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Unexpected Feelings Are There Any Invisible Threats The

Unexpected Feelings Are There Any Invisible Threats The


The Heart's Invisible Furies

A partial text exchange between a Manhattan executive and his female protégée.

Unexpected Feelings - Are there any invisible threats?

Some Impressionistic takes from the book of Daniel Goleman “Focus – The Hidden Driver of ...

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The Isolating Loneliness of Chronic Pain & Invisible Illness

ntegrated illustration of two-dimensional models of emotions with the most common basic emotions attached

Illusory ownership of an invisible body reduces autonomic and subjective social anxiety responses | Scientific Reports

The Interviewees by Age, Occupation, Children, and Form of Living .

CO2 had been declining to dangerously low levels during the past 500 million years until our CO2 emissions reversed the trend and brought some balance back ...

Following 60 s of synchronous or asynchronous visuo-tactile stimulation that featured the invisible body or the mannequin's body, ...

Health-related shame: an affective determinant of health? | Medical Humanities



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(a) The results of Experiment 2a show that strength of the invisible body illusion was equal to that of the mannequin illusion (the three-way interaction of ...

(a) The results of Experiment 1a showed that the participants rated the statements reflecting the illusory experience (S1-S3) significantly higher in the ...

Book review: The Heart's Invisible Furies

Fully developed-heart

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us

A survey by a Harley Street Clinic claims women begin to feel 'invisible' once

The upper panel shows that the participants reported that the invisible body illusion induced a significant shift in the perceived body image toward greater ...

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Because there is zero evidence of possible harm from GM foods, anti- GM zealots must resort to scary fake images to drive their campaigns.

Feeling Lonely in a Crowded Room

A study raises fresh hope for an HIV cure. Scientists believe they may be able


Young woman sitting in a jar

A World Without Work

When you are experiencing an attack your mind is running wild, which is why I

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The alleged use of a “sound weapon” against U.S. Embassy officials in Cuba harks back to a Cold War medical mystery.

“If it had been me ~~ and sometimes I am so drenched with images that I think it was ~~ but if it had been, I would have had no confidence, ...

Neuroscientists have found that by tweaking a well-known sensory illusion they were able to

An Invisible Thread: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler,

But researchers aim to educate the public on how to fight against digital surveillance, keep

Now that tech is smaller and cheaper than ever, it's become easy to install cameras almost anywhere. In fact, once you start looking, you may realize that ...

Photo of lonely sad woman in distress

Babbage: The quantum conundrum

Children's frequency of selecting a particular emotion after beating the confederate (i.e., exceed standard) (rows) and their frequency of correctly ...

The Invisible Bridge

Raffaella Barker, 52, first noticed that she felt invisible at a party in East

The Economist asks: Angela's exit

“There are a possible 3,000,000 undersea volcanoes doing something unobserved.”

The use of completely unexpected shapes. In this example the CTR increased by +230% by turning the ad picture upside down (test done by Bart Schutz):

Trial structures in the affective priming tasks. An exemplar trial from the unconscious affective priming


Increases and decreases in frequency and intensity of Facial Action Units in suppressed, amplified .

This lonely stump is the only dead Cedar of Lebanon shown in the many photographs in The New York Times article. There is no suggestion that it died from ...

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Adam Smith's “Invisible Hand”: Refuting the Conventional Wisdom

The research also looked at the effect of the menopause on women, with many reporting



This heart-wrenching image of a polar bear dying of old age was used to claim that polar bears are going extinct due to climate change.

Erick Marroquín / Unsplash

The internal research document shows Google wants big tech firms to begin policing the tone of

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Many news articles used pictures of trees with no leaves, perhaps implying that they are dying. No photos of dead baobabs appeared with the story.

The Anatomy of Attention; 6.


Paul Watzlawick

The 5 Major Dimensions of Mental Illness

Examples of levels of privacy threats in popular scenarios

The ...

Book Review: 'The Invisible Bridge' by Julie Orringer — Loving Through The Darkness Of World War II : NPR

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Justice ...

The week ahead: Beware Bolsonaro

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Credit: Petr Kratochvil/Public Domain


Marine calcifying species produce calcium carbonate (CaCO3) shells from CO2 and calcium dissolved in seawater. Some of the most important species (from the ...

Photograph of eye balloons inflated and popping

An aircraft with three people in flight suits standing in front of it.

J.R.R. Tolkien “It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of

Shadowy Figure Sits In Corner Of Abandoned Classroom

The Attention ...

Struggled: Leigh-Anne Pinnock has revealed that she felt 'invisible' in the

Home ignition zone checklist — steps to take to keep your home safe from radiant heat and embers, photo by NFPA

In “Breaking Bad,” Cranston quietly shifted the arc from good-man-becomes-bad to invisible-man-becomes-vivid.


So you may be thinking, What, exactly, is an emotional charge? Subconscious emotional charges are un-experienced, subconsciously repressed feelings that ...

Bleached coral is not the same as dead coral. This coral will likely recover once a hot spell ends.

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