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Intense Torus Light Protection from dark forces their technologies

Intense Torus Light Protection from dark forces their technologies


... my physical body - alive or dead - to be given its own self sustaining, self balancing Toroidal plasmatic sphere of my I AM's essence and Divine Name."

Intense Torus Light Protection from dark forces - their technologies and negative effects

And I also feel that a Rainbow Vortex is a very effective Tool to Surround yourself with it, as an add to the Torus Plasmatic Sphere.

All Goddess Vortices create a network of Light on the etheric and astral planes which produces a morphogenetic field of Oneness that serves as an instrument ...

There is some information about that Vortex.

The Torus is the Fundamental Pattern of Life energy

Intense Torus Light Protection from dark forces - their technologies and negative effects - ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯

Again, if more awareness is present about what is really going on, the Light forces will be more effective in protecting us and removing those negative ...

This video demonstrates the Golden Mean vacuum of a Tube Torus field that envolopes all of Creation with the heart beat of the Cosmos. (WOW - Beautiful!)

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"The Torus is the most fundamental dynamic in The Universe and also (we believe) the shape of the universe.

Earth Torus. Toroidal field. Electromagnetic field.

The Morphogenic Field is a term we use to describe the field of energy around the

Torus: A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. Energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, ...

Our Mission

The Scientific Case for Computing in Europe 2018 - 2026 by Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe - issuu

Vibrational Manifestation - 7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is themindunleashed.

The Torus World

By Sandra Walter, Beloved Light Tribe,In Divine Service, I offer you this detailed overview of the Tube Torus and Ascension column;

Construction of a torus (left) by connecting the two ends of a cylinder that

APPLE SHAPED TORUS VORTEX (black hole of the human dna) “The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.”

We study the spin-orbital splitting of the angular momentum for nonparaxial electromagnetic fields.


Lodestone is the most magnetic and common type of natural magnet.

Characteristic disc structure from the simulation of a misaligned disc around a spinning black hole. Credit: K. Pounds et al.

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The superheated plasma inside the fusion reactor is twisted by magnetic fields. Credit: IPP, Matthias Otte

The solid black line represents a magnetic-induction field line winding helically around a torus. (The magnetic induction B in vacuum is given by B = μ0H, ...

The ARC conceptual design for a compact, high magnetic field fusion power plant. The design now incorporates innovations from the newly published research ...

Various modalities of toroidal geometry: A: Nested torus structure B: Torus trajectory (

Image of a dusty debris disk around the bright star Fomalhaut obtained by lead team member


Wendelstein 7-X, the first large-scale optimized stellarator, took 1.1 million

Small cutouts of the Flexible Thermal Protection System for NASA's Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator, or


The HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN has always recognized the indispensable importance and values of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, ...

Toroidal field coils 'wrapped around' the torus generate a toroidal magnetic field ...

Figure 34: ALMA observations revealed dense gas concentrations in the disk of AzTEC/COSMOS-1 and intense stars formation in those concentrations (image ...

'Laser fusion': Huge flash released more energy than the whole world was using | Daily Mail Online


(A) Torus as a dynamic model for the recreation (rebirth) of our

The supposed components of the electromagnetic cell structure and potential interactions with external forces and fields

Configuration of a shield designed to protect a superconducting coil against neutron radiation. The tungsten surface of the shield is inclined at an angle ...

CHIEFS Material

The Kepler Space Telescope monitored the light (photometry) coming from approximately 150,000 stars in the constellations of Cygnus, ...


Modulation of the synaptic connections of cell i. (a) Before modulation, the

Alfvén frequency continuum in a torus, showing coupled poloidal harmonics, and

Humans have a magnetic sensor in our eyes, but can we detect magnetic fields?

A tentative cosmological torus model for describing the re-bounce of the universe in a

Sparks fly at the moment of activation. Four million amps of current feed the megagauss generator system, hundreds of times the current of a typical ...

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Parasitoids and diseases of Erionota torus. Taxonomy adjusted from Noyes [141] and Yu

Light emission spectra from LED panels (a: white light for the torus PBR;

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The methodology for these national doughnuts is a work in progress, of course, but the indicators and data underlying them are improving year-on-year, ...

Figure 69: Composite image of the gravitational lens SDP.81 showing the distorted ALMA image of the more distant galaxy (red arcs) and the Hubble optical ...

Milestones in the history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the present day.

Xylem anatomy of branches of low-lignin hybrid poplar (sample 671-10)

Delft Lectures on Architectural Design by Thijs Asselbergs architectuurcentrale - issuu

Astronomers are of the opinion that if neither beam is aimed at Terra we just don't see it, if it is aimed somewhat close to Terra we see a quazar, ...

Maybe the title's “antigravity spaceship” aim is too high (it's a long way 'till there), but Tesla, followed by other scientists along the last century, ...

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tokamak-fusion. The Joint European Torus ...

Open AccessArticle Wireless Communication Technologies ...

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Figure 3: Toroidal hypersphere mediated morphogenesis of the integral cell. A: The nested

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Blue jack mackerel merge into a bait ball, a torus that confuses predators.

Fig. 14.—



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Rob Gives Sv A Space Habitat

Slide from the Foresight Vision Weekend 2018. Image by Robert McCall.

Wheeled out as 'experts' to support the film's arguments are Deepak Chopra and, erm, David Icke, among others. Gamble is keen on talking about “my research” ...

Figure 95: Schematic view of the FPA with the CCD array. Light from the telescopes comes from the right in this view. The electronics radiator on the left ...

Artist's conception of the interior of a Bernal sphere

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Twisted Logic

My artwork, based on Scott Lowther's blueprints. The "Front Towards Enemy" is my little joke. Runner-up joke was "Say Cheese And Wait For The Flash"


The shielding is non uniform but you get much more shielding for less mass than a standard torus type arrangement.

Figure 19: The new lighthouse model (a snapshot from Movie 1) and simulation results from the present research (inset on the right.

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Figure 1.9.