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More on fluoride Toxins t

More on fluoride Toxins t


Fluorine compounds or fluorides are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances posing ...

The dangers of water fluoridation ...

To many in the new age community, this doesn't matter. They believe fluoride is instrumental in mind control because, they insist, it blocks the "third eye" ...

Former Rat Poison Fluoride

The “ ...

Fluoride in toothpaste isn't all that good for your teeth.

Dangerous side effects of SODIUM FLUORIDE (a neurotoxin and byproduct of industry that is treated as toxic waste and then dumped into our drinking water and ...

What is Fluoride Anyway?

Today's question addresses a contentious topic in the health arena: fluoride. It's in (most of) the tap water we use, (most of) the toothpastes with which ...

Some dentists and medical professionals have even said fluoridation of water isn't the best way to reduce tooth decay.


Fluoride Toxicity

Even scientists from the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a "chemical having substantial ...



20) The highest doses of fluoride ...

Why you don't need fluoride in your toothpaste! www.healthywithluba.com # fluoride #toothpaste #dentalhealth #cavities #toxins

The Toxic Truth About Fluoride and Its Health Dangers

We have always believed that bacteria cause oral problems but bacteria usually secrete an acid which keeps our mouth free from other toxins and the reason ...

13) Fluoridation's ...

A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important Than Ever | Fluoride | Nature

Doctors, scientists, & cancer survivors reveal closely guarded secrets the cancer industry doesn't want you to know. Learn how to prevent & beat cancer!

The Dangers of Water Fluoridation {And How to Protect Yourself}

The Fluoride tank can be added to the Whole House Filtration System for those who choose not to shower in Fluoridated water.

WHO data showing tooth decay trends in children, with and without water fluoridation.

Wendy's Favorite Water Filter to get toxins and fluoride out of your water! Don't drink tap water!

"Anti-fluoridationists" claim, without scientific evidence, that fluoride lowers IQ and. "

Let's just dispense with one of these right away. “Electronic smog” might as well be renamed “miasma.” Miasma theory, if you'll recall, was the idea that ...


Fluoride Toothpaste

Dentist Shelby mi talks about the various benefits of Fluoride The function of fluoride has been under argument through ages. Many findings state it's a ...

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... fluoride is more toxic than lead?

Ways to Avoid Fluoride Exposure Infographic

Repeating bad science on fluoride

A Deep Dive Into the Conspiracy Theory That Governments Are Controlling Us with Fluoride - VICE


Thyroid Deficiency Linked to Iodine Deficiency and Fluoridated Water

Fluoride: The Toxic Import From China Hidden in This Everyday Beverage

Last ...

18) The studies that launched fluoridation ...

8 Rates of cavities have declined by similar amounts in countries with and without fluoridation.

Fluoride bingo

Dean Burk, Ph.D., Chief Emeritus, U.S. National Cancer Institute (

SOURCE: From the Santa Rosa Junior college Campus Wide Information System

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste

Looking For More On Avoiding Society's Ubiquitous Toxins?

The authors point out that abundant research since the 1990s shows low dose systematic fluoride exposure adversely affects cognitive and behavioral ...


FDA Allows Toothpaste. >>>>>

Toxic burden can occur from the environment around you. Are you suffering from it?

Fluoride - Dr. Axe

In fact, there has been a sea change in attitudes towards water fluoridation. About 10 years ago, York University found that tooth decay in children across ...

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Getting a glass of tap water


toxins in our water

Water Fluoridation. "

Fluoride is a toxin that they didn't know how to get rid of so

Is Your Floss Toxic? How to Find and Use Safe Dental Floss

A controversial paper from 2014 continues to be shared as evidence that fluoride has "officially" been declared a neurotoxin; that's not how it works.

Two Major Legal Victories in Federal Court Case to End Water Fluoridation

PR master Edward Bernays also known as “The Father of Spin” created the PR campaign to sell fluoride to the nation as an additive “recommended by your ...

A fluoride content of 0.7 ppm is now considered best for dental health. A concentration that is above 4.0 ppm could be hazardous.

NZ ...

Fluoride in water. A medicine turned toxin

Dental fluorosis: 60% of the population has weakened enamel from excess exposure to fluoride

Fluoride is more toxic than lead

Anne-Lise Gotzsche's The Fluoride Question, Panacea or Poison? is an excellent survey of fluoridation. She was a medical journalist in London who ...


The Lawsuit That Could End Water Fluoridation in the US

A helicopter dumping fluoride onto crops as a pesticide / insecticide / funcigide

Of course, fluoride isn't the only issue. Since 2004, testing by water utilities has consistently found thousands of pollutants in the tap water we drink on ...

Update on the Movement Against Water Fluoridation

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How to Make Your Valentine's Day Healthy


Does your tap water contain fluoride? Use this link to see if your postcode is


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It is important to reduce your exposure to flouride and the other chemical toxins in typical tap water.