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The Mountains Rise Above Nature and Wildlife Photography by Cat

The Mountains Rise Above Nature and Wildlife Photography by Cat


The Mountains Rise Above. Nature and Wildlife Photography by Cat Pentescu #blackandwhitewildlifephotography

Bobcat Photography Tour

Curiosity and the cat, by Hannes Lochner of South Africa, was joint runner-up in the Animal Portraits category in the 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest announced their winners, including the top entries for the youth competition.


Cats of Borneo Photo Tour

Mountain Lion, Photo Courtesy of Bill Lea

Puma Photo Tour

Which cat are you ACTUALLY seeing in the woods in Ohio?

There are very few observations of fishing cats hunting in the wild. Much of their

Luchs (Lynx lynx). 10 wild ...

The beautiful Caracal is also known as the desert lynx

Relative to its size, the serval has the largest ears of any felid. When


Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. “

Photo by Joyce Stefancic at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Merritt Island



Male lion looking at approaching tiny cub

Life is ruff, get a dog (66 Photos) Nature Animals, Baby Animals

Highly commended 2018, Animals in their environment

Here ...

EurasianLynx_kittens_2. EurasianLynx_kittens_3

The world's smallest cat (by weight), the rusty-spotted cat, Ranthambore

Photo of Moose in Sweden: Marie Mattsson

Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition Finalist!

VIDEO: What to do if you come face-to-face with a mountain lion | abc7news.com

Do outdoor cats need to die? (Saverio Maria Gallotti / Alamy)

Lynx – Lynx – Bavaria – Germany – Photography. eurasianlynx_winter_habitat_er5. EurasianLynx_kittens_2. EurasianLynx_kittens_3

Ranger Rick Ghost Cat December January 2013 1

Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography / Getty Images. Animals and Nature

These are the 36 know species of wild cats.

Cheetahs are the fastest, but they are also the most fragile of the big cat species. Learn more about these fascinating felines. (Photo: Christian Sperka)

snow leopard

SAHYADRIS India's Western Ghats · HIMALAYA – Mountains of Life

The mountain lion is one of five native cats under threat in Texas. Photos courtesy of Texas Native Cats.

The 6 Wildcats of Costa Rica

Highly commended 2018, Animals in their environment

Susan McConnell - Incredible Women Wildlife Photographers

bobcat Windsong

Cheetahs ~ Africa ~ road ~ animal ~ beginning ~ end ~ nature ~ together

African Golden Cat (Caracal aurata aurata) grey morph male in rainforest, Kibale National


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Mountain Lion, Photo Courtesy of Bill Lea

Civet cat coffee: can world's most expensive brew be made sustainably?

Protect the Florida Panther

Lions in the Santa Monica Mountains?

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. “

brown leopard on top of grey rock

Henry and Baloo: Dog and cat travel companions gain cult following

snow leopard photo

The mysterious mountain lion still roams Texas, but has it come to Dallas? | Texas | Dallas News

Mountain bikers in fatal cougar attack did everything right, authorities say | US news | The Guardian

Earliest Cat Domesticated in China Was the Leopard Cat, Scientists Say – National Geographic Society Newsroom

cheetah cub

Fishing Cat

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Steve has also filmed numerous shows for NatGeo and NatGeo Wild, including Mission Critical – Saving the Leopard and an upcoming Mission Critical film on ...

"Wild Cats of the World, by Luke Hunter. Published by Bloomsbury Natural History “

the mountain lion felis concolor is the most widely distributed of all the large wild cat species found from Canada to the southern tip of south america ...

African Cats Poster

selective focus photo of gray tabby cat

snow leopard on a rock

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest. “

lion lying on ground

Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) fifteen day old kittens in den, Santa Cruz Puma

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When they do, the fights usually involve stallions (males) fighting over mares (females). For plains and mountain zebra ...

mountain lion licking lips

The Eastern Mountain Lion Mystery

The winning photos highlight both the beauty and peril of the natural world. Wildlife Photographer ...

North America's most widespread felid, the bobcat can be richly spotted with large blotches as

Two heroic efforts to save the King of the Jungle

Tanya Houppermans

(via 500px / Bobcat jumping over a frozen river by Christophe.

Basics Behind Spotlight Photography

Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) biologist, Shannon Kachel, and veterinarians, John Ochsenreiter

Mountain lions and bobcats are often confused with one another in photographs. They can be distinguished by the presence or absence of the tail and by their ...

African Golden Cat Miniture Animals, Small Cat, Small Wild Cats, Tiger, Big

Revamped mountain lion exhibit opens at Maine Wildlife Park — Outdoors — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Bobcats - Living with Wildlife | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife