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It is no surprise that the dairy industry want to keep their gases

It is no surprise that the dairy industry want to keep their gases


“It is no surprise that the dairy industry want to keep their gases out of the act – they are the worst industry for avoiding responsibility for emissions.”

Why President Trump Hates Canadian Dairy — And Canada Insists On Protecting It

click to enlarge Mark Lussier with his calves on his Sheldon farm - MATTHEW THORSEN

A cow with methane-collection equipment on her back. Grass is a cheap way

10 Things I Wish All Americans Knew About the Meat and Dairy Industries

Tax meat and dairy to cut emissions and save lives, study urges

Dairy cows in front of a digester in an undated photograph.

Dirty business: The livestock farms polluting the UK

Chris Ryan walks dairy cow Ninja on Wellington Street as dairy farmers protest on Parliament Hill on Thursday, June 2, 2016 in Ottawa.

Dairy cows eat hay

Meat and dairy companies are set to overtake oil firms as the world's biggest polluters,

Yes, Peta, sometimes farmers are 'mean' to cows – in order to save them | Carrie Mess | Opinion | The Guardian

Dairy Industry Funds Research Saying Dairy Is Good; Researcher Denies Documented Ties | HuffPost

Dairy Cows Fact Sheet

Milked dry: Missouri's diminishing dairy industry at a crossroads

Consumers are buying more and more organic milk, but how much do they really know about how it is produced? We take a closer look.

10 Facts About the Dairy Industry that Will Shock You

Male calf just born and separated from his mother, waiting for the man who picks them up and takes them away. (Photo: Robert Grillo)

What is it like working on a New Zealand dairy farm?

How Trump's Immigration Crackdown Threatens to Choke Idaho's Dairy Industry

Dairy cows attached to milking machines, standing on concrete - Photo: Jo-Anne

1 in 6 Australians are choosing dairy-free!

VITA Nutrition page banner (2)

SWHELPER - Social Justice, Social Work, and Social Good | Social Work Helper, PBC

Video thumbnail for A Global Perspective on Dairy Sustainability

In trade war with Trump, Canada should stop defending the indefensible on dairy products

(Farm and Dairy photo)

... and community members who were disturbed after finding that schools were hosting representatives from the dairy and egg industries, touting their lesson ...

You can't escape the noise issuing from the dairy industry. Lower prices have hit them, and you may be wondering: should we feel sorry for them? Or is this ...

Price is a very powerful tool to manipulate our consumption decisions. The amount of money governments pay as a subsidy to keep the price of certain ...

A day without dairy is like a day without…well it's just plain boring! Lactose intolerance doesn't mean eliminating dairy from your diet, but it does mean ...

Yes, Peta, sometimes farmers are 'mean' to cows – in order to save them | Carrie Mess | Opinion | The Guardian

Newborn black and white dairy calf on the ground

Dairy cows in milking shed, standing on concrete

... lactating animals should have an opportunity to rest and regenerate mammary tissue between lactations. High producers also need a dry (non-lactating) ...

This calf licked my hand and wanted to suckle. They should be as playful as

Seemingly benign bovines

The world's biggest meat and dairy companies could surpass Exxon, Shell and BP as the world's biggest climate polluters within the next few decades. At a ...

Getting to New Zealand

click to enlarge Mark Lussier's milk checks from February 2018 (top) and October 1979. Base price

click to enlarge Chase Goodrich on his Salisbury farm - CALEB KENNA

Grass ...

click to enlarge Nordic Farms - CALEB KENNA


Feeding cows seaweed cuts 99% of greenhouse gas emissions from their burps, research finds | The Independent

2 ways to fix factory farming

As the oil and gas industry faces its long sunset, plans are already underway on

Days-old calf in slaughterhouse truck. "

Riparian management does improve water quality: the science behind the action - DairyNZ


Graphic of greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Organic or regular dairy farm? It's hard to tell the difference unless you know what the cows are fed. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurized Milk

The set- up keeps their sand bedding (and in turn their udders) clean and makes it ...

is dairy bad for you?

Cutting out dairy can have some positive and negative side effects. Guy Montag/Flickr

To Upson and many of the “new” dairy farmers, the key is sustainability. It's an old idea, but after a century of industrialization, it's reemerging as a ...

How a small dairy store from Ohio became one of the biggest names in the Japanese convenience store industry

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Avoiding meat and dairy is 'single biggest way' to reduce your impact on Earth | Environment | The Guardian

The most heartbreaking feature of today's hellish, industrial meat production systems is that none of the billions of animals who spend their entire lives ...

In a system where no cattle are slaughtered, but where cows need to have a calf on a regular basis to produce milk, the herd size will increase ...

Graeme McKenzie among his heifers at Colac Bay.

Westland Milk Products struggles to compete on payout, but margin is closing | Stuff.co.nz

... an order of magnitude less greenhouse gas emissions than what was required to produce this beef. (Photo: Marquand, Michael/the food passionates/Corbis)


There is subsidy provided by NABARD, it is called as Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme (DEDS), here 25% subsidy is provided if a person takes Rs. 6lakh ...

Access to data held in the Dairy Industry Good Animal Database can be formally requested through DairyNZ

Milk Cooling

Meat the real issue

Greenhouse gas pollution - Ben & Jerry's

5 Facts About Animal Agriculture and Air Pollution That You Just Can't Argue With - One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

A 900-cow dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, uses a methane digester, above.Steve Droter/Chesapeake Bay Program via Flickr

Darlington dairy owner James Winn turned to immigrant labor a few years after expanding his farm

New Zealand workplace

Ronnybrook's products, which include milk, butter, yogurt, drinkable

Processes in the food and agriculture system that lead to greenhouse gas emissions and population health outcomes (click for larger image). Friel S et al, ...

Figure 1: Estimated global greenhouse gas emission (GHG) targets

Because bobby calves don't deserve to ...

At issue are demands for growth in the meat and dairy industries.

A dairy cow standing in filth

A natural gas operation in Texas, with flaring underway. Credit: Spencer Platt/

Here's the truth about 'healthy' milk alternatives

Each cow has a number. The experts keep track of the cow's health from the head office.

Prelief 300 Caplets (Pack of 2)

What we put animals through in slaughterhouses is a disgrace – but it's just one part

Fair Oaks has opened itself up to the public to help consumers better understand where their food comes from. Half a million people visit Fair Oaks every ...