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The hardest college to get into in every state Kiddies College

The hardest college to get into in every state Kiddies College


What is an early college high school? On a balmy ...

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Admission to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Research suggests long-term academic gains for children when they attend programs where their preschool teachers hold a bachelor's degree. Shutterstock.com

Military moves can be difficult for all members of the family—including children. Your own child may struggle as they say goodbye to their old friends and ...

You can help your child get a good education in the United States through public school

College of Education & Human Development. Teacher high fives children


The 100 Best Colleges and Universities by State 2018-2019

Hard to Read: How American Schools Fail Kids with Dyslexia

Raising children is expensive. Many of us began budgeting for our new babies before they even arrived, but few could have predicted just how rapidly the ...

Distribution of majors for high-mobility schools and all other schools.

Our resource specialists field thousands of calls about foster care and adoption every month. This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about ...

NYC's Top 10 Elementary Schools By Test Scores: What Makes Them Special – And How You Can Get In

Dana Hashmonay, now 21, took a medical leave during her sophomore year of college

The campus of Cal State LA, one of the best schools in the country for economic mobility. Justefrain

Teacher pay: States where educators are paid the most and least

The Best Community Colleges in the United States

Easiest College Degrees. English Literature. The hardest ...

January 3, 2017 -- Private school parents are significantly more satisfied with the schools their children attend than are parents from other sectors, ...

Anxiety and depression are the top reasons that college students seek counseling, a new report shows. Shutterstock.com

A graduation cap made of money

Applying for College

The Great College Rip-Off

Maya Portillo at the New York City lab where she studies how children from different socioeconomic backgrounds develop language skills.

Top 10 Easiest and Hardest College Degree Majors of 2019

independent messages versus interdependent. So all the messages that colleges ...

The states that spent the least per enrolled child in their pre-Kindergarten programs were generally located in the Midwest and the South.

Top ten colleges by mobility rate

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How college enrollment rates changed, according to family income quartile chart


Philip Toledano

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EdtechTechnology is transforming what happens when a child goes to school

Depression and College Students cover image

More on available shelter in Swanton and Johnson, from @redcrossvtnhvpic.twitter.com/OdoeVb4kE4

The subtle ways colleges discriminate against poor students, explained with a cartoon

A college graduation ceremonyWikimedia

Michael McLaughlin and his mother, Michelle, at Michael's 2013 graduation. Michelle McLaughlin said

The states that spent the least per enrolled child in their pre-Kindergarten programs were generally located in the Midwest and the South.

The Overprotected Kid

SEPTEMBER 10 2012. COSTA MESA, CA. Every desk is taken in professor Jeanne. Students at less selective colleges ...

Why do immigrant kids perform poorly in school? Michael_swan

The data is from an influential 2009 book in which two Princeton sociologists, Thomas Espenshade and Alexandra Radford, quantified how well you needed to ...

Four Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child

The 15 Best Colleges You Can Actually Get Into. Texas A&M University shows off its trademarked ...

Rhonda Woods for talking to teens gallery


The decline was due to an increase of 800 homeless students and a $36,000 drop in EHCY allocations.

November 1, 2016 -- If given the opportunity to select whatever school they could for their child, more millennials would prefer a private school than any ...

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Bluefield State, established in 1895 to educate the children of local African-American coal miners, has a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) ...

AERA 2017 Poster: Unit Coordination and Partitioning Activity of One Child With Mathematics Learning Disability: A Case Study

Compared to their peers, homeless children have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems, are four times more likely to show delayed ...

A Parent's Guide to STEM

Although most schools focus on math and Chinese, there is also time for creative expression

Working With Young Children

Few issues facing the United States — or any nation — are more important than ensuring children receive a first-rate education.


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Finding reliable childcare as a single parent with both school and work obligations can be especially difficult. College students are often at the pinnacle ...

During her freshman year, Hashmonay sought out help on campus after she started having anxiety

Image: Teenagers Young Team Together Cheerful Concept

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Three states (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi) had identification rates for homeless students lower than that of the total student population.


There are 2.4 million fewer college students in the United States than there were just six years ago, meaning institutions have to work much harder to fill ...

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that most often occurs in children. Symptoms of ADHD include trouble concentrating, ...

These students are often the hardest to connect with support services, as they are often unaware of their legal rights under McKinney-Vento or reluctant to ...

Procrastination is the thief of time quote

What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)

Higher educationIs college worth it?


'I'm not your enemy':

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Students that become homeless after enrolling in college often have no experience applying for and securing social services. Below you'll find a list of the ...

University of California--Berkeley

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February 3, 2014 --With a college degree widely regarded as a ticket to success in life, it turns out that students attending private high schools are ...