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The inflight extras worth paying for newscomau Travel

The inflight extras worth paying for newscomau Travel



Premium economy (pictured here on JAL) is often much roomier than regular economy,

Etihad's Business cabin could be worth that extra cash if you can stretch it .

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Fly away with me... in a bed. Photo: Supplied

Premium economy (pictured here on Singapore Airlines) is often much roomier than regular economy

This Tiny Thing Could Totally Ruin Your Next Bali Holiday

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flight secrets first class

How long are you going to be in the air? If it's short haul and

In-Flight Experience Jun 19, 2017

A survey has found most people would pay more for extra airport privileges, such as being first at the baggage carousel and first to exit the plane.

THE BEST OF PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS: Air New Zealand's premium economy seat on a Boeing

6 hidden in-flight extras that airlines want to keep a secret

The in-flight extras worth paying for — news.com.au | Travel | Pinterest | Travel, Air travel and Adventure

In-flight extras you don't think to ask for but could make your journey so much better

A Syrian passenger travelling to the United States through Jordan checks his laptop before entering the

Virgin America Airlines now offers an in-flight on demand food and drink system. Virgin America via AP.

One thing never to ask a flight attendant

How to avoid the dreaded middle seat

How safe is it to fly? Airline and airport safety information you need to know

Ryanair has cheap flights … but don't forget to consider the extras you'

Eww. Picture: PassengerShaming.com

Snooze .

Top 5 premium economy classes that are worth paying for

The reality of my $20 flight: These are the things I got wrong


Watch out for your belongings at the airport.

Air New Zealand was voted Best Airline for Premium Economy in the 2015 Skytrax World Airline

A Ryanair plane in flight.

Eight airline reward myths debunked

A controversial decision from Virgin Australia to give military veterans special boarding and in-flight

Wotif reveals the flying habits of Aussie travellers

The $3 Kmart item that will save your trip

The new directive bans electronic items larger than smartphones from the plane cabin on certain flights

Brace yourselves: Things at our airports are about to get very busy in the lead up to Easter.Source:News Limited

Don't worry, those points are actually worth something.

What's missing from longest flight?


Many believed it excluded emergency workers, who thought they too should be eligible for hero

Malaysia Airlines business class menu

5 Reasons You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of First - Business Insider


12 hidden plane features exposed

Customize Your Flight. Purchase Trip Extras while booking a ...

Is this the solution to airport congestion?


Don't let them take more of your cash than necessary.


Working by the pool all the time isn't as cool as it may seem

Huge change for Qantas flights


Yes, please! is premium economy worth the money

Flying long-haul with a young family: travel hacks to save your holiday - NZ Herald

Several argued it was a token move from the airline and attention would be better focused

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The new rule was prompted by terrorism fears. Picture: AFP/Mark Ralston

The legislation being considered in Congress this week will set a five-year extension of

BONDI BEACH, NSW: You can't go past Australia's beaches for spectacular views. Pilots Aaron Philips and Tom Faunt were so in awe with their views from the ...

Stick with a Starter fare

Tigerair's $9 flights have been extremely popular.

Well worth the price: Hawaiian Airlines.

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Reason you're paying more for airfares

Schedule in a pre-flight trip to pick up these airplane extras. Photo /

When I slept, which I did a lot of on the flight, I either kept the monitor off or switched it to the flight-tracking channel.

Morwenna Jones travelling in Europe.

Why are you avoiding me?

Passport with tickets on map. Toy plane and tickets. Vacation is already planned.

Who wouldn't want to work from here?

Image result for american tourists paris French People, Overseas Travel, Where To Go,

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Manila to Osaka

At a glance

Backpacker's ultimate haggling tricks

10 things I learnt from quitting

Speaking of travelling with children.

The way these A330s are designed, the back few rows are laid out with 2-2-2 seating, making it a good area to be if you want to avoid being stuck in a ...

Airport Travel

Travel around London in first class train seats for FREE with these tips and tricks

Find out how the experts fly with their best tips.

14 Ingenious Packing Tips From People Who Travel For A Living Packing Tips For Travel,

How to get extra legroom for free - and other top tips to make your flight more comfortable | The Independent

Back in the day, business class was still better.

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Here's the breakdown. ;)