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Millennial travellers are the talk of the town When asked what his

Millennial travellers are the talk of the town When asked what his


Millennial travellers are the talk of the town. When asked what his opinion was about millennial travellers, Mr Amish Desai said that a lot of millennial ...

Cruising is becoming a popular choice among millennials for vacation.

Millennial Travel Trends Paint Generation Y As Tech-Savvy Globe-Trotters

In ...

Footloose & Deluded: How the Millennial Obsession With Travelling is Ruining the World

The Millennial Traveller: Not all dogs need new tricks, says Walk Japan's Paul Christie

Get lost in Melbourne city's unique network of laneways. Nathan's is a New York institution

The Millennial Traveller: Not all dogs need new tricks, says Walk Japan's Paul Christie

Who writes your blog, manages your social media, consults on millennial matters? If they're more susceptible to views, reviews and advice from their peers, ...

The three-day ILTM China travel event in Shanghai helped to promote the development of

The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Millennials

Chloe Reuter, CEO of Reuter Communications, and co-founder of The Luxury Conversation, gives a talk during the ILTM China event in Shanghai.

Six ways hotels are targeting the millennial market (and benefiting us all)


Many customers come to us with questions & concerns about attracting younger travelers to their properties. It is a common misconception that millennials ...

Tokyo is a popular destination for prospective millennial travellers in 2019. Image: Rebecca Milner/Lonely Planet

Quebec City has come out on top in a new ranking of Canada's best cities for

Why millennials are important for hotels looking to increase direct bookings

Spain travel around the world. Interface Tourism Spain is

A man in a vest and baseball cap stands on the edge of a cliff taking

Marriott Hotel Mobile App Nixes Front Desks, Aimed At Millennial Travellers

New mobile services for Chinese travellers, such as souvenir shop recommendations, have been introduced by WeChat, the Chinese social media app owned by ...

How Millennials Are Affecting the Supply Chain

Malaysian hotels afraid to turn away social media influencers asking for free stay

Data shows millennials are living at home with their parents in record numbers

Millennial travelers Sherry Taylor and Kraig Amador

Almost every other week, there is an article about how hotels are trying to "embrace" the Millennial traveler. Basically, anyone born from the 1980s to the ...

Unapologetically pitched at millennial travellers, Hotel Jen and its lobby includes an excellent café (albeit with a clunky name), called Jen's Kitchen ...

When Google launched StreetView, the digital reality shifted immensely. Now anyone could pull up a visual of a specific street, immersing themselves in what ...

Ross and Hugo Turner, who are attempting to reach each of the world's poles of

Jessica Rapp

While their core customers did their travel research online, when it came time to book their trips, they preferred to talk to Wendy Wu's agents. Jeremy said ...

As millennials grow in terms of numbers, spending power and desire to travel, the tourism industry is shaping to cater to them. – Photo sggp.vn

Productively utilizing your spare time could help you do your best at work and advance your career.

Keys for Marketing to Millennials

The Millennial Traveller: An Interview with Unlisted Collection: Travel Weekly Asia

The so-called "solo" travelling market for all ages is booming - but

tourism marketing 11 Creative Ideas to Market Your Destination

This 28-year-old, who requested CBC Toronto not name him, said he is among "hidden homeless." (Oliver Walters/CBC)

Understanding How to Market Your Event to Millennials

The millennial migration—why thousands are turning Lisbon travel into a lifestyle · Real Talk

Where to stay in Tokyo for tourists and first time visitors | You Could Travel

millennial generation

Millenials and Global Mobility


Millennials who lack basic life and social skills: our next big issue to tackle

6 ways hotels are targeting millennial market (and benefiting us all) - Chicago Tribune

Decor in the guest rooms at Radisson RED is a far cry from traditional hotel beige. (Courtesy of Radisson RED)

Kane Xu, CEO of Ctrip Customized Travel

Bora Bora is the most popular destination for millennial travellers in 2019. Image by ekash/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Furthermore, customised tour travelers will be meticulous about the requirements of all aspects of their travel, such as appropriate flight duration, ...

What's ironic about this is that most Millennial travelers already choose to view video content on their laptops, tablets or even phones, where they can ...

Generation Y And Religion: Meet 3 Millennials Who Have Kept The Faith

American Express goes mobile-first with its new millennial-facing credit card | IT Business

Get lost in Melbourne city's unique network of laneways. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES



10 Ways to Make Friends with Local Students during Erasmus - Uniplaces Blog

Breaking News: It's Not Millennials Fault They Suck At Life

San Pedro Atitlan Guatemala

Local guides let you explore cities through their eyes… Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash

Millennials Put Off Travel Plans More Than Any Other Generation, A New Poll Says, But This Campaign Wants To Change That

Going Solo: The rise of solo travel and the art of going it alone - Independent.ie

The Rise Of Muslim Traveller Blogs

The latest addition to Cherry Creek North's collection of stylish boutique hotels, Moxy Denver is designed to appeal to millennial travelers.

FabHotels' #RechargeRefresh ad campaign targets millennial business travellers

Hilton is hoping to win back millennial travelers who have recently flocked to the short-


Catch Me At ZafigoX 2018, The 1st Event In Asia On Women & Travel

Izu Geo Trail | The Millennial Traveller | WIT

Walk Japan | Izu Geo Trail | WIT

6 (Non-Millennial) Solo Female Travelers Share Their Travel Wisdom

Best Actress Golden Horse Award winner, Zhou Dongyu

With DJs and Bunk Beds, U by Uniworld River Cruises Aim for Millennials

Izu Geo Trail | The Millennial Traveller | WIT

Golden Temple Kyoto Japan First Timers Guide

The 12 Types of Millennials That Exist in the American Workplace - TheStreet

This travel startup is billed as "a travel and discovery platform for black millennials"

Wendy O'Dea

Study: Millennials Are Divided Over Travel to 'Zika Countries'

The Butterfly Pea, Siem Reap

... and services run by non Muslim entities now catering for the Halal travel sector. This is happening in increments and 2018 is testament to this.

Millennial Evangelicals Diverge from Their Parents' Beliefs | The New Yorker

Study: Millennials Are Divided Over Travel to 'Zika Countries' - Condé Nast Traveler

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