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Oxbridge uncovered More elitist than we thought England

Oxbridge uncovered More elitist than we thought England


Oxbridge uncovered: More elitist than we thought. UK Top News

Oxbridge uncovered: More elitist than we thought

Nationally about 31% of people are in the top two social income groups. They are the doctors, the lawyers, the senior managers.

Oxbridge uncovered More elitist than we thought

Seven years have changed nothing at Oxbridge. In fact, diversity is even worse | David Lammy | Opinion | The Guardian

It's not something that happens where I'm from" says Max as he prepares to go to Cambridge University

Unis up support for scheme to increase black applicants

Students with Target Oxbridge

Mansfield College

Photos of Cambridge students in gowns

... not just the few BBC News - Oxbridge uncovered: More elitist than we thought http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-41664459 …pic.twitter.com/YWifMbyAZH

Oxford graduates


Stormzy at Oxford ACS

Image caption The college was not formally part of Oxford University until 1955


State schools believe Oxbridge is too elitist to accept their pupils

Photo of students from Cambridge University

Oxbridge 'failing to address diversity', David Lammy says | Education | The Guardian

Eton College

Oxford undergraduates must wear a sleeveless commoners' gown over formal clothes for official occasions such


When we think of elite ...

Twigg/ St Peter's

Chapel stained-glass windows

clegg and cameron

Eton College in Berkshire lists David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg among

An Oxford University student arrive at the Exam Schools building

Oxbridge owns a huge amount of land. But that's the tip of the iceberg | Opinion | The Guardian

Oxford accused of 'social apartheid' as colleges admit no black students | Education | The Guardian

Lammy accused the two elite universities of 'social apartheid' and said: " Oxbridge take over £800m a year from the taxpayer – paid for by people in every ...


Stephen Kinnock MP

St Paul's for Boys also ranked in the top eight, sending 53 to Oxbridge last

The Cambridge Analytica scandal: an elitist delusion

A motion passed by the student union at Oxford University, pictured, suggests that female

David Lammy

Brothers of football stars robbed at cafe

Stephen Twigg/ St Peter's

Shock: Oxford crew members gape in disbelief after Trenton Oldfield dives beneath their oars and

St John's College at Cambridge University is looking into claims of disgraceful behaviour taking place during the meetings

An establishment acrostic

Cambridge was more unapologetic, with a spokesman saying that admission was based on academic standards alone. He said: "'The greatest barrier to ...

Croydon Road, Penge

Fewer disadvantaged students are going on to university, new figures show

Twitter row as more people apply for Love Island than Oxbridge | Daily Mail Online


BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker sparked a huge row on Twitter after statistics emerged that more

Female graduates walk through Oxford

50p commemorative coins

The Bullingdon Club - The University of Oxford

Is Oxbridge elitist? The British Government has put universities on notice: they either take in more students from state schools or face penalties.

Seven years have changed nothing at Oxbridge. In fact, diversity is even worse | David Lammy | Opinion | The Guardian

Summer of love: Around 85,000 people tried to be part of the ITV2 dating show

Magdalen College, Oxford

Judges were found to be the group with the most educational advantage

The famous Quad and clock tower at Eton, where 60 to 100 students are sent

Bullingdon Club: The secrets of Oxford University's elite society | The Week UK

Writer Philip Norman had always wanted to attend university, but admits it didn't

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Cambridge University

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Patricia Daley

A photo of Meg

The beautiful Magdalene College at Oxford

(l-r) Olaudah Equiano, CLR James, Sam Selvon

Elite Cambridge University drinking societies under siege as their darkest secrets are revealed

The Daily Mirror

The Guardian

Pupils 'get bread' over unpaid meal fees

Oxford and Cambridge Universities 'flag' applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds

Oxford and Cambridge university colleges hold £21bn in riches | Education | The Guardian

Wealth: Cambridge has produced 361 multi-millionaire alumni worth an average of £169million

Bubble rooftop meeting room and helipad designed by Renzo Piano – it is unknown if there

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The end of elitism? Queen's College Oxford bans exclusive dining societies

Students from ten top schools were 100 times more likely to apply to the most prestigious

Shocking twist: Muscle-bound hunk Adam Collard was thrown into the Love Island villa

The establishment uncovered: how power works in Britain | Society | The Guardian

Top ranking universities under the new framework will be granted permission to raise tuition fees for

These universities are poised to overtake Harvard and Cambridge

Bo Rothstein, a professor of government and public policy at the Blavatnik School of Government

Greeks Illustration

Power Rangers.

But enough about how they did it. Here, in full, is the list of universities we think could, over time, become the new elite.

Bagehot's notebook

King's College at Cambridge University on a summer's day

Privately educated elite continues to take top UK jobs, finds survey | Education | The Guardian

'Working-class children get less of everything in education - including respect' | Education | The Guardian

The Cayman Islands, an offshore tax havenAxelspace Corporation