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The Growing Zones for Grapevines Home Guides SF Gate

The Growing Zones for Grapevines Home Guides SF Gate


Grapes grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10.

Grape vines crave heat and light.

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Grapes add a distinctive and delicious element to your garden.

Grapes grow well with just a little 10-10-10 fertilizer each year.

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Pruning during dormancy improves grape yields.

Native American bunch grapes grow best on high-cordon trellises.

Backyard grapes can be enjoyed straight off the vine.

Grapes ripen from late summer to fall.

Grape vines grow in the shape of the support provided for them.

Grapevines with strong root systems produce more grapes.

Grapes grow after flowers are pollinated in May or June.

Wild grapevines will kill trees unless you stop them.

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Removing excess foliage and vines allows the grapes to ripen in the sun.

Grapevines grow quickly after being cut and may continue to produce fruits.

Grapevine roots usually will not grow under house foundations.

Proper pruning of grapevines removes 90 percent to 95 percent of the vines.

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Niagara grapes first appeared in 1868 and are named for their county of origin.

Grapes form after bud burst.

Concord grapes are often used in the making of pinot noir wine.

Grapes are propagated early by layering or with stem cuttings.

Thin grapes at the shatter stage when the fruit has just set.

Most of a grapevine's previous year's growth gets pruned in winter.

Fruit and Vegetable Plants in Zones 9 and 10

Appropriate spacing between grape plants helps them get the light and air they need for best

You don't have to plant grapevines this far away from your house.

Grape vines are planted in orderly rows to facilitate care and harvesting.

While the grapevine looks dead, by summer it will be covered with leaves.

A sturdy growing system is key for training Crimson Seedless grape vines.

A well-manicured grapevine starts with heavy pruning and regular maintenance.

Grape vines are pruned heavily when they are dormant to yield optimal crops of grapes.

Valiant grapes make tasty jams and jellies.

Wild grapevines provide a habitat for many animals and birds.

Some grape varieties may be pruned with either technique.

Worldwide, there are 25 million acres of grapes in production.

Check your grapevines regularly for signs of disease or pests.

Sunflowers are an attractive and beneficial addition to garden grapevines.

Grape production benefits the wine, juice, raisin and jam industries.

The Himrod is the result of a cross between Thompson Seedless and Ontario grapes.

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Proper cultivation of grapes is crucial to their storing potential post-harvest.

You can enclose ripening grapes in paper bags to protect them from birds and insects.

Scuppernongs grow on vines similar to those that support other cultivated grape species.

Thompson grapes are a sweet, seedless variety.

Grapevines can provide shade from the sun and a tasty snack.

Proper pruning and cluster thinning increases the size and sweetness of grapes.

A grapevine arbor is a good choice for a transition area between two areas of your

Concord grapes requires sunlight to produce large berries.

Muscadine grapes are thick-skinned with a musky taste.

Killing grapevines is often the best solution when vines are unhealthy or out of control.

Concord grapes are easily infected if not properly cared for.

Juicy grapes can be grown in mostly shade with some strategic location planting.

Consider planting depth when transplanting muscadine grapevines.

Grapevines are planted closely only when their fruits are all seedless or seeded.

Revive old grapevines by pruning them during the dormant season.

Grow your own Candice grapes at home.

"Thompson Seedless" is an early-ripening table and raisin grape.

Look at the brown vine's secondary symptoms to narrow the list of culprits.

Grapes and olives are historic companion plants.

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Growing Zones for a Wisteria Vine. Wisteria left to its own devices takes over nearby structures.

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Netted veins make edible grape leaves hold together in food dishes.

Ice wines are produced from grapes frozen on the vines.

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Grapevines grow anywhere there's sufficient light, warmth and water.

"Canadice" grapes require 8 feet of spacing between plants.

Grape and ivy decor adds color to your kitchen.

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Trellising blackberries keeps them off the ground but is more labor-intensive.

Grapevines must be secured to the wires of a trellis.

Sea grape thrives in warm coastal conditions.

Grape vines are susceptible to several insect pests, which can be controlled with proper management

Pruning in early spring can help produce larger grapes.

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