period, the Mogok method is now considered the most popular ...

Its headquarters is in Yangon, where an additional one is being built to international standards, to be staffed by English-speaking teachers and ...

The foreign pilgrims have some fun in acting out the painting of Webu Sayadaw's prophecy (shown above them)

Burma Day 3: On the Road

Pilgrims walk towards Eastern Monastery, where Saya Thet Gyi gave courses for 2 years

Burma Day 5: The Road to Mandalay

The pilgrims' bus outside the entrance of Shwe Taung Oo Pagoda, where Ledi Sayadaw lived in caves for several years

This float carried the final remains of S.N. Goenka from the Yangon airport to Dhamma Joti

A Dhamma Yatra in Burma

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Burma Day 13: Settling In Before Heading Out. The day before can be ...

Meditation teacher Pushpa Savla from India remembers visiting the tazaung of Saya Thet Gyi in Pyaw Bwe Gyi Village with S.N. and Mataji Goenka, ...

fl Monywa & Sain Pyin Gyi - Matt Richter - Monywa Shwe Taung Oo Cave 1

Pilgrims pause at the very well where the "floating knife" and the Vow of Truth took place in the life of Taung Phi Lar Sayadaw. "

Local residents pay their respects deep inside Ruby Cave in Taunggyi

One of the pilgrims pays respect to a monk at the original site of Htut Khaung Sayadaw's 18th century monastery

A view of the San Kyaung museum building attached to the central pagoda stupa on the Patipatti side. "

The White Building is the author's residence.

Pilgrims learn about the importance of water in the Sagaing Hills. As one Sayadaw said, "to come and practice in Sagaing, you always needed two things: sila ...

View of the supreme Shwedagon Pagoda

Instagram post by Myanmar Pilgrimage • Aug 26, 2017 at 3:25am UTC

... visited Maha Bodhi Meditation Center in 1957, and was taught for several months by Saya U Thein, one of the main disciples of Saya Thet Gyi.

Contact Pilgrimages Exploring the Lineage (Monastic Edition) Exploring the Lineage Introduction to Burma-Dhamma Shan State Private Groups Preparation Mental ...

A view of the illustrious Shwedagon from the rooms of the pilgrims.

As recently as a couple of decades ago, dedicated foreign Dhamma practitioners could not stay in Myanmar longer than a single week! Now, as the government ...

Arrived to the Global Vipassana Pagoda. Will be here for four days, so this

We did not have a chance to meditate at the second centre because we had to rush back to Yangon for a group meditation session with Saya Thet Gyi's students ...

The following message comes from Sayalay Khema Cari at Thabawa Monastery. For more information, or to apply, contact her at:

Some locals prepared a delicious lunch for us, after which we met with the centre manager and the Sayadaw leading the retreat. He explained to us how they ...

In the Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw commemorative book, one page is dedicated to Goenkaji's visits. The first shows him paying respects to the venerable monk, ...

Pilgrims walk towards Eastern Monastery, where Saya Thet Gyi gave courses for 2 years

Dhammaduta Jetavana Monastery was founded in Hmawbi by Sayadaw U Say Kain Da in 2000, and is in the illustrious tradition of the highly revered Dhammaduta ...

Shwe ...

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The The Phyu Taw Ya Pagoda at night

Bhikkhu Obhasa shares his experience practicing Mogok Vipassana for the first time. The above photo shows the American monk's secluded dwelling for the ...

Old Picture of Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma

Pilgrims explore Saya Thet Gyi's center in Pyaw Bwe Gyi

A subtle example of the exemplary discipline found at Sassana Won Saung Monastery is evidenced by the simple way that the novices leave their shoes when ...

Regarding the recent news about U Sarana undertaking an intensive research trip in the Sagaing Hills, some readers who have not been to Myanmar have asked, ...

"Myanmar Pilgrimage" to Offer Dhamma Tours of the Golden Land

The group takes a rest at Kaunghmudaw Pagoda just outside of Sagaing.

Sayalay Daw Pinyasara watering flowers in front of the nuns' residence

The first Meditation Center that SN Goenka acquired in Myanmar was in Yangon at the monastery

A sample of the books by and about U Ba Khin that are available in the IMC bookstore

The upper most paogoda at the Sitagu Vipassana Center. Last month's yatra was the first group to ever meditate there, and this group was the second

Near Shwedagon Pagoda, meditators may wish to visit the Maha Bodawin Museum, which is underneath the Western Entrance. Not to be missed outside the museum ...

