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L103 Lapis peeking above the surface orcas t Killer

L103 Lapis peeking above the surface orcas t Killer


L103 Lapis peeking above the surface Fish Under The Sea, Save The Whales, Killer

Hysazu Photography Killer Whales, Orcas,

12 yr old L103 Lapis with her first known offspring, L123. PC to Mark. Killer Whales ...

L109 Takoda spy hops in front of sister L103 Lapis Photo by Melisa Pinnow Killer Whales

L103 Lapis tail slap

The always adorable J52 Photo by Gary Sutton Orcas, Beautiful Ocean, Killer Whales,

Mama and me: L123 with L103 Lapis Killer Whales, Orcas, Calves, British

J53 Kiki shows off her tail lobs | Hysazu Photography Orcas, Photography, Killer Whales

L79 Skana, 1989 - 2013 All Oceans, Dolphin Family, Apex Predator, Killer

Lapis L103 porpoising | by SanJuanOrcas

Orca Orcinus. Killer whale. Keep them wild. Pledge to

L103 Lapis with first known offspring L123. PC to Mark Malleson Killer Whales, Mammals

Image result for mama orca and calf Killer Whales, Orcas, Southern, Mom,

Newborn Orca 'Baby Boom' Depends Upon Our Breaching Deadbeat Dams

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Orcas, Delphine, Killer Whales, Ocean Creatures, Sea World, Fauna, Ocean

L57 Faith, born 1977, missing since November 2008 Vancouver Island, British Columbia,

L92 Crewser By Tasli Shaw Baleen Whales, Pilot Whale, Killer Whales, Underwater World

L121 Windsong being adorable

My favorite of the new Southern Residents, J50 Scarlet. She will be 2 in

A newborn transient orca swims next to its mother shortly before being attacked by an unrelated adult male orca. // Photo: Jared Towers

Wale, 9 Year Olds, Killer Whales, Orcas, Exotic Pets, Sea World

L87 Onyx Photo by Tasli Shaw Baleen Whales, Orcas, Save The Whales, Sea

J41 Eclipse pushes through the waves near Lime Kiln | Hysazu Photography Orcas, Favorite Things

J14 Samish Photo by Gary Sutton Dolphin Family, Save The Whales, Orcas, Killer

Suttles (J40) taking a look around while passing by Lime Kiln this past summer

Gary Sutton: One of my favourite little whales, J51 "Nova". I took this shot about a week ago as J pod was high speed ... Save The Whales · Killer Whales ...

Instagram post by Gary Sutton • May 11, 2015 at 4:21am UTC. Save The Whales · Killer Whales ...

Whale Watching Boat, Ocean Pictures, Killer Whales, Underwater World, Ocean Life,

Killer Whales, Otters, Dolphins, Sailors, Water, Orcas

INK361 - The Instagram web interface

Brown-eyed boy: J51 Nova Photo by Hysazu Photography Majestic Animals, Animals Beautiful

L118 Jade (2011) and big sister 103 Lapis (2003) By Monika Wieland · Killer Whales ...

Little Nova resting on mom Eclipse, July 2016. PC to Ken Balcomb Free Willy

Orca Killer Whale #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #18 Free Willy, Apple

killer whale board · [VIDEO] It is one thing to be a fly on the wall and witness

Killer Whale

Orcas, Have A Beautiful Day, Killer Whales, Your Heart, Sharks

"Aurora Orca" Killer Whale Painting by Karen Whitworth Coastal Home Decor Wall Art canvas

Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Orcas

J pod, one of the three Southern Resident killer whale groups, has recently spent time in the San Juan Islands. Photo: Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale ...

Images and videos of whales. Haie · Killer Whales ...

Be still my heart: K21 Cappuccino Ocean Life, Orcas, Beautiful Creatures, Animals

J32 Rhapsody, now gone for over a year. How this beautiful girl is missed

L95 Nigel, 1996 - 2016. Rest in peace, beautiful boy. Have A

L86 Surprise! PC to Tasli Shaw

Orca Marine Biology, Killer Whales, Sea World, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Creatures,

J50 Scarlet, May 2016 | Spirit of Orca photo Killer Whales, Orcas, Dolphins

Cappuccino Rises. Killer WhalesLife ...

