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Reginald Mount From the British people 1941 Aircraft Arts

Reginald Mount From the British people 1941 Aircraft Arts


Reginald Mount

Great Britain, WWII (Russian) "From the British people - Towards victory! We are with you", 1941. Artist: Reginald Mount (1906-1979).

From the British People

Series: Fighting Aircraft Artist: Jobson Period: Source country: Britain Source Year: 12 inch by 18 inch Giclee print on Canvas.

Instrument Bulletin No 1 Royal Air Force WWII UK / 1940s / War Posters / Owen

World War II British Propaganda (Central Office of Information, British Double Crown No. 51 of 500 - Available at 2015 November 21 - 22 Vintage.

British WW2

BRITISH WW II.Motor Industry Association world war two poster tank.17 Ww2 Propaganda

R. Sturbelle. Belgium Fights On

Vintage Airlines and Aircraft Ads of the 1920s

Ww2 Posters, Political Posters, Soviet Art, Soviet Union, Red Army, Socialist

Smash the Fascists - Our Greeting is Fighter Planes - WWII UK / 1943 / War

Half An Engine Railway Home Front WWII UK UK / 1940s / War Posters / Reginald

Lockheed United Air Pilots 1941 Airplane - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

1940s To Victory With Our Help

1930's Japanese Navy Air Corps Postcards "The Ferocious Sea Eagles"

VC Book Wing Commander H I Edwards, RAF aircraft in bombing raid Artist Reginald Mount

Spitfire LF Mk IX, MH434 being flown by Ray Hanna in 2005: This aircraft shot down a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in 1943 while serving with No. 222 Squadron RAF.

Grind these Heels in our Wheels of U.S. Production poster, Designer Unknown, US Office

v 100 adlı kullanıcının afiş politik panosundaki Pin | Poster, Collection ve Mad

The few: 71 (Eagle) Squadron in February 1941:From left to right

Supermarine Spitfire, Britain's premier fighter plane from 1938 through World War II. key people

Second World War, 1939–45

British soldier with bren gun, Allied servicemen in background. Unknown artist. British Soldier

Items similar to Loft style print Soviet poster art industrial style ussr art loft style vintage print aeroflot aviation vintage prints digital poster on ...

High Quality Original Posters | Rare and Collectable

Tom Eckersley, Handtraps Safety Posters, Visual Arts, Illustrator, Aviation, Toms,

Men in pith helmets

Edward Reginald Mount - Bones make Explosives

Britain's Strong Navy Crushes German Ships WWII Singapore / 1940s / Propaganda Posters / 37.5x25.5 Original vintage World War Two…

the 'easy' girl-friend spreads syphillis and gonorrhea by reginald mount

IJA 15th Army on border of Burma.jpg

Collection of Glass Plate Negative Prints of: MESERVE, Frederick Hill

Kill All Flies Abram Games, Vintage Medical, Vintage Ads, Vintage Advertisements, Vintage

Art UK

British WW2 Ww2 Posters, Propaganda Art, Airplane Art, British History, World War

Jessica Rice, Men in Hats, Oil Painting

This website provides a source of information for family, friends and the public interested in finding out more about foreign aircraft and their crews ...

Brewster Bermuda US Navy promo

1940 Luscombe in Ber,uda

Eileen Evans

RAFs Darrells Island Bermuda WW2

Battle of Britain[edit]

War Poster Wasted Set WWII UK Abram: Abram Games

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876–1941) | Art UK

Lynn Garrison Spitfire AR614 now in Paul Allen Collection

American Design exhibit 1941, Chicago, poster by WPA Art Project

Dorrit Dekk

Seafires preparing to take off from the aircraft carrier HMS Implacable in 1945

1940 Churchill piloting plane to Bermuda

Coventry city centre following 14/15 November 1940 raid

View from St. Paul's Cathedral after the Blitz

Air defence in Russia[edit]

Surviving aircraft[edit]

1942 colour photograph of a Spitfire VB of 222 Squadron

Popular imagery and propaganda[edit]

The elliptical planform of a Spitfire PR.Mk.XIX displayed at an air show in 2008: The black and white invasion stripes are visible.

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876–1941) | Art UK

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876–1941) | Art UK

Attack on Pearl Harbor[edit]

Bomb damage to a street in Birmingham after an air raid

TCA North Star airliner

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876–1941) | Art UK

Study for Adoration of the Magi and Angels REGINALD ...

Cubana's Estrella de Oriente

Milne Bay, Papua, September 1942: a Bofors gun position manned by the 2/9th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Australian Artillery, at Gili-Gili airfield.

... photo of Hurricane IIC BE500 flown by Sqn Ldr Denis Smallwood of 87 Sqn in the RDM2 ("Special Night") scheme and used on intruder operations 1941 –1942.

Aldwych tube station being used as a bomb shelter in 1940

Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk XIIs of 41 Squadron in April 1944

1941 September, US sailors in Hamilton

3.7-inch anti-aircraft guns in Hyde Park London

Spitfire HF Mk VII: The shape of the ellipse was altered by the extended "pointed" wing tips used by the high-altitude Mk VIs, VIIs, and early Mk VIIIs.

Battle of Britain[edit]

Hurricane V7476, which was sent to Australia in May 1941, arriving in August, thereby becoming the only Hurricane based in Australia during the Second World ...

Italian troops and arms on their way to Tobruk 1941

North Africa[edit]

Service operations[edit]

Sea Hurricane Mk IB in formation, December 1941

the 'easy' girl-friend spreads syphillis and gonorrhea by reginald mount

This website provides a source of information for family, friends and the public interested in finding out more about foreign aircraft and their crews ...

Liverpool city centre after heavy bombing

June 4: The Japanese aircraft carrier, Hiryū under attack by US aircraft at the Battle of Midway

Pilots of 611 West Lancashire Squadron pushing an early Spitfire Mark IXb at Biggin Hill in late 1942

Reduced to a Symbolical Scale Tony Banham Hong Kong Evacuation 1940 1941

Reginald Grenville Eves (1876–1941) | Art UK

HAULTAIN, T[heodore] Arnold [1857-1941]. The Souvenir Number Of The Canadian Pictorial And Illustrated War News. A History Of Riel's Second Rebellion And ...

Firefighters tackling a blaze amongst ruined buildings after an air raid on London

An anti-aircraft searchlight and crew at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 17 April 1940

El Adem road[edit]

Trainee aircraft fitters working on instructional partly-assembled Hurricanes, circa 1939–1940