In the Department of Meditation Hall at Sitagu Academy, Sayadaw U Nyanissara discusses dhamma with pilgrims

The well that Webu Sayadaw found in Kyaukse

One of the residences where the author lived, which she called the "Addams Family House."

In the same proximity as Padamyar Zedi Pagoda, Taung Phi Lar Monastery monastery is a site not to missed on any trip to the Golden Land, and may be worth ...

As a previous post noted, on the 22nd of April 2016, Sayadaw U Pandita was cremated. While no relics were found (which some believe would indicate full ...

Robes are given as an offering to the Sayadaw leading the 45 day monks' course at Saya Thet Gyi's center

The monastery bodhi tree

May all beings be free from aversion and be happy.. May peace and harmony

Below, a recent photograph depicting the carrying of U Pandita's corpse to the eventual cremation pyre:

Today the @myanmarpilgrimage team is rolling through Bago, checking out the Goenka vipassana center

The writer and friends at The Phyu Taw Ya

What amazed me most was the consistent and immense metta, compassion and sympathetic joy that Sayadaw would infallibly exude throughout the duration of my ...

The Burma Dhamma has been exported around the world and continues to grow! here is

In a scene harkening back to the Buddha's time, pilgrims gather under the pleasant shade of a tree to take in a translated Dhamma discourse of a local ...

Burma Dhamma

One year following the passing of the great lay meditation teacher Sayagyi U Goenka, a Sangha Dana was organized in his honor in Azusa, California, ...

One yogi recently sent us a question asking about the Meditation Visa Following is our answer. For more questions about Dhamma in Burma to be answered on ...

Ariya Baumann and Ayya Virañani"

Much has been written about the special Dhamma relationship between Sayagyi U Ba Khin and Webu Sayadaw. Here is Gustaaf Houtman's take on it:

The great Buddha statue at The Phyu Taw Ya

My own journey began last winter at Panditarama, a sprawling 100-acre campus still presided over by the indomitable Sayadaw U Pandita, a man who has been in ...

Two novices in the Sagaing Hills

This is a photo of the sign indicating the precise place where Saya Thet Gyi taught

Another view of the pilgrims at Sitagu soon after arriving

A Swedish meditator ordains as a nun in the Sagaing Hills, a region of Myanmar

In Ingyinbin, this is the casket where Webu Sayadaw was placed before his cremation.

This dhamma hall is most of the time empty, but twice per year they hold Vipassana meditation courses that accommodate 4,000 sitting students at one time!

The immensely peaceful Bamboo Grove walkway found at Sassana Won Saung Monastery

... heart but also that of others, greatly. Also your meritorious smile shows your modesty. Actually you are a great daughter of Lord Buddha.

The pilgrims pose with the famous Sitagu Sayadaw

A view of the male sleeping quarters, upstairs in the Bago building towards the southeast of the Patipatti compound.

This pagoda has significant importance for the pilgrims, who practiced in the tradition of S.N. Goenka, for the great meditation teacher's earliest Buddhist ...

The Yogi Bear Diary #3: "The Flying Pink Nun"

No, those are not colorful statues of inspiration, but real live meditators in the

From the Goenka organization's newsletter: Dhamma Pasava, which means "Spring of Dhamma"

Pilgrims meditate before Nga That Gyi Pagoda in Yangon as monks chat suttas

The discipline found at the second nunnery visited can be seen even in the way the sandals are carefully arranged before entering a building

Pilgrims embark the boat in Mingun that will take them along the Ayeyarwaddy towards Sagaing, and over the place where Sayagyi U Goenka's ashes were ...

Before U Kumara (the future Webu Sayadaw) popped up in Kyaukse out of the blue on March 12, 1924, no one was quite sure where he had been spending time.

Shwebo: Webu Sayadaw and the LabLab bean

The Dhamma Hall at Dhamma Joti

#Vipassana Meditation in Yangon, Myanmar 🇲🇲 . 🌴Dhamma Joti Vipassana Center was