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Ushio Ushio t

Ushio Ushio t


Perhaps my favorite moment of the episode doesn't involve Kirio, though, and that was when Tora became offended when Kuin called Ushio weak.

Ushio Aotsuki

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Manga / Ushio and Tora

Ushio to Tora – 39 (End) and Series Review

Like so many would-be heroes that the shonen genre has brought forth over the years, Ushio Aotsuki lives a seemingly tranquil lifestyle in the rural temple ...

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In keeping with shonen-style romances, Ushio doesn't thank Asako face-to-face (meaning no blushing or near-kissing; though it's a long show; who knows what ...

More than any other show airing this season, I am going to miss Ushio & Tora. This show adapted a manga from 20 years ago, but it didn't try to modernize it ...

Kirio Inasa

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I don't think she minds.

Ushio to Tora anime episode 14 overview - Tora isn't bored when he's with


The show earned this, by giving Asako and Ushio their time beforehand, and actually showing us them going past blaming the other one but being unhappy with ...

戦闘員T (@gomozi)

As for the people involved, this story is really one unrelenting tragedy (and I don't exclude Ushio from that). What Jie Mei and Giryou went through was ...

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Okazaki Ushio...t.t

Heck, even surly old Hyou showed up – headed towards Asakhikawa to learn more about his quest, though I suspect we won't be seeing him playing hair stylist ...

I don't say this often – in fact this may very well be the first time I've said it – but that episode was Hunter X Hunter caliber shounen.

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As we pick up the story this week, Ushio is just about the leave the Kamaitachi behind and journey to Asahikawa, where he's expecting to find information ...

... episodes that's sort of tough to write about because they're so self-explanatory. Honestly – what could I possibly add that the ep didn't say better for ...

That heart is fully bared as Asako follows Ushio home at sundown, keeping her distance at first, then rushing and attacking him, hoping he'll lash out and ...

Redemption is a pretty big theme of this HAMMR story. Obviously Ushio does't need to be redeemed, and Tora was already well on his way to his own redemption ...

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Now, I don't know if that's the time it takes water to boil over a campfire, or a modern scenario like the fast-boil electric kettles that seem to be in ...

For a second there, I really thought this was the end for Asako, which would make things very tragic indeed for Ushio, who'd have to carry on fighting ...

The one off note in all this is Asako, but I don't really hold it against her – she's just fulfilling her predestined role.

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You can't see me.

Ushio And Tora Chapter 103 Page 1

Ushio Okazaki


Ushio and Tora TV (2016)

In looking at Ushio and Tora, Hakumen is staring at the limits of its own power.

Sumako Aotsuki


Ushio and Tora Episode 28 – I Won't Lose Anyone Else

Ushio's parent's also finally unite, but at the end of the day, all the amassed allies of Ushio can only do so much; it's Ushio and Tora and the Beast Spear ...

... was a friend and SDF colleague of Miyama's father, and both of them are on the same flight Ushio and Tora are taking to Hokkaido.

Ushio is just a straight-up shounen hero – a middle school knight-errant who'd rather lose his eternal soul to darkness than give up the good fight.

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Ushio and Tora

Hakumen no Mono VS Ushio & Tora AMV - Final Battle

Chapter 002

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But considering it's a played-out trope that was't appealing to begin with, it's executed pretty well here.

Ushio to Tora

by palmahbeng Don't worry, Ushio is coming to help now! | by palmahbeng

After a week in which Mayuko took her spotlight dance, it's Asuko's turn this time – and I suppose if you're not a fan of the opposites attract theory, ...

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Old-school though it may be, this dynamic of Ushio as the rough-hewn champion who's always there for Mayuko and Asako isn't remotely without charm.

Angel Ushio, but didn't get to stay there very long, not at all. since she was the one that seen the happy orb that her daddy caught .

Clannad - Cute Ushio Scene

ushio and tora When I first started watching anime I wasn't too picky, because there wasn't much available, so I watched a lot of genres that I wouldn't ...

Before I finish, I want to loop back to the seiyuu for a moment. First off to give a tip of the cap to Hatanaka Tasuku, who's doing a great job as Ushio ...

Nagare Akiba

Ushio to Tora, Demon, Juro, Episode 9, Voice Actor Kaji Yuuki http


Ushio to Tora Ending 1 HD

Ushio removes the spear and quickly learns that demons aren't to be trusted, as Tora quickly turns on him. However, this only serves to piss Ushio off and ...

Tora won't challenge Ushio, not while he has the spear!

Ushio decides to call his new companion Tora, meaning Tiger, because of his color. Thus begin the adventures of Ushio and Tora.

Clannad Ushio's Death SHQ

Izuna becomes increasingly impressed with Ushio's boundless determination and courage, to the point where he takes it upon himself to intervene when it ...

After an ep like this it's easy to see where Ushio to Tora might be a bit too old-fashioned for some tastes. I don't think there's any denying that the ...

Let's Play Clannad (After Story) Part 28 - Ushio Okazaki

Of course, Ushio doesn't really see that it's much of a choice, especially when he sees how distraught Jun is and why: her brother once had trouble ...

I was like "Wait..,Is Ushio dying? Holy Hera what's going on. What..She died..Oh..Sucks to be you Tomoya."

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Ushio and Tora Ushio and Tora

Ushio And Tora Chapter 138 Page 9

September 2013: Meet the Makers of the Art Documentary Cutie and the Boxer. Zachary Heinzerling with Ushio ...

Anyways the way ushio made tora help him was quite genious XD

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The focus of this anime is on the relationship between Ushio and Tora (Kind of like Ash and Pikachu...)

Also, in honor of Nagare, some fanart.

Ushio and Tora Complete Series - Official Trailer

Clannad - Ushio

Originally a manga that ran from 1990-1996, this isn't the first Ushio to Tora anime. A 10 episode OVA series was made in 1993, but it went unappreciated.

Kensuke Ushio - Lit ( Koe no Katachi)

Cast Names: Ushio & Tora

1) Ushio to Tora Episode 28:

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Ushio and Tora also manages to avoid a big problem you'll often see in long-running series: supporting characters aren't forgotten, and come back to the ...

ushioandtora4. After Ushio ...

HIDIVE 🔜 food coma on Twitter: "Ushio uses the beast spear, dude, don't! Episode 16 of the Ushio & Tora dub is now live! https://t.co/UbHQvdtVVb… "