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Roope Mokka Storytelling Moving away Technology Storytelling

Roope Mokka Storytelling Moving away Technology Storytelling


Words To Live By In 2019

Roope Mokka

sey&Company Smartup Movement A New Narrative for Sustainability Roope Mokka CEO Demos Effect ...

New kind of animal protein; 18.

This story starts with a crazy vision of world domination.



... Production Pace; 23.

You know from corporations that it is very difficult to have innovation which is at the same time strategic and this is also a problem for citizen ...

One year ago… …..6 days ago.



28. Growth is moving ...

Make heating intellingent Fourdeg offers an energy saving and indoor temperature comfort improving subscription for buildings with water radiator heating.

What is the story of sustainability?

Nordic Smartups are the heroes of this narrative.

The Nordic Foresight and Co-Creation Agency

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R. Buckminster Fuller; 13.

Levo Thinking Talents App

... experiences; 12.

Food Spending Around the World (USDA Economic Research Service) ~ I've found

Research on the move

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The Mother of all Demos, which I alluded to earlier, is certainly one of the most important pieces of our computer history. If you can spare some time this ...

Nonprofit Technology Chat: New Infographic: Lighting Basics for Dazzling Digital Storytelling

Why Thief Russelled Up A Different Voice Actor

League of Pragmatic Optimists

Charles Bukowski, Arthur C. Clarke, Annie Dillard, John Cage, and Others on the Meaning of Life. Narrative ...


#1ReasonWhy We Are All Responsible

Brendan Fraser on His Comeback, Disappearance, and the Experience that Nearly Ended His Career

... 16.

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vodafone hacked: vodafone is fed up with dirty homo's and is going after beaver instead

Chinua Achebe on How Storytelling Helps Us Survive History's Rough Patches

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Iddu, mirror, lava rock, x cm'De Natura Fossilium' by studio Formafantasma.Photo by Luisa Zanzani. Courtesy of Gallery Libby Sellers.

Ethics & The Future of The Internet

Designing, producing, installing unique, visually striking showcase retail windows for brand storytelling

Enno Schmidt on the Swiss Basic Income Campaign

Music exploration is to SXSW as storytelling is to GoPro. For the past three years

Understanding design thinking, exploration and exploitation: Implications for design strategy | Laura Mata Garcia - Academia.edu

The development of corporate responsibility (Source: Blowield & Murray 2008, ...

Before You Fly: This Infographic Shows Everything You Need to Know About Drone Laws: Drone shooting laws…

Leo Tolstoy - storytelling to his grandchildren Russian Literature, Russian Writing, Teaching Literature,

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Big themes for the second day were empowerment of people and democratization of society and business. Pay attention here, that I am not using the definite ...


Service Design Futures

Edinburgh's Storytelling Festival will delight the traveller in you.

Like our website, the brief interviews about HDL 1968 have been one of the items that we've been slowly chipping away at for a long time ...

'Paulo Coelho's Best Story' - Exclusive Trailer | Thompson on Hollywood Pilgrimage, Paulo

Future Services in a Technology Enabled Healthcare System

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How the Dutch Game Garden Helped Remake Video Games in the Netherlands | USgamer

Infographic: Always Keep These 8 Things in Mind Before Taking Flight with Your Drone

2018-11-25 Culture NewYorkFreetime.com - New York's largest event promoter

The President's Family

Entry to the 2017 Blank Space Fairytales competition by Mat Walker and Maria-Magdalena Atanasova

21 Tricks You Don't Notice In Great Movies (Your Brain Does)

A Buzz between Rural Cooperation and the Online Swarm | Andrew Gryf Paterson - Academia.edu


Agents of Alternatives. Re-designing Our Realities | Katharina Moebus - Academia.edu

Land, Housing and Basic Income, feat. Laurie Macfarlane


Africa, by Sebastião Salgado, social documentary photography

(A cropping of 'After the rain comes sun again') By: Ceslovas Cesnakevicius so kool wish I could be there

An Enduring Mystery of the 'Gig Economy': Why Are So Few People Self

Images: Steve Denning based in part on a presentation by Roger Martin

Christian Schloe

... 6. every ...

Creative Courage and Confidence

Storytelling for Good acts like a concierge, connecting you to a suite of tools and a growing community to help you leverage storytelling to drive social ...

Anthony Bourdain for Deadline photographed by Mark Mann

The Year in Pictures

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Appearance and Reality – A short story about shown and hidden feelings.

What is Service Design?

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A snapshot from the Ageing Studio final review

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World-population-by-level-of-fertility World Population, Statistics,

The Finland Basic Income Experiment with Roope Mokka

The Internet of Things in Smart Buildings 2014 to 2020 - Memoori

Storyselling For Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell By Scott West, Mitch Anthony, Mitch Anthony