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Traveling with Diabetes 6 Essential Tips for a Safe Trip

Traveling with Diabetes 6 Essential Tips for a Safe Trip



Traveling with diabetes: 6 essential tips for a safe trip.

Travelling with Diabetes: 6 Tips for a Safe Trip

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Traveling with Diabetes: 6 Essential Tips for a Safe Trip. Moira McCarthy

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You should also never leave them in a wastebasket or seat pocket as someone can be pricked from your used sharps. A quick solution is to use a bottled water ...

Template for a travel letter.

I'm watching for my stop on a rickety train in rural Hungary, but there are no signs and I can't understand the announcements. This isn't the time to worry ...


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Encourage patients with diabetes, especially those who use insulin, to obtain a medical identification bracelet, necklace, or in some cases, a tattoo, ...

Helen's daughter, Maddie, in Cambodia

Tips On Finding The Best Travel Insurance


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Preparation is key when it comes to holiday travel for people who've had a

Whether taking a short trip to see friends and family or traveling a far distance for vacation, it's important to consider the difficulties and benefits of ...

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Encourage patients to create a checklist of diabetes supplies and medications needed for the duration of their trip (Table 1).4

Diabetes: 8 Important Diet Tips To Manage Blood Sugar Levels and Control Diabetes

Testing blood sugar (Shutterstock)

Are you tired of lousy food options at every airport, train station or rest stop? Hit the road with confidence. A little preparation goes a long way.

Travelling with diabetes

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Calculation for insulin dose change. This example shows the basal insulin dose change for example

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