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I KNOW rants and rambles t

I KNOW rants and rambles t


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Funny though as I have given up before and it sucks, it makes things worse and it puts me farther behind from my goal. I have fought everyday to push ...

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... revealed in one tiny phrase: 'she never kissed a grown man before an's she might as well kiss a nigger. She says what her papa do to her don't count.'

English is in Terminal Decline…. Again!

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Not the best either but I've definitely seen worse. for what its worth it's obvious someone put love into it. Even if that love didn't amount to something ...

Luckily, I like to follow the crowd. I wasn't going to say anything on this topic because people funnier and quicker than ...

Ramble Rants | Montetsus and Pokemon Breeding

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I'm a huge tennis fan and one of my favourite tournaments on the ATP World Tour is Wimbledon. There is nothing quite like this tournament, I don't know if ...

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Idk who slick woods is but can she get her black ass up off that floor and at this woman feet. We got enough pics like this.

10 Random Facts you Didn't Know About Me!

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To Kill a Mockingbird – Characters, Themes, and Motifs

Analysis of 'Upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth

Nearly there · Sexist Crap · Lack of a 'No' isn't a 'Yes' ...

Behind your seemingly wise façade you are just a pathetic hypocrite who don' t have the strength of character to stick to your moral when the going gets hard ...

Scuba's Weekly Rambles & Rants #21 - TotalBiscuit

Amazon.com: Walking with Basho: Poems, Rambles, and Rants (9781491726235): Jerry Lagadec: Books

Let's Get Ready To Ramble |RANTS|

Yeah, I have to admit it, I'm not nuts about either candidate. (There was another LOLebrity, but that didn't fit the theme I'm goin' with here, ...

Hopkins said that 'The Windhover' was 'the best thing I ever wrote'. We should first get the feel of the poem by reading it more than once silently and then ...

Rants and Rambles


Rambles and Rants

Rumors hurt. They start with someone uttering a simple sentence of false accusations. Then they spread like wildfire throughout a social group.



Now, don't take issue with the fact that it's only Tuesday today, OK? I know that but I usually rant or ramble on Friday. I like consistency – order in my ...

Weather wise it hasn't been much of a Summer. Too much rain and too cool. Life speeds by. Life speeds by and the rants, rambles, ...

So Many Diets, So Little Time

(I would like to apologize in advance for not going into full detail on all of my matches as I just wrote down the names of my opponents, their deck and my ...

Blame on the slacking security by the Field Defense Squadron(FDS a.k.a 608 Sqn) for allowing that to happen (Whoops, I shouldn't have this written down but ...

Let's hope these two guys won't oversleep. As for me, I have already made plan to rest my head in the six hours long ride.

Random little thing that might better explain the depression part?

Fun Fact: I'm not your Boyfriend/Girlfriend! [Rant Ramble] | Undertale Amino

The weather was nice yesterday. It should be nice today as well. There is rain called for but probably not until later this afternoon. I hope ...

And no, we haven't gone into the pig farming business! They belong to friends of ours that live “near by”. Ish. Their 2 pigs had 19 piglets between them!


I had a most uneventful New Year's Eve celebration. Actually I didn't even celebrate. I was in bed and asleep before eleven.

I don't think anything is starting at Rum Renaissance until three this afternoon but I am going to head over to the convention center and check it out.

Rants and rambles and everything else ;)

Scuba's Weekly Rambles & Rants #23 - The EU Wants Our Memes!

If you don't know already, I'm a huge fan of T-ara. Yes, I love these girls like a lot. I have all of their albums and they are my favourite girl group ...

On grief, loss, friendship and hearts that can't be unbroken. | rants, raves, and rambles

I swear I didn't wake up this morning thinking this was going to be a bitchy day. I didn't roll out of bed, snarl and crack my knuckles, ready to rumble.

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....for the friends who don't understand why we would move "way back and beyond" to Bath Co Virginia.

Joe Dowling, who directed productions of 'Philadelphia Here I Come!' at the Abbey and Gaeity Theatres has said that the play deals primarily, ...

And no, we haven't gone into the pig farming business! They belong to friends of ours that live “near by”. Ish. Their 2 pigs had 19 piglets between them!


Thing's You Don't Know About Me / Q&A / My Random Rambles

....for the friends who don't understand why we would move "way back and beyond" to Bath Co Virginia.

White House: Violence in Video Games [Unscripted Rant and Ramble]

While we waiting for our time to arrive, we propped comfortably on their facilities. After excusing himself to the loo, I thought he wouldn't come back as ...

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... my evidence for this incident is gone although you can clearly see how triggered these users get when caught out. Don't be a smartass and use " I just ...

Ready to descend the 756 steps!

It's really a shame that we didn't plan properly for your birthday. Please pardon us for the crumminess and disorganized outing. Yes, I admit it was my ...

Are Westies Good Family Dogs?


I managed to make two pans of lasagna. I turned on the Christmas lights on the house that we didn't get around to removing last season, and called it good.

Valentine Ramble, Valentine's Day Rant, hand lettered valentines day card, handmade valentine, you make me so happy card, be my valentine

2017/08/03 09:45 It is Thursday and that means there is a new episode of Khan Tiki Mon's Bar and Lounge available for your viewing delight.


So what's it going to be for you? The thing you will most regret, lying on your deathbed, breathing your last? Will it be the trips you didn't take, ...

Amazing 90-Second Video Proves People Don't Always Suck

Commentary on 'Pied Beauty' by Hopkins


The pumpkin was left totally unscathed by the Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopard was not interested at all in the pumpkin. I suggested playing a recording of a ...

Doesn't anyone else but me remember practicing standing on their head with the aid of a kitchen chair?

Rants and rambles and everything else ;): KPOP: T-ARA's COMEBACK TEASER PICTURES!

'We can't possibly have a summer love. So many people have tried that the name's become proverbial. Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring, ...

I can't wait for it to be over.

Compared with my half-centurian dad, I have not even live a quarter of century, not until two to three years time!! No mockery involved.

He shouldn't have let his personal shortcoming affects the workability of our whole plan as a whole. Seriously, there's an indispensable need for Jasper to ...

You life your life in a free form, artistic style. You are incredibly creative and at times, quite messy. Deep down, you are a kid at heart. And you aren't ...

Old Hay is Old Gold…

If you ain't laughing I guess something's wrong with your funny bone.

I don't really know what to post here actually.. I guess I could just share with you guys what's happening so far.

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I hope he doesn't get TOO comfy bout winning. This is just the tip of the iceberg, Nole. You got Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open. G'luck.

(Rant and Life update book 4)

If you don't know who they are, well you better do now. :) They are Dal Shabet and though they are no veterans in the music industry, they are pretty ...

Rambles, Rant, Dogs Barking and a New Pipe

Rant kinda turned into ramble, but that's what you get for a first post.

The Etymology of 'Maiden Street' in Newcastle West