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Vanishing Friends After a Spinal Cord Injury Women in wheelchairs

Vanishing Friends After a Spinal Cord Injury Women in wheelchairs


Caroyn Pioro; Photo by Roberto Caruso

My #MeToo Moment: How I Became Vulnerable as a Disabled Woman. Spinal Cord InjuryVulnerabilityDisabilityWheelchairsIn ...

Publishing her Memoir in Midlife: Becky's Story

Carolyn's office set-up, which allows her to work independently.

Paraplegic Woman In Wheelchair A Reason Why You Shouldn't Pity. Spinal Cord InjuryBig ...

Rhiannon's Story

Gina Schuh talks of self-acceptance and how she overcame hers and others awkwardness when

Wheelchair Life Archives - EasyStand Blog. Disability News · Spinal Cord Injury ...

Tank Dress by IZ Collection - Shop for her with adaptive clothing for women.

Dealing with Ignorance About Our Marriage

My spouse isn't different because he uses a wheelchair. I'm not

Fear of the Unknown

Natalie says the family have been left unable to go on days out as her partner Jason cannot control two wheelchairs (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Fun Activities for Disabled Parents to do With Their Kids

Franklin Elieh created NorCal SCI with Nick Struthers to offer support + resources to spinal cord injury survivors in Northern California. Get involved too!

Geraldine Lavelle has been living in a so-called congregated setting in Sligo for three

7 Things I Wish My Loved Ones Knew About Living With Disabilities. Spinal Cord InjuryChronic IllnessChronic PainCerebral ...

A Paralyzed Woman Has Been Moving Mountains. Mobility AidsSpinal Cord InjuryMove ...

Bladder Programs After a Spinal Cord Injury

A clinical video documented the first time Andrew Meas (center) stood on his own

In 2012, Darek Fidyka underwent surgery in which cells from his olfactory nerve were inserted into his damaged spinal cord.

Top 5 States With Best Services for the Disabled. Handicap Accessible Home · Wheelchair Accessories · Spinal Cord Injury ...

Often it is the case that people don't know how to interact with wheelchair users and worry they might say or do the wrong thing. This info graphic

A silhouette of a wheelchair is pictured.

Trying to Conceive After a Spinal Cord Injury

It's going to be hard sometimes, but it's not going to be the end of your adventures

Melissa Ann has been left paralysed below the neck (Image: Melissa Ann / SWNS)

lisagetsocial · Rehabilitation Programs · Wheel:Life · Wheelchair

STAND OUT even when you're SITTING DOWN

Look At Her!

Woman in wheelchair on beach

Between the day-to-day time-consuming tasks of having a spinal cord injury; the-day-to-day tasks of having children; and the day-to-day tasks of being an ...

Tim Gilmer has a thing for the poetry of Walt Whitman, and for Christian scripture. He became spinal cord injured in 1965 when a plane his friend was flying ...

Natalie Coates in her wheelchair since the devastating accident (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Steven lives in Woolwich, South-East London, with his wife Helen (pictured

Physical Setback Has Not Stopped This Mumbai Woman From Winning International Medals In Sports

Positive step: Sophie in the robotic exoskeleton Rex, with her wheelchair in the background

Restricted to a wheelchair, but standing tall and erect: Preethi's SoulFree journey

Cameron Campbell, middle, is with his mom, Donna, and sister, Sophie

Friends visit injured Santiago High School football player Jordan Walker in California after his injury. Walker suffered severe trauma to his spinal column ...

This woman should have died 28 years ago

I hung out with a friend's family if my family was gone. Often we dreaded time alone.

BBC Ouch Podcast Crew

Woman in a wheelchair looking sad

Samantha Martin says she's accepted she'll never move again after falling from the loft last Christmas Day (Image: PA Real Life)

Kaitlyn Kiely, 30, is pictured pushing her boyfriend Matt Wetherbee, 30, along

... spinal cord injury trauma center. The hospital stabilized my neck, I stayed in that hospital for 3 weeks, and then I was flown back to my home in ...

Please no Spinal Cord Injury…"

Page 1. Spinal Cord Injury Handbook

It's a September Saturday morning, and we are on our way to attend the 11:00 AM wedding of Cousin Madge to her fiance, Brent. Well OK, technically she is my ...

Dallas still participates in ongoing rehab at MedStar NRH in D.C.

Carolyn having a drink after a shift serving tables at Terroni restaurant.

Wheelchair-bound Samantha Martin had just put the last of the presents under the tree when she fell 20 foot to the ground, severing her spinal cord (Image: ...

Natalie in her wheelchair alongside her other daughter, Alicia (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Split-second decision: On July 30, 1967, Ms Eareckson Tada dived headfirst

Natalie with her daughter Briany (Image: Kennedy News and Media)


“We all hope that one day, spinal cord injury will be curable. If I could use my legs again I would never take an elevator or escalator again.

I was paralysed from the waist down and knew moments after I crashed into a signpost

Chris Clements (pictured with his son Brandon), died after being struck by car

Going to Disney with a Spinal Cord Injury

Geraldine Lavelle at the wedding of a close school friend, Martha, in Autumn 2014

LIVING with a Spinal Cord Injury

Nisha Gupta after winning at Bali Basketball tournament

Written by Zawn Villines

It's my birthday. I've always loved my birthday but ever since I turned 19, I have hated the idea of getting older. I don't know why the number has bothered ...

Woman in a power wheelchair with her husband standing next to her with his arms around

Apart from that, Gupta loves to play tennis, badminton and has recently tried paramotoring as a sport.

Living life to the full: Although she was prepared to live out her days in


Geraldine Lavelle at the wedding of a close school friend, Martha, in Autumn 2014

Paralysed rugby player who thought he'd never find a partner is now engaged | Daily Mail Online

After getting a surgery done in Mumbai, Gupta was on a bed rest for several months and dealt with the shock of never being able to walk again.


Briany has a series of life-limiting conditions, including quadriplegic cerebral palsy that leaves her needing 24-hour care and also in a wheelchair (Image: ...

For months after my injury I woke up every day hoping that it was all just a bad dream. There was always a brief moment of hope and possibility before ...

A Good Attitude Goes a Long Way

... trustee and senior partner at the New York City law firm Skadden Arps, was a leader in the effort to restore state funding for spinal cord injury ...

Mark Muhn holds hands with his wife CarolNovember 1, 2009 at their Morgan Hill as their son Mark Jr. watches. Muhn was a single dad raising six kids when he ...

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Brian Gomez, 28, has been in a wheelchair since he broke his neck in

(Charlestown, MA 06/06/15) Bella Picard, an Upton Softball player who goes to St Joseph's rehabs at Spaulding after a spinal cord injury during a game. ...

Wheelchair-bound father, 40, paralysed after breaking his neck play-fighting in sumo wrestler outfit is killed by car while out walking his dog | Daily Mail ...

Wheel 2 Win Wheelchair Basketball Tournament flyer

two girls in formal wear sat at a table and smiling into camera with arms around

Janine is second from the left in this photo. You'll notice she's standing

Why Are Able-Bodied People Playing Wheelchair Basketball?

Photo of Jody

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Ms Van Den Borne said unfortunately incidents like this happen 'all the time'