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God who CounterReligious t Atheism Religion and Bible

God who CounterReligious t Atheism Religion and Bible


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7 Godly sins Even god is a sinner! I bet he forgives himself so he. AtheismAnti ReligionReligion ...

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Not sure what's worst - not reading it and agreeing anyway. Adam Cash · Counter-Religious

Lack of Understanding Is Not Evidence for God

Andy Bannister The Atheist Who Didn't Exist book

Generation Atheist by [Riley, Dan]

Like everything else in the bible, the story of Noahs Ark smells a lot like bullshit. Simple logic disassembles this ancient myth.

Using something as simple as a Bingo card can be a very powerful way to counter religious arguments. If I'm talking with some religious people, ...

... existence of gods in all elements of life, reincarnation, etc.), an atheist is on the side of the majority of the world population by not believing in ...

Flying Spaghetti Monster

From Atheist to Creationist

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Audiobook Image. Generation Atheist


The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason eBook: Victor J. Stenger: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Same religion? So they terrorized the slaves (all brown people) into christianity. The strange part is that they feminized Christ, that part is strange.

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Imaginary Friend - Religion

If a person believes in God only out of fear of punishment, that belief would be thin and false. Surely an omniscient deity could see through that act and ...

I have to give this one a bit more credit — at least it attempts to be funny, with that ground up biblical quote. And the font selection gives the sign an ...

AfterSchoolSatan. “

God does not believe in atheists

Well done, folks in charge of atheist marketing strategy — you've managed to make the religious right look more hip and witty than yourselves.

But a lot of Christians be like: "The Bible defines marriage as between a man and a woman." Bet y'all didn't know that women virgins were required to marry ...

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Argumentum Ad Populum

Seriously? I've seen ads for proctology exams that were more exciting than this. At least they had the good sense to forego the word “atheist”, ...

In Defence Of The New Atheism, And Their Occasional Useful Idiots

open bible

Photo: Stephen Fry left no one in any doubt about the low opinion he holds of the God he doesn't believe in.


Generation Atheist - Kindle edition by Dan Riley. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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... Wisconsin that reads, "Reason's Greetings" "Employing a stained-glass motif with holly."2 And in 11 states, billboards stating "Imagine No Religion.

'Atheist Nativity Scene' Placed on Courthouse Lawn

A friendly chat with an atheist – Hemant Mehta

China's official newspaper has warned Communist Party officials not to "pray to God” or


... Important Features of the Metaphysical Proof for God

In his book The Price of Monotheism, published in German in 2003, Jan Assmann argues that monotheism changes the shape of religion by construing the one god ...

... Atheism, Evidence, and the “God-of-the-Gaps”

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Just like the previous ad, which starts with the negative “don't”, this one is premised on replacing something (“faith”), ...

That's almost certainly a lowball, as they didn't estimate the cost of a number of subsidies, like local income and property tax ...

Atheist bus campaign

Understanding the Golden Rule/Religious and Cultural Origins of the Golden Rule - Wikiversity

Why is God Invisible?

Islam - A Born Again Christian's View

Atheism as the Repudiation of One's Family Values

July 20, 2017: China has launched a new crackdown on religion, warning the

involving the five natural senses and/or by presently known communication technology. The three main areas of pure and applied research in this are ESP ...

Muslims; offended by everything and ashamed of nothing! The Ugly Truth, Ban Islam

The Olympian, Atheist sign, Christmas tree installed at Capitol ...

ISSN 2348-3156 (Print) International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research ISSN ...

A figure of Gayatri, from Europe, from around 25,000 BCE

The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

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10 Atheists Who Engage Religion Charitably

Anne Nicol Gaylor

If you read the Sharia laws of the Islamic religion, which is based on the

Any religion that says you must die if you don't believe-is a

Paul Tillich

How to Prove that God Doesn't Exist · Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

... I Need a Better Science/Religion Venn Diagram

Unabashed Atheist

Women Not Allowed to Speak During Lutheran Church Vote | Guest Contributor | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Karen Armstrong: Beyond fundamentalism - review of The Case for God

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Metro State Atheists Presents Sam Singleton, The Atheist Evangelist

"Going to church on Sunday doesn't make you a religious person any more than sleeping in the garage makes you an automobile."

This Flow Chart That Destroys Religion's Case Against Gay Marriage Is So Easy, Any Zealot Can Use It / Queerty

... Reason's Bunker: The One-Sidedness of the Modern Mind

You also don't believe in miracles

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Two men in living room arguing

Our Prison Ministries Are Too Small


I prefer this sentiment:

False Teacher Billy Graham

See also the general story about atheists in America. Our picture is on the latter story. My name is misspelled as Charmer Wren, rather than Chalmer Wren, ...

Trust no bitch Don't trust Islam Religion, Sharia Law, Wake Up,

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The case has its origins in changes made to Hungary's religion law, ...

Imagine no religion: Heretical disgust, anger and the symbolic purity of mind

"The Hatred Born on Sinai": Greg Johnson reviews Jan Assmann's Moses the Egyptian | Counter-Currents Publishing