Orca Wale Beobachten, Orcas, Killer Whales, Sea World, Ocean Life, Wild

False Killer Whale — Click on the image to see facts about this topic. Citelighter

L123 Lazuli next to his mom L103 Lapis | Barbara Bender photo Orcas, Whale,

J52 Sonic by Gary Sutton Killer Whales, Life Pics, Ocean

K27 Deadhead Photo by Monika Wieland Orcas, Life Pics, Salt Water Fish, Killer

L47 Marina surfaces next to grandson L122 Magic | Andrew Lees photo Southern

"If the Limbic part of the orca brain is doing what it should be doing

killer whale board · Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Scary Animals, Cute Animals, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful

whale blackfish killerwhale orca on Instagram

9 yr old J42 Echo surfaces | Gary Sutton photo Killer Whales, Orcas, Wild

John Boyd Photographs's photo.

This is Southern Resident Orca J2, nicknamed Granny. She is 102 years old.

L25 Ocean Sun, estimated year of birth 1928. breaches Sea Cow, Save The

Gary Sutton: Finally got to spend some time with the K14 family yesterday! I haven't seen them much this season ... Killer WhalesOrcasOcean ...

J40 T'ilem I'nges porpoises behind his great-grandmother, the late

The Center for Whale Research is dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population in the pacific northwest.

J41 Eclipse cuddles with her baby boy J51 Nova Killer Whales, Whale Watching, Orcas


Breach sequence of J32 Rhapsody Killer Whales, Orcas, Ocean Life, San Juan,

K34 Cali by Gary Sutton Baleen Whales, Killer Whales, Ocean Life, Marine Life

J26 Mike watches over his baby sister, J50 James Maya photo Orcas, Dolphin Family

Salanaa Eiyung Ayesis. Killer WhalesOrcasSea ...

Sonic seen with his mother in June. Photo: Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research

Killer whale chases a chinook salmon. Photo: John Durbin, Holly Fearnbach, Lance Barrett-Lennard

Twilight breach by J17 Princess Angeline Photo by Carol May Dolphin Family, Killer Whales,

Mammal mates: Killer whales are highly social, so working together in this manner should come as no surprise / Photo by Paul Nicklen

baby orca breaching by clint showtime rivers eagle wing tours Picture of the Day: Baby Orca Breaches Like a Boss

J53 Kiki on 9/14/16 | Monika Wieland photo

Video thumbnail for Native American tribe supports plan to give Miami Seaquarium orca new life

Instagram post by 🐳Mya🐋 • Jul 3, 2015 at 5:00am UTC. Killer Whales ...

... for Whale Research ...

Spirit of Orca Whale Watching & Wildlife Tours, Friday Harbor

Go Whale-Watching - Things to Do with Kids

Two-year-old J-52, known as Sonic, swims with his mother J-36, or Alki, on Sept. 15. This may have been the last day Sonic was seen alive.

L103 Lapis and L118 Jade

J27 Blackberry Photo by Gary Sutton Beautiful Ocean, Killer Whales, Ocean Life, Marine

2018-7-21 ...

J35 Tahlequah rising | Hysazu Photogrpahy Orcas, Favorite Things, Dolphins, Animals, Killer

Video thumbnail for Native American tribe joins cause to help free Lolita

Badass orca Sea Cow, Elephant Seal, Great White Shark, Killer Whales, Orcas

Three year-old male J47 Notch

L47 Marina (39 year-old female)

L-55 Nugget. Female, 38 years old. Mother of L-82

White Humpback Whale, Majestic Animals, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Creatures, Save The Whales, Killer Whales, Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Cute Animals

Help Save Killer Whales in Inukjuak, Quebec. - The Petition Site Polar Animals,

Four year-old female J46 Star

SAve the whales! Bathroom Art, Bathroom Ideas, Whale Illustration, Whale Print,

2018-7-21 ...

Fifteen year-old male J34 Doublestuf

... ?