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His weird fatherfigure Fandoms t

His weird fatherfigure Fandoms t


Best Goddamn father figure

They made them father figures to show how badly every father figure she has hurts her

Dean And Castiel, Sam Dean, Supernatural Destiel, Father Figure, Cockles, Superwholock

This fandom is so bored it isn't even funny anymore. I don't care how legitimate this post sounds, this isn't right.

Best genderswap ever Crying Tears, Homestuck Funny, Derp, Father Figure, Gender Swap

Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester - Jim Beaver, Jensen Ackles - Supernatural Funny You Can't Handle The Truth

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Part 3 - Father Figure - Tony and Peter

oh and don't forget about sammy

I swear this fandom is mental, but I love it anyways

Because Tony secretly wants to be a father-figure to Peter

40 Weird & Funny Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Monotonous Life

I don't ship wolfstar but I can see Harry doing this for remeus as an uncle and Sirius as his father figure

I don't know how to react but... Voltron Ships, Form

Motivations: For Friends, Family, lover, father figure, and some weird voice I guess.

don't starve wilson - Google Search

Some Rick and Morty facts, yo

I know I keep spamming these but these are too funny not to re-pin.

The squad's perfect father figure

And the best father figure award goes to Tony Stark.

Hank and his Dad tricks. Detective Connor has a father figure as an android!

Hahaha don't accept this but funny! Harry Potter Tumblr, Harry Potter Pin

Instagram post by Goal :- 27.5k by tonight!! • Jun 27, 2017 at 9:10am UTC

Image result for sirius black father figure headcanon

I wouldn't exactly consider Tony a father figure to Peter,but this is

My god Ford. and are we forgetting Stan's brass knuckles? Seriously Mabel, you'll be lucky to get a date.>>> they won't worry about her getting a boyfriend ...

totally true, Levi is a father figure who refuses to admit that and makes it hard for people to see potential by acting REALLY mean and cold

mom friend shiro, BUT LOOK AT THE WAY KEITH LOOKS AT SHIRO, though i'm still about klance < < < /:( why can't anyone just . Chillax and realize that when ...

How dare you give me these feels.

Michael is such a good father figure to his coworkers, especially Pam The Office Love

When you babysit one boy and tell him all your hair secrets but that means you have to babysit all his nerd friends -picture of Steve-

I don't ship it but this shit is too adorable to pass up!

"its probably a night vale thing " by far best tag

He is my favorite character Harry Potter Universal, Harry Potter World, Harry Potter Memes

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody :)

Team Dad

It was so funny when Draal told Jim Strickler and Babara "smushed faces" and Jim was like "I will make his death slow and painful!

Please Stop, Oppression, Things To Think About, Equality, Feminism, Thinking Of

1801 Best Fandom images in 2019 | Boku no hero academia, Comics, Funny things

Organization XIII - I see them as a big family with Zemnas as the father figure the older adult members as uncles; Xaldin, Xigbar, Vexen, Lexaeus, Saix, ...

Supernatural Funny - That awkward moment when the demon that killed your family is nicer than your own father. I forgot how fucking sad Dean's life is.

19 Times 'Hogwarts Logic' Tweets Made Us Wonder What Was Going On In J.K. Rowling's Head

Men are taught that women with low self esteem are easy targets. So as soon as their compliment is accepted they feel that they have to lower your self ...

Ahh omg will is my little blueberry muffin and no one can tell me otherwise

READ IT. Also the Dark Ages are called that on account of the fact that



Reyes is McCree's dad jeff kaplan confirmed 100% canon Overwatch Funny Comic, Overwatch Memes

X Men, Loki, Thor, Fangirl, Father Figure, Marvel Memes, Marvel

'Survivor's Remorse' didn't 'stick to sports' and that's what made it great

The felt tag on tumblr

I just can't help but wonder what would someone who doesn't know Tumblr think

Steve's now a father-figure? < < actually he is his dad cause Steve, Tony, and Peter are THE super family.

Linden Ashby: 'Teen Wolf' Father Figure

YES! And then not to make this sad or anything.. But really,

21 Tumblr Posts About Christmas That'll Tide You Over Until December 25th

Rhodey - Tony - Peter - Spiderman Homecoming Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc

Otp Prompts, Story Prompts, Start Writing, Writing Ideas, Writing Prompts, Story Plot Ideas, Imagine Your Otp, Funny Stories, Short Stories

From #FridayFrivolity - Happy Father's Day, Darth Vader - funny memes about Darth Vader as a Father figure. Darth Vader memes, Darth Vader Father memes

Kirby does his taxes Video Games Funny, Funny Games, Kirby Memes, Zelda,

No. What happened to him was horrible and the saddest part is that it was

Wow, I didn't know he replied to the hate. But still, that was a really stupid thing to do so anyone who said something bad about BamBam: The exit is over ...

Don't ship klance but I still thought this was funny < I ship Klance and I think it's funny

Ain't No Thing Like Me. — corinadraws: father figures dealing with.

Are the best father figure. < <

Hug my baby before he self destructs

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Wooooow...... You're so mean Cartman! You don't have to be poor to join nascar dummy XD

The last jedi kylo ren rey ben solo leia chewbacca

Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more

Woah I wasn't excepting that I saw the smile on dean's face and thought

it's over isn't it?

dr strange steve rogers tony stark peter parker superfamily stony dr stark Marvel Memes, Marvel

Shiro's Mistake by kimiezz < < I used to know what happiness was. and then I discovered fan art < < < THAT IS SCARILY ACCURATE fandom's area a dark place

Thanks dad

The Problematic Relationships Between Some YouTubers and Their Fans - VICE

He's a great teacher and a lot like a father figure. He has some funny one liners, that usually sound like something a dad might say.

Christine Nelson

This is how the entire fandom looks at John Winchester.

Happy Father's Day, Darth Vader - funny memes about Darth Vader as a Father figure. Darth Vader memes, Darth Vader Father memes

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson TWO FANDOMS IN ONE COMIC BRB DYING!!!

Found on

My sister told me to edit this description, so here I am. Poor Iggy, he can' t swim!

Captain James T. Kirk in 2263

Everything but Veneziano (I feel like it was more like Lovi...)

17 Tumblr Reactions To “Captain America: Civil War” That Will Make You LOL -- Sam and T'challa

Alois Trancy, Claude Faustus, black butler funny// I laughed so hard at this and I was in my history class and the teacher didn't even bother to ask what I ...

This is an actual thing guys I tried it with their names separately and it didn't pull up I'm sobbing I'm shaking what a time to be alive.

Awww - MUCH better use for this attack Undertale Comic Funny, Sans X Frisk,

swiper ain't swiping no mo


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I can't stop seeing the tears in Peter's eyes in the last panel as his pupils and he just looks really wall eyed and weird 🤣

19 Times Tumblr Nailed What It Was Like To Be In Ravenclaw


The Marvel fandom wouldn't survive without them

Sirius takes Muggle Studies and finds his motorbike.