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Spinach Roti Guest post from Sandhya Pizza and Flatbread

Spinach Roti Guest post from Sandhya Pizza and Flatbread


How to make everyday Indian Roti's with a twist of spinach? Yes Its flame baked- very simple Palak Phulka. This Roti has got all the goodness of Spinach.

Palak Phulka

Pumpkin Phulka

Cauliflower Flatbread – Gobi Paratha

Stuffed Rajma Paratha | Kidneybeans Paratha

Merry Tummy: Palak Ka Thepla: Spinach Flat Indian Bread Tapas Recipes, Indian Food

Palak Phulka | Spinach Roti

Spinach Chapati Recipe - Palak Paratha Recipe

Coriander Roti

Punjabi Onion Paratha Recipe | Pyaaz Ka Paratha | Onion Parante Recipe. A Food blog ...

Stuffed Palak Aloo Paratha

Palak Phulka | Spinach Roti

Spinach Roti – Guest post from Sandhya

methi missi roti - punjabi methi missi roti. methi missi roti are soft, light

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make perfect Multigrain Roti at home

Sorghum-wheat flatbreads aka Jowar-gehun ka kulcha. Indian Veg Recipes, Vegetarian

Green Phulkas

Sandhya's Kitchen presents Cubes n Juliennes | Saunfia Paneer Tikka

Spinach Kachori 2

Quinoa roti or quinoa chapati is super easy and nutritious recipe. It is a great

Recipe Source: The Bread Guru


Warqi Paratha is a layered paratha , a cousin of the lachcha paratha, a Indian flatbread , from the Punjab region. This flatbread is all about its enormous ...

How to make Bread Spinach Chilly Pakora


Yellow Roti, Choapda

Nachni Pizza Paratha | Pizza Paratha | Healthy And Nutritious Finger Millet Flour Pizza Paratha

Aloo Palak Paratha

Butter Kulcha Recipe - Makhan Kulcha Recipe - Yummy Tummy Kulcha Kulcha Recipe, Veg Recipes

Sattu Ka Paratha (Indian Flatbread Stuffed with Roasted Gram Flour)

aloo paratha recipe, aloo ka paratha , alu paratha recipe with step by step photo/video. popular punjabi cuisine flat bread recipe stuffed mashed potatoes.

Flatbreads and More

pizza roti

Pizza Tart

Indian Chapati is a flat bread recipe made with whole wheat flour. It's much healthier

This Buffalo Chicken Pizza is simple and delicious! Enjoy one of your favorite pizzas at

Yufka | Turkish Flatbread

Toaster Roti | Tandoori Roti in Toaster | Kids will Love Mini Roti | Chapati -

Pizza Buns recipe | Pizza Bun

Missi Roti, Roti Recipe, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Indian Food Recipes, Whole Food Recipes, Bread Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Bread Cake, Naan

Aloo Gobi Paratha or Potato Cauliflower Stuffed flat breads ..works for breakfast, lunch

Masala Palak Paratha / Spinach Flat-Bread To make it vegan, skip curd /

Whole Wheat Coriander and Sesame Seeds Naan

Indian Roti | Chapati | Phulka (Video)

'Aloo-Gobi-Paratha' [Potato-Cauliflower Flatbread] Recipe. '

A vegetable paratha is so convenient to eat when you're in a hurry to

Palak, Paneer and Matar Paratha

Oats Mooli Roti, Zero Oil Oats Mooli Roti

Onion & Mint Parathas

Roti recipe or phulka recipe - traditional unleavened soft, puffed Indian bread. Learn how

Chana Daal Paratha

Kulcha recipe without yeast or Kulcha Naan, Kulcha Paratha is called is flat Indian Bread served as breakfast with chole. Kulcha in stove top, ...

Bedmi Paratha , stuffed paratha from Uttar Pradesh

Cauliflower and Paneer Lifafa Paratha

Tandoori dhaba style aloo paratha made on a tawa! No tandoor, no oven,

gobi paratha recipe Gobhi Paratha Recipe, Paratha Recipes, Vegetable Gardening, Vegetable Recipes,

Matar ka Paratha

Kumara (Sweet Potato) Chapati - Vegan and Kid Friendly

Soft, restaurant style Paneer Kulcha. Indian flatbread stuffed with cottage cheese, perfect for lunch, dinner or party, celebration.

Uyghur Flatbread | Nángbĭng

Gobi Paratha, cauliflower with onions and masala stuffed in whole wheat dough, rolled and cooked on a tava.

Methi Thepla | Fenugreek leaves flatbread

Palak Phulka | How to make Indian Roti's with a twist of spinach?

Bajra Aloo Roti ( Gluten Free

Easy Cabbage Paratha Recipe Paratha Recipes, Cabbage Paratha Recipe, Cooking Recipes, Easy,

Besan Masala Roti is a staple dish from Haryana and is prepared with chickpea flour and

SPINACH-POTATO Flatbread ---Traditional rotis and breads of India differ from region to region. Parathas are different North or down South.

Masala Jonna Roti/ Spicy Sorghum Roti/Jawar Roti: Sorghum Flour / Jowar Flour

Spring Onion Roti ~ Hare Pyaaz ki Roti ~ Indian wheat and spring onion flat bread

Indori Sev Paratha | Stuffed Sev Paratha Recipe | How To Make Quick And Easy Sev Paratha

Palak, Paneer and Matar Paratha

X Large Paratha with Halwa

Sweet-Potato-Paratha-Shakarkandi-Paratha Vegetarian Recipes Easy, Easy Dinner Recipes

Aloo Paratha Recipe

Ulte Tawe ki Roti


Aloo Palak Paratha

Instant Garlic Naan

Everybody simply loved it much and though it is quite similar to our aloo paratha, there is something different about the dough being so sticky and patted ...


Garlic Coriander Triangle Parathas or fried Indian bread

Dal Methi Paratha

Soft Chapathi with a Secret Ingredient

lachha paratha recipe, lachha parantha recipe with step by step photo, video recipe. lachha paratha is a popular paratha recipe with multiple layers

First Timer Cook: Malabar Parotta | Barotta | Kerala Paratha (Vegan)

Mexican Pizza | Taco Bell Style Vegetarian Mexican Pizza

pithi_wala_paratha_3 Palak Paratha, Roti Recipe, Eastern Cuisine, Light Recipes, Rotis, Lentils

Instant Garlic Naan

Indori Masala Roti

Besan Cheela Recipe | How to make besan ka cheela | Vegetarian Omelette Vegetable Recipes,

Broccoli Carrot Parathas Paratha Bread, Vegan Indian Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Broccoli Recipes,

Missi Roti