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If you are having issues with moisture retention post cleansing then

If you are having issues with moisture retention post cleansing then


If you are having issues with moisture retention post cleansing then an oil rinse may prove beneficial for your hair. After a sh…

-5 tablespoons of chopped parsley -1 liter of hot water Infuse parsley for 20 minutes then filtered the tea. You can sweeten it with honey but after it ...



coffee enema

colon detoxification

4. Get As Much Sleep As Possible: Sleep is super critical to the healing and detoxification pathways. I recommend sleeping 10-12 hours during the healing ...


Chlorine in water carries a cancer risk

differences between dry and dehydrated skin

Sip on water throughout your day to help reduce the gas that causes you to feel bloated.

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22 Amazing Benefits Of Water For Skin, Hair And Health

If you are having issues with moisture retention post cleansing then an oil rinse may prove

Your Keurig coffee maker isn't any more likely to have mold issues than any


I have been a very good girl when it comes to making my morning and nighttime rituals a thing to stay. I wash my face each time (with the facial cleanser I ...

How Cortisol Can Cause Water Retention

People with prosiasis suffer often debilitating rashes made up of itchy, scaly plaques on their skin. from shutterstock.com


People have a LOT of opinions about juice cleanses.

Salt for a salt water flush
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You let water come into contact with your lenses or their storage case.

This is Why You're Peeing 20 Times A Day and What You Can Do About it - Better By Dr. Brooke

Where do I do it?

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10 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut—and How to Heal It

16 Things You Need to Know About Water Weight

Fingers can become "pruney" after a long bath or swimming.

Water retention,Causes of water retention,Symptoms of water retention

Wash When You Want

You don't peek at your poop

Well, this certainly is not a post I ever thought I'd write. Ever.

If you are someone who struggles with enlarged pores or persistent congestion then this could be such a helpful product. It has a light, almost whipped ...

How is dry fasting more effective for weight loss than water fasting or other body cleansing plans? When you ...

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Drinking alcohol: What effect does drinking have on the body

Just getting started with alternative orthodontic treatment? Check out this Invisalign checklist to make sure

What is water retention?

What's to know about water retention? Water retention can cause stiff joints, skin discoloration, and weight gain. Buildup of water in the body can make a ...

sage smudge stick

get rid water retention


Some of the best functional beverages to include in a fasting cleanse include fermented whey, coconut water kefir, apple cider vinegar, & kombucha.

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14 Water Secrets: The Truth About Water, Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis, and More!

Enema kit – You can purchase a stainless-steel enema bucket or a clear enema bag with medical grade silicone enema tubing. Popular enema kits include ...

Thumbnail for Gulp: Dry and dehydrated skin aren't the same thing after all

getting rid of water weight


Sauna Exposed: What Happens To Your Body After Using A Sauna - The Renegade Pharmacist

They were amazed to find the caffeine was absorbed though the portal system to the bile, which caused the liver ducts to open and then release accumulated ...

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Salt Water: The salt-water flush has been used for centuries to improve bowel motility. Simple take a 1 tsp of salt in 2-4 oz of water and swallow it down.

Before you flush next time, ask yourself: Is my poop normal or not? Do I have healthy poop? In order to answer these questions, you first have to understand ...

Being in the sea can be a meditative experience. Jonny Clow/Unsplash, CC BY

post-drying valve

do i need to pee after sex

In celebration of World Water Day here are our top tips for hoteliers looking to reduce their water consumption and address water issues responsibly

Good tools can be quite an investment, but if you take good care of them, they'll return the favor. Keeping your tools properly stored, cleaned, ...

You're big on bleach

Ways to Lose Water Weight

Doctors used to prescribe patients go to the seaside to improve health. Johnny Chau/Unsplash

How to Get Rid of Bloat Fast, and for Good

Graph showing the amount of water in a volume of air to produce 100% and

Learn the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning including hundreds of helpful comments. If you ...

I thought spots were something you grew out of, I'd never had perfect skin but in truth, my 'bad skin days' were just the odd pimple, white head or a result ...

You can train yourself to pee less often — and 8 other surprising facts about urine

If diarrhea is a persistent problem, IBS may be to blame (3). Weight loss might be another side effect that results in individuals who have diarrhea ...


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Gallery - Postpartum image

Cleaning gold and silver jewelry. Cleaning women jewelry concept.

water retention symptoms

Stop at 4 Tbsp per enema–this amount is quite strong, especially if you are using the special enema coffee.

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Easy 48 Hour Water Fast Tips: Before and After

You've been crying

First wash your hands at the sink- as you would when changing a tampon. You can then take a small bottle of water into the toilet cubicle with you.

enema coffee