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The Boat sailing rigs t Sailing Boat and Rigs

The Boat sailing rigs t Sailing Boat and Rigs


Square Rigs for Small Boats

How to Create a Jury Rig. Once the poor Crash Test Boat ...

For any sailing boat under 45 feet, nothing beats a properly-designed cutter rig, especially if you sail shorthanded. By properly designed I mean, ...

sea kayak with sailing rig

Skerry Lug Rig

What's in a Rig – The Schooner. December 9, 2015 Sailboat ...

There's nothing like a simple boat with a simple rig and the simple joy of having

Why a Cat Ketch? You may have noticed that B&B Yacht ...

Rig checks and maintenance - essential reading for classic yacht sailing and racing — CLASSIC YACHT .TV

1.3 - Rig Dimensions

The placement of a melonseed skiff's mast so far forward, rules out setting the topsail

Yachting Monthly's Crash Test Boat Jury Rig

What's in a Rig? Cat Rig. October 30, 2015 Sailboat ...

Collasped rigging on sailboat

I removed the nails and attach the cable ties to the ends.

Our easy clamp-on, fold-up sail kit transforms any open fishing boat, rowboat, porta-bote, or dinghy into a Sailing Dinghy. Leeboards on the sides work like ...

Westerly Oceanlord cruising yacht with solent rig

Anyway, these Sail Assist rigs have several functions. A) Heaving too: The mast aft and the small “main” will serve as a riding sail.


Charleston's First Chinese Junk Rig Boat Revealed!

Aloft in the Blue Sea


Rigging Small Sailboats - Chapter 6 .

The life span of rigging depends on how heavily a boat has been sailed and on the care taken with tuning. If the leeward shroud flops around underway, ...

The Jeanneau 64 is a modern sailboat that gives you endless possibilities for exploration.


Rig types (from left): Bermudan masthead rig, Bermudan fractional rig, Bermudan

Picture of Sailing Rig for a Fiberglass Canoe

The new genoa lead in action—a successful upgrade (left); The low

Mastering rig tuning for optimal sail trim and performance might seem daunting, but fortunately it's not as complicated as tuning a Stradivarius violin!

Though she wasn't designed a racer, the performance is superb, competitive with Lasers, 420's, 470's, even multihulls in light air.

There was once a lonely Lug who didn't know what he was missing until he met Jib. He sailed to windward, off the. Daniel Wescott · Sailboat Rigging


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... sailboat The primary rigging components that hold the mast up

Glossary of Rigging and Sailing Terms

Which string does what? Getting to grips with gaff article

CLC Kayak/Canoe SailRig

Diagram of a boat

DragonFlite 95 950mm / DF95 Class RC Sailboat

Swaging is a strong and durable way to attach end fittings to wire rigging. First the desired end fitting is chosen (left), and the fitting is slid onto the ...

This arrangement works well, but becomes problematic when there is more wind than the sail on ...

Arne on a screaming reach with his cambered junk rig sail in Norway


Hanse 345 sailing

Sloop rigged sailboats (Bermuda Rig) is the most common sail rig and popular with

Balanced Lug Rig

convert a canoe and many kayaks or small dinghies into a sailing boat. Drop in

What's in a Rig? The Sloop

... sailboat theme was common. Blue Jays feature a complete sloop rig ...

The Sydney 43 CHRISTOPHER DRAGON sporting her Flying Jib, double-head rig. Set

... few who didn't have a good downwind strategy, and all regretted it! It's frustrating to have to sail off at a broad reach, adding so many miles and days ...

Though she wasn't designed a racer, the performance is superb, competitive with Lasers, 420's, 470's, even multihulls in light air.

Four Batten Junk Sail Layout - Kasten Marine Design, inc.

Running rigging on a sailing yacht:

Parts of the sail.JPG (11761 bytes)

Meow, a supercharged Contessa 26 with 3Di sails and seriously tweaked rig and gear

Beth sailing canoe ... storerboatplans.com

Maltese Falcon has three 191-foot freestanding rotating carbon-fiber masts that each fly five square sails (from top to bottom: royals, topgallants, ...

Offshore Yacht Rigging // Cruiser's University 2017

The Running Rigging consists of any lines whose job it is to control parts of the Sail Boat while underway.

Quantum sails consultant Alex Clegg talks about the importance of proper tuning for your cruiser, and shares a few tips on how to make sure your rig is ...

She's a good example of a "Motorsailor" rather than a power cruiser with a Sail Assist Rig. She has a low but still usable rig, as well as decent ...

A trial sail of Beneteau's revolutionary new Wingsail rig | Yachting World

None of this shows in the photo I have of the boat under sail. The rig is standing lug with full length battens and a flying jib on a fairly short (about ...

Sailing with Jury Rig

Any bluewater-bound sloop with a genoa on a roller furler should be equipped with a removable inner forestay and carry a heavy-weather staysail that can be ...

Considerations when choosing a sailing rig.

Sailing wing and wing is an efficient way to make way downwind, but it can be a challenge to keep the boom from flopping around.

What's in a Rig? The Gaff Rig. September 29, 2015 Sailboat ...

Passagemaker Dinghy Lug Rig · Passagemaker Dinghy with the same balanced lug sail.

Megayacht Services

Raising Anchor Under Sail

Junk rigs essentially have the stack of sails, but without all the gaps between them. Where the yards controlled the towers of square sails, the battens ...


cutter rig sailboat


Ljungstrom Rig Sail

Sailing Catamaran, Sail Boats, Houseboats, Utility Boat, Cabin Cruiser, Le Havre

The idea here was to spend little or no money on the rig, in order to mesh with the concept of using a readily available jonboat on the cheap.

A solent rigged sailboat

Mike has moved forward to depress the bow, and has pulled the leading edge of

A small cutter rigged sailboat. Note the two head sails.