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Now THIS is How You Hunt for Aurorae astrophotos Astronomy

Now THIS is How You Hunt for Aurorae astrophotos Astronomy


A complete beginner's guide to night photography

... Ettrick while out aurora hunting. Loch frozen over with ice holes. #lochettrick #astro #astrophotography #landscape #landscapephotography #ice #snow ...

Milky Way Rising at Dino Park

Now THIS is How You Hunt for Aurorae

When photographing the night sky, use a heavy tripod with a locking ball head to keep the camera as still as possible during the exposure. (Henry Xie)

Astrophotography Tips: Post-Production

Astrophotography Tips: Set ISO to Minimize Noise

Astrophotography Tips Featured

How to Convert a 2D Astro Photo to 3D

Scandinavia is the perfect location if you want to combine your stargazing with some Aurora Borealis

Ever wondered how to take pictures of stars? Maybe you don't know what gear you need, or what camera settings are best for night sky photography.

Allscapes Photography Astrophotography Milky Way, Landscapes, Aurora Borealis, Landmarks and More

Photo: Mia Stalnåcke

Introduction to Astrophotography Night Photography, Amazing Photography, Photography Tips, Black Panther, Photo

What should you look for when choosing a modified astrophotography camera? We have a few recommendations and suggestions for you. As the old saying goes, ...

Here's another picture taken the previous night (on Flickr here).

What would you do to take the perfect astrophoto? Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year

A ...

NIKON D700 + 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, ISO 2500, 30/1, f/2.8

Deep-Sky Image Processing

Photo: Mia Stalnåcke

Mia Stalnacke Aurora

Landscape Astrophotography shouldn't be too hard an endeavor for anyone to pull off and the editing should be just as easy. I hope that this guide gave you ...

Last night I saw northern lights for the first time. They were quite strong and


Photo: Mia Stalnåcke

Astronomy Photography of the Year shortlist Namibia photo. '

Astrophotography hot spots

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY 101: How to shoot astrophotos in light-polluted areas?

Image Quality

Photograph the night sky with a Nikon

How to spot a fake astro photo

Astrophotography Location Guide - 10 Great Places to Visit for Astrophotography

NIKON D3S + 24mm f/1.4 @ 24mm, ISO 1600, 20 seconds, f/1.4

Sony RX100 Series Astrophotography Review

How to Reduce Digital Noise in Astrophotography Using Exposure Stacking - night photo with Milky Way

Giraffes by Starlight

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018 shortlist revealed: Digital Photography Review

Hunting Island South Carolina makes for great astrophotography due to its low light pollution and great

Astrophotography Tips: Use Foreground

The Milky Way stretching from Mt. Rainier to Mt. St. Helens in Washington

Astrophotography Night Shoot. Clear evening sky, perfect for star photos.

Getting Started

Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

The IMAGE satellite could have been trying to make contact with the ground for over a decade.

Orion the Hunter !

Why I'm Switching to a Mono Astrophotography Camera

The Northern Lights - A Night To Remember | Astrophotography

How To Photograph The Northern Lights

Sunderland Noctilucent Cloud Display © Matt Robinson, runner up, Skyscapes, Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015

Tutorial: Stacked Astrophotography Panoramas

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Announced - Universe Today

Sony a7III and Meade 70mm

Astrophotography Night Shoot. Clear evening sky, perfect for star photos.

Aurora photography

How the Calculator Works

Aurora in Norway. Beautiful Sky, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Norway,

Astrophotography Tips: Star Trails & Setting Exposure

Yes, you can see the Milky Way

Incredible Astrophoto: The Milky Way and Mt. Fuji as a 'Galactic Volcano'

The Amazing Sky

Great Triangle in Winter and Milky Way, Auriga, Taurus (includes Orion Nebula and Rosette Nebula) over Mt. Fuji

A Few Tips on Astrophotography and How to Capture Stars at Night | Fstoppers

Milky Way Nikon D850

Yes, you can see the Milky Way

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah, USA Milky Way Photography, Astronomy Photography, Photography

Astrophotography Contest. “

Wide Field Astro-Imaging is the easiest way to get started in capturing portions of the night sky, and if you're traveling, the gear is lighter than you ...

On my 2016 roadtrip, I was able to capture some stunning Milky Way photos with the Sigma!

8 Things I Learned About Astrophotography in 2015

When galaxies strip for each other

Astrophotography loves color. Don't be afraid to increase, and manipulate saturation and hues in your post-processing workflow.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018 aurorae winner ...

... before shoot time, so I begin to set up the time-lapse. By this stage the sky is almost totally clear, so I'm quite relieved and excited about getting ...

NIKON D4 @ 28mm, ISO 1600, 15 seconds, f/2.0

The Milky Way and stars reflected in a lake, with trees on the horizon,

Galway Astronomy Festival 2019

aurora from the Netherlands

In this post we are going to look at how to take a photo of the

How to do Fast Astrophotography, 10 of My Secrets! • PhotographingSpace.com

The Aurora Australis, Wanaka, New Zealand

NiSi Natural Night Filter - Photograph the Night Sky in its True Colours - Alex Conu Photography

Southern Lights in Tasmania Featured

Best Astrophotography

milky way widefield with Nikkor 50mm F1.8

Berg Lake Aurora

irius (lower center) rules the anthropocene night. Credit: Alan Dyer

Astrophotography hot spots