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Transgenderism Peak Patriarchy Men being better at being women

Transgenderism Peak Patriarchy Men being better at being women


I saw this post by a trans woman, and it made me so disgusted that I had dysphoria. It made me feel like the penis is a weapon, and arousal is violently ...

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Yep but good luck with that, Neckbeards. We ain't going anywhere and

Transgenderism = transracialism = co-opting the experiences of a marginalized group. Identifying as female when you're male is the same as a white person ...

Being transgender is categorized through having dysphoria. Having a feminine son or masculine daughter does not make them trans.

where are his parents??

The right call being to stand against sexual assault

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. But yeah, they seem

Personal experience with male pattern violence and peak transgenderism : GenderCriticalGuys

Transwomen still have the mentality of a man even if they look like a woman

Entitled MALE

of Cis audiences reward them because they see being trans itself as a performance. Trans actors rather perform THE STORY, not our gender.

Gender Critical Dad is fed up with the bucketloads of doublespeak | 4thWaveNow


Within this reply I enclosed a number of screen captures showing Madigan's use of the misogynistic, homophobic and dehumanising pejorative 'TERF'.


Transwomen belong in feminism, but when they work to eliminate the rights of and the spaces of cis women they are promoting misogyny and the patriarchy and ...

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I don't like the “male feelings “ cuz she's female, but this is a serious issue /// they're male feelings because that person will never be female no matter ...

Growing Radical Feminist Movement Claims Transgenderism Is Patriarchal and Homophobic

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Ignore the last couple stuff What Is A Feminist, Liberal Agenda, Hate Men,

(and of course, she HAD to be againts the term chestfeeding, created BY trans men For trans men ONLY, and in the very next paragraph wonder why we don't ...

At the University of Northern British Columbia, students have put a “No Terfs” sign on the front door of their Women's Centre, ironically right above a sign ...

The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism.

Memes Based on Peak Trans IV Conversations

Transgender-ism = Peak Patriarchy Men being better at being women, than women ?

Unisex public toilet

Time to drop the "T" from the LGB movement, and make it feminist. Transgenderism is nothing but sexism. /// the 'T' never belonged anyway seeing as LGB ...

Equality - Merged Male and Female Gender Symbols

How sad is it, to be so obsessed with gender roles and so insecure about



'I am not a Woman' - Transsexuals and Transgender Women Speak Out - Tasmanian Times

Silenced by men first and now trans women. Will women ever not feel silenced?

Even Neil Patrick Harris can't say 'tranny' — a teachable moment –

A greater variety of chains are still chains. Patriarchy, Social Issues, Gender Roles

Did I miss something? Heaven help us all. The names have been blocked to

A rainbow flag during London's pride parade.

(1 of 7) Dear @MarkRuffalo & @MattBomer: if you release this movie, it will directly lead to violence against already at risk trans women.


It would also demonstrate that as well as being incapable of listening to women and taking their concerns seriously, the Party does not care for ...

Within this reply I enclosed a number of screen captures showing Madigan's use of the misogynistic, homophobic and dehumanising pejorative 'TERF'.

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Miranda Yardley, Morgane Oger 2/3

Some legit points, but there really is no need to be such an a-hole to trans people < < k but in this particular post the radical feminists are the ones being ...

We have two sexes, female and male, whose bodies evolved to produce ova and sperm respectively. One definition of “gender” is taken to be sex-coded cultural ...

This kind of information is needed to be base on biological sex, not preffered genders

'I'm just going to say this one more time so it penetrates,' shrieked transgender woman India Willoughby to his assembled female companions in the Celebrity ...

Within this reply I enclosed a number of screen captures showing Madigan's use of the misogynistic, homophobic and dehumanising pejorative 'TERF'.

Transgender teens, blended families and feminism - the new breed of children's books

Miss Spain Angela Ponce competes during the final round of the Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, December 17, 2018. (Athit Perawongmetha/REUTERS) ...

The Wellesley College campus ...

Being a critical thinker is not the same as being a bigot. It has nothing

Transgender Awareness Week: Stand Up For Trans Youth! | Fenway Focus | Fenway Health

The Battle Over What It Means to Be Female

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Stop using the bible against people who are gay, lesbian, bi, transgender,

These Posters Pretty Much Guarantee There's Something You Don't Know Yet About The LGBTQ* Community

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Transgender People But Were Afraid To Ask

A “leading feminist” thought?

img transgender gay

8-year-old “trans advocate” releases book: “It's not something we can just switch off.” | 4thWaveNow

Gender binaries have no positive effects for anyone. Feminine Decor, Every Girl, What



peak radfem

Reader comments · Newspapers attack trans teens for wanting to be able to have kids later in life - PinkNews · PinkNews


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I clicked around a bit and discovered this charming stand-up comedy routine where he claims to be “asexual” and then spends the rest of the skit talking ...

This racist, misogynist man is being supported by the University of Victoria Women's Centre.

This is 2018, and women who understand human reproductive anatomy and whose activism focuses on rights for female humans are no longer welcome in places ...


You can't transition out of privilege (transwomen ie male) any more than

The current trend among third wavers, as well as among progressives, is to argue that we can ignore whether people were born male or female and instead ...



Deborah L Davis

In today's repressive climate, it is fast becoming blasphemous for a woman such as myself to even infer a connection between 'femaleness' and 'sex,' since ...

... must fight the rise of "transgenderism" because legal protections based on gender identity hurt transgender people, their families, women, and feminism.

The picture book, aimed at children aged four and older, was written by Australian

As an aggressive, misogynistic male-born trans person from a seriously disadvantaged background, having spent years in care and with, so far as I'm aware, ...

Dead Air

Ironically, publishing these quotes about silencing women would lead me to once again be blacklisted for promoting women's issues.

Transgender activists and the real war on women, Judith Green, The Spectator, 8

22495995740_eeb521a889_b.jpg. PEAK BITCH

males and dicks in female bathrooms is so much better because women and their periods are so scary and gross!!

It is a strange thing indeed to be a woman, stranger still in a tumultuous time of evolution in the patriarchal social construct. Is this why transgenderism ...