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Syrian refugee women fight for survival as they head families alone

Syrian refugee women sexually harassed in Lebanon: HRW (Daily Star)

A migrant from Syria ...

Men women and children took whatever belongings they could carry and fled from the heavily armed

Courtesy of 'She Is Syria'

Female refugees attend a counseling session at a clinic near Mafraq in northern Jordan. Photo

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Acting on our commitments to women and girls affected by the Syrian conflict

Warda is an 85-year-old refugee from Syria living in Tyre, Lebanon

A mother and her newborn in Syria. UNFPA estimates half a million women in Syria

Syrian women wait in line to receive aid from an Islamic relief agency at a refugee

Residents talk to reporters in the besieged town of Madaya, northwest of Damascus, Syria

Syrian women protesting in May 2011

A woman in a man's world: A Jordanian engineer brings her skills to the Syria crisis | Oxfam America

A Syrian woman holds her child as he receives a vaccination from a clinic in Raqqa

Scotland's Unique Solution To The Syrian Crisis Empowers Women

Rahaf Al Jaber is a Syrian refugee. She volunteers for Caritas Jordan in Zarqa.

Syrian migrants/refugees arrive from Turkey on an overloaded dinghy near Molyvos, Lesbos (

... community in the city, a UNFPA-supported Women and Girls Safe Space. “I get support, especially psychological support, from the Safe Space,” says Fatma.

Noor is fourteen years old and lives together with four families in temporary accommodation in the

How the Syrian crisis is particularly deadly for women and children

Syrian refugee crisis worsens with aid efforts grossly underfunded, UN warns

Care in Crisis for Women and Girls. Syria

Experts discuss critical role of refugee women in solving global displacement crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis: Religious identity as a stronger predictor than national identity of helping in global emergencies

Dr. Abunasser commenced her presentation with an analysis of the Syrian crisis, describing it as being a part of a larger political issue one that must be ...

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Bdour Twiniy, far left, with her mother and three of her children. She fled to Lebanon to escape the war in Syria. Julian Simmonds

Syrian Mother and Daughter Smiling

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Syria: War's Toll on Women

Egyptian blogger Nervana Mahmoud and Helen Clark, head of the UN Development Programme, discuss the role of women in Syria

High civilian casualty rate fuelling Syria's refugee crisis: Report

Syria: UN-sponsored conference demands full voice for women in seeking to end crisis

She will be part of a panel discussing the response to the Syrian refugee crisis in both ...

Nada, a Syrian refugee, is wearing hijab and speaking, with quote: "

In the largest refugee crisis since World War II, Syria's women, children and men continue to bear the brunt of a conflict marked by enormous human ...

Syrian crisis takes heaviest toll on region's women and girls

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Lina Berekat: Syrian women are solution node to Syrian crisis

Aid worker Danielle Spencer: "They were withholding the aid... then using these women for sex"

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Syria conflict 4 years on: Women enduring crisis

Photo courtesy of NY Times

One of the most important responsibilities of our Syria team is protection of the most vulnerable displaced people – women, children, the elderly – and ...

The Syrian refugee crisis is changing women's traditional roles with increasing numbers becoming heads of households and the main breadwinners, ...

In this April 19, 2016 photo, Syrian-American poet Amal Kassir recites her

Supporting women in crisis: Syrian refugees find services and hope in Turkey's safe spaces

Crisis in Syria. Photo credit: Louai Beshara, AFP

Syria crisis: 1,500 flee across border into Lebanon to escape Assad crackdown

Zakaa Mohamad Khalid, a Syrian refugee arrived in Lebanon about three months ago after fleeing

Why Migrants Don't Want to Stay in Hungary

Syrian refugee women reflect greater crisis in Lebanon

CPR in Syria

Syrian women in crisis

A line of Syrian women and a young girl queue to register at an impromptu centre

Yifat Women Lead to Peace

Refugee from a Syrian refugee camp

Zaineb, from Aleppo in Syria, with one of her three children at an apartment

UNHCR warns that underfunding threatens international response to Syria crisis

Turkey Resilience Project in response to the Syria Crisis

Women in Syria

Syria Crisis Appeal

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Syrian girls in Ramtha, Jordan

Syrian refugees listen to Concern Protection Field Officer Rami Fares

Syria Crisis: From wives to spies: how women become Daesh warriors

The Syrian refugee crisis is now the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time.


Crisis update: Women of Syria, eight years into the crisis

An estimated 350,000 people have entered Europe so far this year, fleeing conflict in Syria, but also arriving from Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa.

Delivering Support to Syrian Women as the Crisis Worsens

U.N. official: Syrian women seek abortions and suffer rapes because of war.

Syrian women and children wait for medical attention at a Bulgarian shelter

Syrian refugees arrive at a camp in 2016 in Royashed, Jordan. Promised resettlement in the United States, many Syrian refugees are frustrated and angry over ...

women and health officer during medical exam

Women with children cry as they arrived, with other refugees and migrants, on the

As world leaders debate the Syria crisis, businesswoman Josephine Fairley considers the role of women in the defence industry. "I am all for women blasting ...

The Turkish coast guard helps refugees near Aydin, Turkey, after their boat toppled en

Humanitarian and natural disasters linked to increase in child marriage, warns Girls Not Brides

Syria Crisis: Women playing active role in liberating and rebuilding Syria

Syrian crisis enters 'unprecedented' stage, says Saudi Arabia