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Teaching Multiplication Strategies By ThirdGradeTroopcom

Teaching Multiplication Strategies By ThirdGradeTroopcom


The 2's multiplication facts are the same as the addition doubles. Read more about this strategy for the 2 times table here.

This blog post has ideas, resources, and anchor charts for teaching multiplication!

Grade 3, Module 1 multiplication anchor chart

Teaching Multiplication Shortcuts | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Pinterest | Teaching multiplication, Teaching and Math

10 Fun Games and Activities to introduce multiplication! Teach students to build fluency, practice strategies hands on, and ultimately memorize their ...

Free - Multiplication Poster and Strategy List

Multiplication Basic Facts 4's Practice Sheet

Multiplication Give Me 5 - FREE Poster and Worksheet

Multiplication Basic Facts 6's Practice Sheet

Multiplication Puzzle Cards! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! $ #multiplication #puzzlecards #mathcenters

Multiplication Strategies Poster / Graphic Organizer

Have your students show you multiplication in 5 different ways! FREEBIE has been updated with repeated addition. =)

10 Fun Games and Activities to introduce multiplication! Teach students to build fluency, practice strategies hands on, and ultimately memorize their ...

Multiplication Basic Facts 3's Practice Sheet

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart for Math

If you've ever taught multiplication, you know how hard it can be to help students build fluency with their facts. All of our students process the concept ...

FREE Multiplication Centers to help your students memorize their multiplication facts and build fact fluency. A mix of printable games, logic puzzles, ...

Understanding division anchor chart by jean.patch.100

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Arrays Activities ($) Fun, no-prep arrays practice for second and third grade, set the foundation for multiplication with these worksheets, activities, ...

FREE Help students learn their multiplication facts with these multiplication books! Students will not only learn their multiplication facts, ...

Multiplication Games - Division Games - 3rd & 4th Grades - Bundled | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Pinterest | Multiplication, Math centers and Math

Multiples Mazes - makes a great multiplication center. Students complete the maze by shading in the multiples of certain numbers.

Math Journaling is fabulous way to gain insight into your students' understanding of mathematical concepts, their problem-solving strategies, and their ...

Great anchor chart for division strategies.

Multiplication Hints and Tricks.

Classroom Freebies: Doubles Strategy for Multiplication. Did you know that knowing 2 x 8 = 16 can help your kiddos learn 4 x 8? That's the principle behind ...

Double digit subtraction strategies anchor chart Check out my unit on teachers pay teachers for double

Great Intro To Multiplication - What (Always) Comes In Groups of 2s - 10s. FREE download and examples. TpT via blog post.

Today's post is all about the research behind building multiplication understanding and fact fluency. Try some of the included tips in YOUR math workshop!

Math Coach's Corner: Array Models for Multiplication

distributive property of multiplication 3rd grade - Google Search

Our favorite 2nd grade anchor charts for math, language arts, and beyond. You'll definitely want to use some of these in your classroom.

Multiplication - Lessons - Tes Teach

Multiplication Basic Facts 0 & 1 Practice Sheet

This Math Interactive Notebook for 3rd grade covers all the standards including multiplication and division strategies, place value, geometry, ...

12 of Our Favorite Multiplication Anchor Charts

Is it possible for your students to loove practicing their multiplication facts? Yes! These multiplication worksheets are so much fun and your students will ...

Multiplication (0-10) Fold and Learn $1.50

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat Array Multiplication, Multiplication Table Printable, Learning Multiplication Tables, Ks1

Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade: Area Model Anchor Chart

Give your students a back to school activity they'll be excited to do! Kids love practicing their multiplication facts with color by number worksheets!

THIS is a Multiplication Table! (Blog Post) FREE multiplication table for educators to print and use in the classroom to promote conceptual understanding.

Ms. Leining's Longhorns: 2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication Strategies

Want a fun, no-prep multiplication facts game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Read about how we've "mathified" the squares game and get your FREE ...

Winter trees multiplication and division math facts- multiplication and division fact triangles - print in color or blackline! $

Tricks are NOT for Kids (Blog Post) Why I threw away the "rounding mountain" anchor charts, rhymes and tricks. A transformation happened in my classroom ...

Fractions anchor chart - simplify for 1st grade, but I like the vocabulary they include! | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Anchor charts, Math, Math anchor charts

Multiplication Facts Practice: The Great Multiplication Race Activity | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Pinterest | Math, Multiplication and Multiplication facts ...

