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Not all of us are going to hop on a longhaul flight to some faroff

Not all of us are going to hop on a longhaul flight to some faroff


4) Grab Empty Seats Before The Seatbelt Light Goes On

Improved air connectivity lets Indians explore distant destinations. Cheaper and direct flights promote long haul travel from India


Why supersonic air travel could boom in Asia

SAA plane being boarded at Cape Town International Airport

UK airline, EasyJet has begun taking delivery of its order of Airbus A321neos. The Neo will become the largest capacity aircraft the operation own, ...

British Airways American Airlines LHR

Girl taking pictures on a plane

British Airways pilot Mark Vanhoenacker advises passengers to follow the 10.30 rule on every flight

Creative Commons: Kossy

Why I Don't Mind Flying Ryanair, Europe's Most Hated Airline - One Mile at a Time

How to buy and redeem points for cheap Qantas & Cathay Business Class using Alaska Mileage Plan

Travelling to far off destinations is no longer difficult now and long-haul flights are gaining preference amongst Indians, it added.

If only all flights had this much room to spread out!


cheap flights

Far-off destinations like Rio are easier to fly to and get around with the

The shadow of the plane just before touchdown at Houston's busy George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Mark Vanhoenacker

The moving map, a short while before landing in Honolulu.

Flight under £75

In June we looked at how you could secure long-haul premium Business Class flat-bed seats on relatively short hops across the Asia Pacific region.

Airplane seats

Window Seat

sleeping plane

You might not want to summon that flight attendant by repeatedly pushing the call button,


Inside Norwegian's Boeing 737 Max 8

Solo travellers are a new normal, not an inconvenience. Photo: Getty Images

How to become a frequent first class flyer. Availing oneself of first-class flight requires resources not all of us ...

A Balinese temple set on the water

Why South American aviation scene is unrecognisable today from its recent past

cheap flights

Why Don't Airplanes Hover In The Sky And Let The Earth Pass Beneath Them? » Science ABC

... that they would like everyone lined up at the gate 30 minutes before departure but because they have 20 minute turnarounds the incoming aircraft won't ...

How far in advance should you book an international flight?

Booking a Long-Haul Flight

Head of policy at the Royal Aeronautical Society, Simon Whalley, confirmed that speeds can

... hop onto a long haul flight to these faraway spots for a truly life-changing vacation, and take your HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card for a seamless, ...

Easyjet A321neo

Cathay's lucrative cargo business in recent years has rescued it from the deep end amid soaring losses. Photo: Fung Chang

Jetstar Cabin 1

13. '

Image: Eviation's Alice

Do what works, but don't resort to this. Photo by Ma1974


It's easy to let looming jetlag make you imagine that you're going to feel

Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200LR

On the way back, we didn't need to stop in the NZ or OZ capital cities again. The best flights we found were from Cairns to Melbourne domestically, ...


Couple snorkelling together in a tropical location. Long haul flights ...

Buying Alaska miles is a great way to fly Cathay Pacific Business Class

St Maartin Beach Airport

SAA glitch on Business class flights between Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi.

Comfortable reclining plane seat

You'll find a huge list of low-cost airlines down to specific countries here. If you're going to a specific country, it's worth checking so you know all ...

The best suitcases and travel bags to jet away with all year-round

Easyjet A321neo aisle

Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights Travel Info, Travel Packing, Budget Travel,

While getting lost in a faraway land is romantic and adventurous, flying more than 8 hours to that said land is not.

A flight attendant answers the 20 questions you've always wanted to ask | Stuff.co.nz

Flight attendants on a Germanwings flight

Best for: Those who live for exploring different time zones, get a kick out of traveling thousands of feet in the sky, and don't mind a little jet lag.

Father holding baby on a plane

Annette was a flight attendant for 13 years.

Essential Items For An International Flight - What You'll Need Onboard The Aircraft

About Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Fundamentals of flying Banner.jpg

A boy catching a ball

... so you don't suffer with the pressure change. Yawning, as well as exhaling through your nostrils while keeping them gently pinched, will help your ears ...

Photo: Alamy; Handheld fire extinguishers are provided on aircrafts for manual firefighting. An easyJet crew member takes

PS – Bless your heart if you do fly with kids. I know lots of parents who do, but you obviously have a few more steps then if you are solo.

Most commercial flights fly at 38,000 feet, above the Class B maximum height and there

3 March 2016: Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa flew SAA Economy class between Cape Town and Johannesburg yesterday, in stark contrast to the extravagant and ...

SAA Voyager miles can be used to redeem Mango Airlines flights

And the answers are…

SAA nosewheel incident

Airport Musings

Stansted Terminal Building

Annoying kid on a plane

Find out about legroom, power sockets and more plane stats on Routehappy

Viator ...

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being sad because your friends and family don't support you

A little time, a little money, a little courage Some time ...

It's no surprise, then, that entering the aircraft weight into the flight computers is one of our most critical and rigorously scripted pre-flight ...

Doesn't that look refreshing?