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Hiking Mt Shasta via the Avalanche Gulch Trail Top Travel Tips

Hiking Mt Shasta via the Avalanche Gulch Trail Top Travel Tips


Photo from: https://www.timberlinetrails.com/ShastaApproach.html

Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta is a 14,180-foot volcanic peak in the northern part of California, only an hour or so from the Oregon border. Hiking to the summit is 11 miles ...

mount-shasta-avalanche-gulch. Climbing ...

We got hiking with the group around 11:00am from the Bunny Flat Trailhead, and it was pretty easy-going to our base camp.

Mount Shasta 14,179

Overview of the Avalanche Gulch route up Mount Shasta

... Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - Late Spring / Early Summer - Photo by Tim ...

Misery Hill

The Thumb as we traverse the top of Red Banks

The Team on our way back down from the summit of Mount Shasta

Josh arrives at Helen Lake

Climbing Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch | Mount Shasta – June 2013

Moosefish near 50/50 Camp

Hiking Mt Shasta via Avalanche Gulch (4k)

Taking a break at the top of Red Banks

Avalanche Gulch. Climbing ...

Shasta Summit Climb – Expedition style (3 days) via Avalanche Gulch. Basecamp Mt. Shasta

... Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - Late Season - Not a good time to climb

... Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - View from Bunny Flat - Photo by Tim Corcoran ...

Due to the extreme mass of climbers going up the mountain, the climbing up avalanche gulch was like ascending a very long staircase of steps crafted from ...

My partner and I have done a lot of hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, and general adventuring, but as we set our sights on climbing Mt. Shasta, ...

The beginning of the Summit Trail from Horse Camp

... Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - View from I5 - Photo by Tim Corcoran ...

Misery Hill. At the summit of Mt Shasta

Shadow of Mt Shasta at sunrise from Avalanche Gulch

Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - Aerial View ...

The Bunny Flats Trailhead leads to Horse Camp, Helen Lake and Avalanche Gulch.

At the summit of Mt Shasta

Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gulch - June 2018

Mount Shasta Climb – South Face

Summit approach, Mount Shasta

Climbing Avalanche Gulch on Mt. Shasta, 1-2 July 2017

Climbing Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch | About half way up Avalanche Gulch, view up, with Red Banks chimneys .

Our rest at the top of Red Banks

Climbing Mt. Shasta: Avalanche Gulch An Ascent: David E Cressman, Timothy S Keating, James "JB" Brown: 9781468116854: Amazon.com: Books

Mount Shasta: A peak for Muir, mystics and mountaineers

In ...

I have no idea why this route is sometimes described as an "easy" route. Its steepest sections are as steep as Avalanche Gulch, and it is a much longer ...

Mt.Shasta Avalanche Gulch Climb

You walk straight up on snow. Unless you are as irresponsible as me, you need crampons. There are snowstorms even in the summer (again, it is 1,000 kms ...

mount+shasta+climbing+routes+map | Avalanche Gulch is the large snow-filled bowl at center

Climbing Mt Shasta Facts:

Mount Shasta from Highway 5

Made it to Helen Lake

That Saturday almost felt too easy, in my opinion, and in reality we had only gone a couple miles and 2,000 ft. of gain... meaning that we would have about ...

Arriving at Horse Camp

Mount Shasta: A Guide to Climbing, Skiing, and Exploring California's Premier Mountain: Andy Selters, Michael Zanger: 9780899978666: Amazon.com: Books

Mt. Shasta Summit Climb via the Standard (John Muir) Route - aka "Avalanche Gulch"

Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch route - June 2017

Climbing Mt. Shasta: Route 1, Avalanche Gulch: Steve J. Lewis: 9781888740059: Amazon.com: Books

Mt. Shasta Book: Guide to Hiking, Climbing, Skiing & Exploring the Mtn & Surrounding Area (3rd Edition): Andy Selters, Michael Zanger: 0719609974048: ...

Mount Shasta

Trail Guide: Hiking to Mount Shasta's Horse Camp & Lake Helen (~6 miles / 3,500′ / 5-7 hours)

That Saturday almost felt too easy, in my opinion, and in reality we had only gone a couple miles and 2,000 ft. of gain... meaning that we would have about ...

Hiking Northern California: A Guide To The Region's Greatest Hiking Adventures (Regional Hiking Series) PDF. The Best of Mt Shasta

Not the best picture of the glissading , but the only one I could find.

Following the paved trail known as Olberman's Causeway

Summit Register

So we set up our tents and began to kick back and enjoy the Shasta views.

Ultimate Guide to Hiking Split Mountain - California Fourteener

If you did the chute, you need to find a way to cross Cascade Gulch where it is not too steep and traverse to the ridge. If you did the ridge, ...

Mount Shasta: Avalanche Gulch

Looking up at Mount Shasta from inside the lodge

Climbing Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch Mount Shasta, Climbing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing

Greg Cunningham Mt. Shasta summit plateau

Map of the eastern trails

Casaval Ridge

At high camp everybody experienced how erratic mountain weather can be. One moment it would be sunny and calm and the next moment teams would be battling ...

Mt. Shasta Backcountry

Your Complete Guide to Hiking White Mountain California 14er

On Mt. Shasta, Winter's Wrath Knows No Calendar

Mount Shasta rises above the Clear Creek Trail.

Mt. Shasta January 2019

The Avalanche Gulch route falls into the second category: sure, during the “high” season, when conditions are good, you'll see people on the trail; however, ...

Mount Shasta: Clear Creek Route

Mount Shasta summit register

Map of the southern trails

SMG is the original guide service on Mt. Shasta and we are on the mountain daily. We specialize in Mt. Shasta and the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Climb Mt. Shasta (via Avalanche Gulch)

Shasta Avalanche Gulch Gallery

Hiking California's Mount Shasta Region: A Guide to the Region's Greatest Hikes (Regional Hiking

Due to strong winds and low visibility all of the avalanche gulch climbing teams were forced to ...

Shasta Avalanche Gulch Gallery

... and i was fine without crampons, but, again, it all depends on how much snow/ice there is when you do it, and how much you care for surviving this hike.

Little library in the lodge

See What it's Like to Summit Mount Shasta via Avalanche Gulch - activenorcal.net

Horse Camp Trail - A relatively mundane trail to the Shasta Alpine Lodge, located at the mouth of Avalanche Gulch, just below treeline.

Alpine climbing Avalanche Gulch photo: M. Whitman

About the Guide

The Topo Map shows the Avalanche Gulch Route up Mt Shasta. The two red lines near the trailhead show the winter / spring route on the right (while the lower ...

Climbing Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch | Forest Service climbing ranger Jon Dove (right) of Mount Shasta .

Mt. Shasta alpine climb

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