Distributive property, creative way to teach it. (Image Only)

adding strategies anchor chart

[FREE] Strategy for Math Fact Strugglers: Incremental Rehearsal. This is a routine that I have used to help students master math facts.

(FREE) Fit: A Multiplication Strategy Game Using Arrays (Grades 2-5) A free game that includes set up, recording sheet and instructions for regulation and ...

Practice multiplication facts with hands-on multiplication games and activities that can be easily used in math centers. This resource includes 3 games, ...

Multiplication Molly Returns (a Go Math! 3rd grade review game)

Concept of "borrowing" hard to understand, teach math a new way.

Included are 45 memory cards for students to match the multiplication array, multiplication fact, and product. This is a perfect activity ...

Use this quick little activity to help students practice matching multiplication expressions to those using the distributive property.

All 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards on 1 Page!

Need great visuals for teaching commutative, distributive and associative multiplication properties? Check these out. $

FREE Penguin Multiplication Partner Game from Light Bulbs and Laughter. Put in in a page protector, add 2 dice and 2 dry erase markers, and it's ready to go ...

Egg Carton Shake Up Multiplication and addition. SUCH a fun game!

Math Running Record ($3) running records aren't just for reading! Find out what strategies your students are using and track their growth through the year

Teaching Multiplication Strategies By | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Pinterest | Teaching, Math lessons and Teaching math

A great multiplication anchor chart! Multiplication Anchor Charts, Multiplication Strategies, Math Anchor Charts

Times tables booklets are a great tool for students to use to test themselves and review various facts.


Use these FREE multiplication and division strategy charts as a way to record strategies or assess student understanding following instruction.

These three puzzles are a great way to get some multiplication practice in while celebrating Christmas! These fun evergreen trees make an engaging, ...

Multiplication Interactive Notebook. Simple foldables and lots of ways to differentiate. Perfect for teaching, practicing and assessing the foundations of ...

Cubes ~ A problem solving strategy anchor chart. Good way to assess whether or not students know what the ques and key words are in a word problem!

Equivalent Fractions (anchor chart) More

Included are 45 memory cards for students to match the multiplication array, multiplication fact, and product. This is a perfect activity ...

Math anchor chart – multiplication strategies | How Do It. Might have kids do these with example on sentence strips and post

Multiplication anchor charts | Multiplication Strategies (array, equal groups, repeated addition, and number line)

Using Google Classroom allows you to individualize student practice while teaching essential multiplication strategies.

Division Anchor Chart Division Anchor Chart, Math Division, Teaching Long Division, Teaching Math

Ways to show multiplication anchor chart.

Multiplication and Division Key Word Posters FREEBIE by Games 4 Learning Educational Activities, Math Activities

Math Word Problems- Superheroes Task Cards | ThirdGradeTroop.com | Math, Task cards, Math activities

Multiplication Strategies Poster- Freebie! | Math Lesson | Pinterest | Multiplication, Math and Multiplication strategies

Halloween Math Spooktacular Halloween multiplication games! $ Multiplication Games, Math Games, Math Activities

Multiplication Fact Booklets - Improving Understanding and Memorization These multiplication fact booklets are sure to be a hit with your students and their ...

Multiplication Basic Facts 11's Practice Sheet

Multiplication Strategies anchor chart...very simple...easy to understand for all students!

The Cupcake Shop Performance Task: An in-depth look at groups and the conceptual understanding behind multiplication. $

Here's a nice anchor chart on different multiplication strategies.

This math menu choice board is the perfect way to challenge and enrich students while encouraging creativity.

3 FREE math enrichment worksheets Cardinal Numbers, Math Worksheets, Math Resources, Math Activities


Free November Multiplication Facts QR Code Worksheet - Self-checking and great #multiplicationfacts practice during the fall season.

Blank graphic organizers and examples of each strategy is included for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Teaching 2-Digit Multiplication (Concrete, Representational, Abstract) This is a complete unit for teaching 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication following the ...

equivalent fractions on the multiplication matrix...Awesome! You just go across the matrix and see the equivalent fractions! Patterning in math is so cool!

Awesome way to challenge and enrich students learning multiplication!

A super fun and easy way to teach multiplication facts. These work great for those students who really struggle.

This Christmas multiplication math craft is the perfect activity for those weeks right before the holidays! It's educational, simple and fun!

Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core is a 208-page comprehensive ebook that includes dozens of lessons, strategies ...

Great for teaching and practicing multiplication strategies! **check out my Multiplication tic-tac-toe activity!

Scaffolded activities that help students develop the place value necessary for rounding! $