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The secret of comics history that people on the internet don't want you to know!

I know this isn't specifically art history-related, but since I just taught the story of Passover with the Golden Haggadah, it seems apt.

One of the most important deaths in comic history. This ONE death is one of the things that led to one my personal favorite times in comics, the bronze age.


Image result for superwoman | Comics History & Related | Pinterest | Superman news, Superman and Man of Steel

amid amidi on Twitter: "The history of America's least-successful baseball-related comic strip, Soapy Waters.… "

Everything you didn't know you needed to know about comics

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Photo Credit: DC Comics.

PHOTO: The cover of a 1977 edition of the comic book Black Panther is pictured

Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic—dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, ...

In this episode, Wonder Woman takes another character, Bif, back in time to prove that history—especially women's history—isn't boring.

The Hulk Just Learned #MarvelDeclassified Drops Tomorrow, and You Won't Guess What it Makes Him Want to Do

Hawkeye and Iron Man in the final panels of Avengers #200, Marvel Comics (

Description (Brief): This pen-and-ink drawing produced for the Judge Parker comic strip shows Charles holding Casandra Canabar and Randy Parker hostage, ...

Description ...

The FULL-COLOR history of funny books moves into the 1980s! In comics that doesn't mean feathered hair and bad sweaters, but the fight for CREATORS' RIGHTS, ...

The Unknown Story Behind The Most Important Comics History Find Of The Decade — And What Captain Marvel Has To Do With It

With the advent of so many comic books, investment speculation, and now record-breaking movies, it is a wonder that the government hasn't tried to get its ...

Perch on Twitter: "Time for a more accurate look at “Comic History 101” and the impact of local comic shops. #ComicsGate #MoveTheNeedle… "



Black Panther & The Crew Gives Marvel Comics A Black History They Didn't Have Before

Natural History Museum The Woman Who Walks


For decades, RoboCop has been featured under five different publishers with a huge variety of stories. What worked and what didn't?

GHL 241 - Top 5 Independent Comics

I know this isn't specifically art history-related, but since I just taught the story of Passover with the Golden Haggadah, it seems apt. (MKR)

Richard Meyer's 'Jawbreakers' won't be carried by Edmonton's Variant Editions, the comic book store announced Thursday. (IndieGoGo)

It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you ...

Popular heroes and the lesser-known women lost to history are articulated with pinpoint precision in this collection

You can still learn valuable history lessons from reading through the Yoe Books library. Each one is an education into how tangentially-related, ...

The sickest and most iconic Venom scenes in Marvel Comics history https://t

The First Amendment

Army Attack: Volume 39 Dead men can't die...!:

Description (Brief): This pen-and-ink drawing produced for the Apartment 3-G comic strip shows the characters discussing how much they miss Peter.


Deadpool: The Graphic That Gets Graphic [Infographic

There's a logical, Daniel West-related reason for the two to track down Captain Boomerang — he's got a history with the Flash and works with Amanda Waller ...

Early NAACP Comic Book History – Your Future Rests In Your Hands. This NAACP comic book stresses the importance of voting and other forms of civil ...

Camera-ready comic art drawing for Batman

The cover of X-Men: Grand Design #1 Ed Piskor/Marvel Comics

Science Fiction Comics: The Illustrated History (TAYLOR HISTORY OF COMICS): Mike Benton: 9780878337897: Amazon.com: Books

Description (Brief): This pen-and-ink drawing for the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip shows Aunt Loweezy telling Snuffy to punish Jughaid for ...

Historic Comics Page

Part of a four-page comic book story called, “Lesson Learned,”

Arrowsmith takes place in a world where magic and mythical creatures are real. They decided to reveal themselves to humanity during the Middle Ages and have ...

Comics, Comics History

Description (Brief): This pen-and-ink drawing produced for the Dondi comic strip shows Baldy and Dondi talking about how the bike they thought was missing ...

Comic Book History of Comics #02 Sub Cover

Love Hurts: The Greatest Romance In Comics History Is Lois Lane… And Satan

... one would make that connection, but I didn't feel like I needed to supply one more than was already provided by the great pages that I was working from.

FEATURE: “Black History in Comic Books”

Alright, so Doctor Doom isn't setting the world on fire at the movies, but he's still one of the greatest villains in comics history!


Jungle Action Featuring: the Black Panther cover, Vol. 1, No. 22

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Napoleon comic and Kate Beaton portrait

Everything you didn't know you needed to know about comics

Michael Eury Explores the Camp History of Comics

Memorabilia:Comic-Related, Cavalcade of American Comics (Comics Council, 1970)

Big Boy 2

Superman comic strip

The Road To Sex Criminals.

Today In History

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Albert Einstein to the rescue!

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The black-and-white trade will retail for $19.99, which is a small price to pay to own an odd and suitably scary piece of comic history.

Mr. Monster #1 (1986) by Michael T. Gilbert

Related Items On History

Related Items On History

Science,: a Discovery In Comics, by Margreet de Heer

Courtesy of IDW Publishing/Yoe Books. Artist: Vince Napoli


The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History: Amazon.co.uk: Jon Morris: 9781594747632: Books

(freeing the Ms. marvel name to give to a d-list affirmative action character kamala khan the token Muslim superhero)

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Most of The Punisher's enemies, for obvious reasons, don't return to fight him again. However, a big exception to this rule has been Billy Russo, ...

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T'Challa has a rich history in comics—one that will hopefully translate to Ryan Coogler's film.

Created by Tony Isabella and Trevor von Eeden, Black Lightning is an icon of Bronze Age comics. First appearing in April 1977's Black Lightning #1, ...

Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present by Dan Mazur and Alexander Danner


... man responsible for rewriting Rogers' history to make him into a Hydra agent in the first place, a fact he reveals to the onetime hero before his death.

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Dunlavey's art has so many caricatures on the page, references to movies and of course comics characters, and inside jokes for the advanced student.

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