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Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan t

Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan t


To understand Trump, read Transmet

Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan

Holy mother of God, Transmet is over 20 years old. But is it still sharp commentary, or a relic of its time?

Year of the Beast: What Transmetropolitan Can Teach

1: Back On the Street; Transmetropolitan Vol. 1: Back On the Street ...

And it's fantastic. For those still uninitiated, Transmet ...

Shit. I just realised. Donald Trump is Bob Heller from #transmetropolitan. By @warrenellis and @darickR https://t.co/XqFJaPD0Sk"

Transmetropolitan t-shirt by Triumpha Transmetropolitan ...

Of course ...


TShirtGifter presents: Transmetropolitan - Spider Jerusalem Smoking | Unisex T-Shirt

Transmetropolitan Vol 1: Back on the Street: Amazon.co.uk: Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson: 9781401220846: Books


Mmmm... election season. The time of year when total fabrications and superstitions are tossed through the air like footballs at photo shoots.

Forrest: I think when you boil away everything else away, all that's left is anger. Although we do get some tender moments from him – with Channon, ...

Transmet (1)

Book Review : Warren Ellis - Transmetropolitan (1997)

The Classics Transmetropolitan

Yes ...

Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan

Spider Jerusalem T-shirt

'Spider Jerusalem - Transmetropolitan Pixel Art' T-Shirt by Gwendal

4: The New Scum; Transmetropolitan Vol. 4: The New Scum

Transmetropolitan: the 90s comic that's bang up-to-date on Donald Trump

Forrest: I think the book's cynical disregard for our political system goes even deeper…but let's get to that later. The first thing that hit me on ...

[Transmetropolitan] ...

Transmetropolitan Transmetropolitan

Image is loading TRANSMETROPOLITAN-Spider-Jerusalem -comic-book-Ellis-all-sizes-

Paul: Aren't they both kind of fascistic? Although, maybe The Smiler isn't outwardly so until post election. But I guess I'm skipping ahead in that respect, ...

Transmetropolitan 1 Page 3

Darick Robertson on Twitter: "Absolute #Transmetropolitan vol 2 is out this week! https://t.co/PIIfaYbzUE"

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Comparative with the published image

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Last week, a bevy of CBLDF volunteers descended on the Pirates Press warehouse to pack up and ship Transmetropolitan: All Around the World, ...

Courtesy Vertigo

Transmetropolitan: Why now's the time for you to read (or re-read) the comic series | SYFY WIRE


Transmetropolitan 9 Page 1

Transmetropolitan 5

Transmetropolitan by Darick Robertson

According to Warren Ellis, the future is bleak. Everything you hate about yourself for being chained to your cell phone, checking Facebook status updates, ...

... Transmetropolitan speaks on gun control | by Niklas

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Spider Jerusalem. It's scenes like this that are the reason why I love this book. It shouldn't work, and in lesser hands it would evolve into nothing more ...


So, here's that Absolute #Transmetropolitan Vol.3 cover all finished... (I changed up the Smiler's face. I wasn't happy with it.

Transmetropolitan - art by Darick Robertson

I want this so bad. Even a small poster of it. Hell, any Transmetropolitan poster. I can't find one anywhere ...

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Transmetropolitan (1997) 23

Spider Jerusalem Spider Jerusalem

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Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)

screenshot 1

Transmet Sneak Peek 6 - Spider & The ...

Transmetropolitan in 2016 U.S. Politics

And honestly ...

TransmetropolitanTheBeast.jpg. Transmetropolitan ...

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Transmetropolitan 11 Page 10

bookcover_transmet_vol4 “

1: Back On the Street; Transmetropolitan Vol. 1: Back On the Street ...


Why now's the time for you to read (or re-read) Transmetropolitan

The Great Comics Read-Along: Transmetropolitan v. 10, “One More Time” | Tor.com

DISTANT FUTURE MONTH #10: Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson (1997)

Amazon.com: Transmetropolitan, Vol. 4: The New Scum (9781401224905): Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson: Books

Transmetropolitan "Chair Leg" ...

Upon reading any bit of Transmetropolitan, it's pretty obvious whom Warren Ellis' main inspiration for Spider Jerusalem was. He's a chain-smoking, ...

Transmetropolitan again.

Transmetropolitan page capture

Rereading Transmetropolitan, didn't catch this the first time ...


I've been reading this on and off for the past year. I've had my issues with Spider Jerusalem and his penchant for violence, f-bombs and self-indulgement, ...

Transmetropolitan 1 Page 15

screenshot 3

Transmetropolitan Issue 20 page 18 Comic Art

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by adactio Transmetropolitan Brighton street art (paging @warrenellis). | by adactio


How Reading “Transmetropolitan” Can Prepare You for Donald Trump's Unthinkable, Yet Possible Presidency

Transmetropolitan Vol. 3: Year of the Bastard

Hi-Res Cover Absolute Transmetropolitan Vol. 3