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JUST MY TYPE from K is for Black Typography t

JUST MY TYPE from K is for Black Typography t


I'm very font of you because you're just my type. Shirt by Words Brand via Society 6


Just My Type: A Book About Fonts: Amazon.co.uk: Simon Garfield: 8601200771954: Books

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Grilli Type is a little independent swiss type foundry you should definitely follow. Probably the most well known typefaces (and my favorites) are GT ...

The Anatomy of Type: Introduction to Typography #5 – Black & White Studios – Medium

BW in Light

Just My Type: Explorations in fonts, typographic styles, and other typographic miscellanies I


Unfortunately, you can't just take a picture with your phone, you have to use an actual scanner. I tried and failed miserably.

type anatomy A-Visual-Guide-to-the-Anatomy-of-

Black & White

Update: Congratulations to Serge (whose favourite font is Skitch). You've won a copy of 'Just My Type'!

... was around 2005) I fell in love with their typeface T-Star and since then it has been one of my favorites which I used in many of my personal projects.

Learn Typography

Stay You - Typography Quote #beautifultypography #artforwalls #artprintsquote Me Levantare, Quotes To

My style is black and expensive

Allhu Akbar | Arabic Calligraphy | black ans white Beautiful Calligraphy, Islamic Art Calligraphy,

Keep the Number of Fonts Used at a Minimum

Arabic Art, Arabic Words, Arabic Quotes, Beautiful Calligraphy, Arabic Calligraphy, Cultural

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts: Amazon.co.uk: Simon Garfield: 8601200771954: Books

art-deco-font monograms (cross-pinned on Just My Type) | Design- Graphics & fonts | Pinterest | Art deco font, Deco font and Fonts


50 gorgeously illustrated typography quotes to kickstart your creativity – Learn

Klim Type Foundry

Don't Lose Your Rag

Too tight; Just right. Image credit: Apple

Can you name the typefaces drawn on this gif?

So, when you reach the typographical stage of designing cover, be sure to boost the color and size contrast of your type to keep your type just as legible ...

Color fonts! WTF?

In 2011, I had the opportunity to give a talk at J and Beyond about typography on the web. It was a time when many type foundries had an increasing interest ...

... a couple more resources and type foundries with more variety of typefaces. The ones I list at the top are specifically the ones I always loved the most.


Design Principle 4: Typefaces and how to use them

Simon Garfield · Just My Type: ...

More amazing vintage typography print design Typography Love, Typo Logo, Typography Prints, Typography

Architecture, love the CAD perspective Art And Architecture, Amazing Architecture, Design Process,

Choose a different option from the Color Theme menu in the Appearance area. I like the retro soft gray, so I go with Light. Whew. So much easier on my aging ...

10 golden rules you should live by when combining fonts

nice retro type

Why Fonts Matter

Can you name the typefaces drawn on this gif?

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts: Amazon.co.uk: Simon Garfield: 8601200771954: Books

"Avatar's" commonplace Papyrus typeface. Credit Business Wire

Learn how multiple typefaces (also called fonts) can work well together in one project

20 design rules you should never break

Type Anatomy A-Visual-Guide-to-the-Anatomy-of-

You Are Just My Type

All caps text — meaning text with all the letters capitalized — is fine in contexts that don't involve reading (such as acronyms or logos), but it's better ...

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Even people with perfect vision experience eye fatigue from staring at white text on a black background for too long.

... Typography Free Fonts - Just My Type

... small type foundry called Heavyweight on the side as much as I could find out. I try to check back every now and then and see if there is something new.

De La Soul - Stakes Is High


The book traces different fonts through history, and reveals some scandalous (yes, typography can be a risky business) events that changed the face of some ...

How Typography Determines Readability: Serif vs. Sans Serif, and How To Combine Fonts.

The following comprehensive list of online typography tools will help you to establish a beautiful and user friendly type design for websites.

Don't Minimize Spacing Between Lines

Now, I know that a book about fonts might not rate highly on your 'must read' list – but I really did love 'Just My Type' and I think it's absolutely worth ...


Just My Type

the different types of fonts

Can you name the typefaces drawn on this gif?

Doyald Young

Basic font practice

Radim Pesko

Each comes with not only its own font style but also its own suite of background colors. Swap between those by tapping the color circle in the bottom left ...

Left: The text is too small to read on a small device without pinching and zooming. Right: The text is comfortable to read on a mobile screen.


This is the book I keep recommending to everyone remotely interested in typography and/or graphic design. It's also the one which sits on the higher levels ...

Gotham comes in eight weights (I own it in seven, hence the two red weights that either aren't available or aren't in my library), here's how desktop ...

Design Culture / Principles / Tone of Voice / Team Values / Design process — i will get into it in another article

Finding a font combination with a level of contrast that's “just right” isn' t a step-by-step process, but is usually the result of a mash-up of personal ...

How to be a Graphic Designer...2nd edition

Serif Typefaces

The Geometry of Type: The Anatomy of 100 Essential Typefaces

Why are weights important? They increase contrast across your design/web page/article. Contrast adds structure to the layout and helps to make the key ...


... you will have some difficulties getting the typefaces for your digital products since they only offer their fonts with a self-hosted license.

Get Free Demo @ https://www.typemates.com/fonts/meret-pro#try

Sans-serif types discard the feet (sans meaning without in Latin). The headings throughout this article are written in a sans-serif font.

The tool to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm.

A typography tool, type in the word you want to see and instantly view it set in the typefaces on your computer.

Copy style for practice


Just my TYPE - collection

05. Eighty Nine